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14 End of the Year Memes That Any Teacher Will Understand

May 10, 2016 by Emily

It’s finally that time, teachers!  Late nights, chaos, and bittersweet emotions bring out some of the best (and funniest) memes that lighten up the mood, and give us a little chuckle.  I thought it would be fun to have a little corner of the web with some end of the year teacher memes.  So sit back and enjoy…but try not to sip any liquids for the next 60 seconds!

14 End of the Year Memes That Any Teacher Will Understand

It's May. Teach Yourself.

1.  It’s really great when you can actually see your teaching style in your students.

That point in the year when your classroom can run itself...

2.  I just love it when students can take control of their learning and we can push them so much further this time of year!

Right now, parents across America are saying, Man, the teachers WERE right about my child all along."

3.  Didn’t take them long to figure that one out;)

summers off

4.  What they don’t see is the summer school, training, unit planning, and/or meetings we attend. (Via: Kindergarten Smarts)

Ah Summer. The time when teachers become human again.5.  We can use the restroom, eat and work out whenever we want.  You know…normal human stuff.

What day is it for teachers in the summer6.  Seriously, the only month we need to know is August…and possibly July for some.

Week Before Summer Break "2015"

7.  We earned our bragging rights!

When someone sends a word email over break...8.  There is NOTHING worse than someone sending an email about next year the day after school gets out.

Teacher at the beginning of the school year and teacher at the end of the school year.9.  Although we are trying to hold it together, this is extremely accurate for most of us.

Another school year is done10.  Another one for the books! (Via: First Grade Fun Times)

Sadness on the last day11.  It’s such a bittersweet feeling…(Via: First Grade Fun Times)

There is no tired like end of the year teacher tired.

12. There truly is no tired like end of the year teacher tired! (Via: Simply Kinder)

On the last day of school, teachers be like...

13. After the students leave, I can’t run into the parking lot fast enough!!!

Pack Up Entire Classroom

14.  Oh but wait…we have to pack up our classroom;)  (Via: Bonnie Kathryn Teaching)

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Letting Go of your Students on that Last Day

Letting Go of Your Students on the Last Day

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