President’s Day Mini-Books / Close Read and FREEBIE!!!

Are you planning anything for President’s Day?  How about a Mini-Book/Close Read Unit to keep things academic?  That is exactly why I created this unit!  I love bringing literacy into anything I teach, so I wrote these books at the level for my primary kiddos.
Click on any picture or the link to my store to find out more!
President's Day Mini Books and Unit
Books/Close Reads for each President included in the pack.
When I do a close read with my class, the first thing I have my students do is read the text independently.
President's Day Close Read and Activities

Since I teach first grade, and I try to keep the steps to a minimum, I tell the kids to highlight any words they do not know how to read or understand.


President's Day Close Read and Activities

After highlighting and reading the text independently, I let them discuss the reading with a partner.  I encourage them to go over words they did not know how to say and to talk about anything they did not understand.

President's Day Close Read and Activities
The second time around, I read the text to them, and I will model higher level annotation and let them annotate with me.  This gives them the exposure to what they will be doing in second grade and beyond.'s Day Close Read and Activities
After we are finished with the close read, I will usually let them create a graphic organizer in their journal, or give them one of the graphic organizers I have created.  This helps them reflect on the purpose of the text and what they got from the text.
President's Day Mini Books and Unit
 Don’t forget to grab my George Washington Freebie Beginning Reader!  Offered in both color and black and white.  Click on any pictures or the link to my store to learn more!
George Washington Freebie Reader!
  However you choose to celebrate President’s Day, be sure to leave a comment so we can share ideas! Happy Teaching!



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    I’m pinning this post because it is exactly what I was looking for. Though I’m familiar with this process, I would like to have a brief instructional description with the pictures of the activity shown above. But this is definitely on my wish list.

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