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Organizing and Tracking Your Data with Small Groups K-2

May 17, 2014 by Emily

So glad you stopped by the Bright Ideas Blog Hop! I am always so excited to share an idea happening in my classroom.  For this post, I have decided to share a little glimpse of what is happening with all the data I collect during my reading groups.  Normally, I just assign each student a file folder with all the data in the spot I keep my reading materials, but I wanted to take it a step further and create a spot where I can keep the entire group’s data in one place.  So I was thinking about how I could make a folder that keeps 5-6 student’s data all in one spot.
So I took all my color coded folders and put them into a comb binding machine and I got exactly what I wanted.  A place where I can keep group data without having papers flying all over the place!

So, I laid out all my new binders into labeled tubs where there is adequate space where I can keep my students’ data and materials!
This can work well in any classroom because it doesn’t take up much space, and everything is easily accessible.
Here are some examples of how I am putting these folders to use.  I have some assessment materials and it is really nice to have them out in case I need to make notes or have some of my kids practice a skill or quickly read a fluency passage.
It is really nice to finally have an efficient way to access and tracking my data.  Keeping up with data can be a challenge, so it is nice to have ways like this to make the task a little more efficient!

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