Student Accountability and Behavior Management

In my classroom, it’s all about responsibility and accountability.  I found a way to maintain positive communication with parents while still holding the student accountable in the classroom.  I put library card holders (Dollar Tree) in their mailboxes so it is not a center focus in my classroom. For me at this point in the year, I rarely have to tell a student to move the card because behavior is not an issue in my classroom (most of the time:)

I just printed labels and went through with a cheap highlighter and colored it.  I did not want to highlight the red, yellow, and green because of the negative stigma associated with those colors.  I chose Purple, Orange, and Green.

The labels say:

I am ready to learn (top)
I need to make better choices (middle)
I need to talk about a consequence (bottom)

Needless to say, nobody has ever been on purple. And I am not the kind of person that is afraid to give consequences, it just doesn’t happen!   I do have a fabulous class this year;)  Maybe it has to do with this sweet accountability and responsibility system.

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