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Ideas for Celebrating the October Season and a FREEBIE!

October 15, 2013 by Emily

If you have been reading my blog long enough, you know that I always tie in academics no matter what time of year.  I keep things fun, but I will not use something without revving up the activity to make it a great learning experience.  This October, we will be learning about bats and spiders.  You will find several activities in this post about how you can learn by having fun this October season.

I love giving things to my kids because they get so excited about it.  I will be giving them rings and they will put them on their desk.  I will have my students grab their journals and tally the amount of each color.  Then they will make a graph like the one above to represent their data.  This can also be done with bats.  I found these at the dollar store.  I have enough for two years!
I always include literacy and reading into my Science time, so that is why I created these readers so my kids can learn more about them.  They can use them as informational cards, or they can put them together and staple them into a book.  Click this link to my store or click on the picture to get this free download.
I found these adorable owls at the dollar store.  I just had to buy them.  Since we are working on place value, I just took a silver sharpie and wrote numbers on the owls.  There is about 50 in a pack, so I can make this a center and put 6 out in front of each student or partnership.  I will have my kids make a T-Chart in their journals and they will choose an owl, flip it over and record the number and the model.  I can even bring it up a little by having my high fliers write the number in expanded notation.
Since live spiders aren’t really my thing, I thought I would let my kids explore the fake spiders.  The fake ones that are really cool! I included the spider webs and microscopes from the dollar store as well. Even though this is not the real thing, the kids love being able to explore spiders and record their observations and findings.
At the end of the unit, I am going to send my kids off with a little memento of how much fun we had.  Again, this is from the dollar store, but these erasers are life savers during the year! And pencils are way better than candy;)
I would love to hear how you are celebrating the October Season.   If you have any great ideas, please comment below! I would love to hear about them!

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