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Five Surefire Ways to Turn Teachers Against Each Other

March 12, 2015 by Emily

In education, there are things the administration will do that sort of tick teachers off.  And inevitably, it leaves us teachers frustrated, jealous, and angry towards the other teachers.  So below, you are going to find all the things an administration can do that might possibly turn teachers against each other.

Five Surefire Ways to Turn Teachers Against Each Other


#1  Don’t give credit where credit is due.  All teachers have been through this before.  I personally find it annoying for someone that takes credit for something I did when I never sought out credit in the first place.  Just because I don’t seek credit, doesn’t mean I am okay with somebody else taking credit.  There are a lot of teachers just like me.   Either way, stop being so gullible, and figure out who the credit-takers are!

#2  Give compliments or thank-you’s to the certain people and make sure everyone hears it.  I have an issue with employee of the month, kudos, and group announcements of praise.  I just never think it’s a good idea to center the focus around one person, especially when ‘it takes a village’ in education.

#3  Compare test scores and show the entire school and/or team.  There is nothing worse than looking at all your teammates scores.  This is just a lose-lose for everybody.  I hated being the highest, and I hated being the lowest.  I got harassed one year about my test scores being the lowest in the grade level.  The very last day of school, a coach asked me if I wanted to see my scores because I had the biggest growth in the grade level.  I kindly told her, “No thanks,”  and walked away.  Sorry, but I don’t think a teacher’s worth should EVER be measured with test scores.  No two classes are ever alike.

#4  Don’t make everyone take on a committee.  Seriously!  I can’t stand the fact that there are some people on campus that get by doing the bare minimum.  It’s ridiculous.  So either make all committees a paid position, (yea right) or just try make it fair.

#5  Strategically place students based on what is a good “fit.”  Some teachers get no challenging kids because they lack classroom management and discipline.  What not a better way to make us all bitter towards one another.  Having all the challenging kids in one room is a surefire way to get your teachers to resent their fellow teammates for always getting a breezy year.  Plus, that is a perfect way to burn out all the great teachers.  You don’t have to put all the challenging kids in one room.  Divvy it up!

Obviously, I would never encourage purposefully turning teachers against each other.  But if you are looking for reasons why this might be happening in your school, these might be some of the root causes.  And take it for what it is worth, because some teachers will never ever tell you what they really think!

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