10 Teacher Goals that Won’t Break the Bank!


Teacher Goals! After finishing 32 years in the classroom, I believe I am a lifetime learner. I love staying up-to-date, trying new ideas, and keeping my brain functioning! BUT, my principal feels I need to put new teacher goals every year to paper. I don’t know about you all, but I don’t want to spend a ton of my money going to workshops and training to have ‘goals.’

So, in the last few years, I have set up goals that involve listening to other teachers on social media! Teachers from around the globe have so much to share in groups, virtual trainings, podcasts, etc., at minimal cost–that’s why I am sharing 10 Teacher Goals that Won’t Break the Bank!

Simple but Worthwhile Teacher Goals

? Join a Facebook Teacher Group!

I may be biased, but join Fearless First Grade Teachers: Education to the Core TODAY if you are a first-grade teacher! Why? Over 43,000 other teachers in this group share ideas, ask questions, and get early access to many freebies and resources! If you are not a first-grade teacher, no worries! Join either Fearless Kindergarten or Fearless Second Grade Teachers!

Listen to a Teacher Podcast!

Listening to Podcasts in the car on the way to work was my jam this past school year! I listen to podcasts to learn new things and gain new perspectives on authors, behaviors, sound walls, etc. And, a little humor mixed into any podcast helps my mood! Need some suggestions on who to listen to? We’ve put together a list of 15 Teacher Podcasts You’ll Want to Listen To.

Top of any list for podcasts: Education to the Core: Where the Primary Things Are! Our podcast will include tips and tricks to use within and out of the classroom, classroom management skills, light-hearted stories, and personal antidotes of teachers within the trenches. This podcast is our story about creating community, and we hope you will join us.

Listening to podcasts as one of your teacher goals allows you to learn, share, and multi-task! AT NO COST!

Join The Leading Primary Teacher Printables Membership!

1000s of Resources–One Low Price!!!!

If you want a front-row seat and early access to 1000s of printable resources, join Premium Membership! Browse through the latest or some of the all-time favorites in materials for Math, ELA, STEAM, Social Studies, and Science! Create the packets you wish to use to differentiate for your students! And, all of this access costs only $9.99 a month, which is so much cheaper than the hundreds of dollars that people may spend on TPT on huge packets and then only use half of the materials!

Additional Teacher Goals that May Educate Others, TOO!

Catch up on Blogs! (and help us out!) 

These days, I never seem to have enough time to read everything I want to read. So lately, I read blogs because they share great information, and are a quick read. Plus, I get to refer back to the information whenever I need it! Go to Education to the Core and click on Blogs. You will find hundreds of blogs on a variety of topics!

ETTC wants your help! If you read one of our blogs and you see outdated information or maybe a missing link, email us at customersupport@educationtothecore.com! We are also always on the lookout for new blog content. If you are searching for a topic that we haven’t covered, send us a message, and we will work on putting something together.

Read Professional Development Books!

As mentioned above, I usually don’t have much time to read. So when I do sit down to read, I love reading professional development books that are not boring and draining. Here is our list of the 30 Best Books for Professional Development compiled from suggestions from other teachers!

Follow Teachers and Teacher Groups on TikTok! (maybe be an influencer!)

We love researching and sharing our golden finds with other teachers! We have found some excellent teachers on TikTok, and you will want to check them out for yourselves! TIKTOK TEACHERS share a wealth of info in a little snippet of time! Thinking about jumping into the TikTok game, but not sure where to start. Or maybe you are already on TikTok but looking for a more extensive following? ETTC is always looking for influencers!

Please send us an email: customersupport@educationtothecore.com! We can get you connected to someone that can share how you can help us promote our resources and get some gifts for your participation!

 Super Easy Teacher Goals

Sign up for Email Courses! 

Picture this: you are checking your emails in anticipation of some new teacher or behavioral tips! Unheard of usually as we all sign up for every teacher freebie and end up on email lists, receiving emails where we often just hit delete. Our Teaching Tiny Humans email course includes ideas for new teachers AND experienced teachers! Plus, beginning again in July 2022, we are adding easy-to-implement behavioral and classroom management tips in every email!

Instagram or Pinterest!

Do you have teachers you are already following on Instagram? Are your boards already full of ideas on Pinterest? If you said no to either of those questions, you could be missing out on a wealth of ideas!

Here is a list of my 20 must-follow teacher boards on Pinterest–Teacher Boards.

Pinterest, not your thing? This blog lists 17 Instagram Accounts for Teachers to Follow, and trust me — they are all worth it!


Admin Love These Ideas!

Watch Dr. Shaime Cortes Vega!

We are blessed to have Dr. Shaime on our team, and she puts together some excellent live Webinar Series including one that is all the rage! Have you heard of Science of Reading? Then you know the importance of Sound Walls. You do not want to miss out on watching Have you Heard? Sound Walls are the Word.

You will want to stay tuned because Dr. Shaime has another Webinar series beginning this fall, with PD hours certificates and printable handouts filled with resources and links!

Research Resources

Not sure what supplemental curriculum for ELA or Math you may need? Or, are you feeling the curriculum provided to you is not what’s best for your kids? We have what you need for all things K-3 in our TeachersPayTeachers Store or in our own EducationtotheCore.com Store! Read our reviews by other teachers! Send us your questions! Then, make yourself a wish list this summer and be ready to present it to your school!

So as promised, we provided you with 10 Ideas for Teacher Goals–did you notice almost all of them are at no cost to you! I love expanding my knowledge, garnering fresh ideas, and getting my hands on resources without reaching too far into my pocketbook! Do you have some other ideas to share, maybe a Tik Tok teacher we should follow or an Instagram account we should look into? Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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