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November Centers for First Grade

October 18, 2017 by Emily

We can’t be more excited to share our November Centers with you!

November Centers for First Grade

You will find a variety of phonics, language, vocabulary, and listening & speaking activities with these November centers.  We provided a great review of essential kindergarten skills, a solid start to first grade skills, and a preview to second grade skills.  These centers will be beneficial to any first grade classroom!

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Fluency Puzzles

Students will read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to match the sentences with the pictures to make a story.


Describe It

Students will frequently occurring adjectives to describe food. 

Which Article?

Students will choose the correct article for each sentence.

Can You Clarify

Students will act out scenarios on the phone in order to ask questions to clear up any confusion about the topics of discussion.

Long or Short?

Students will distinguish long from short vowel sounds in spoken single-syllable words by sorting them on the mats provided.

Beginning Middle End

Students will isolate and pronounce initial, medial vowel, and final sounds (phonemes) in spoken single-syllable words.  They will then write the sounds on the puzzles.


Text Feature Hunt

Students will identify and match various text features found in a text.

Ask It! Answer It!

Students will use cards to ask and answer questions about key details in a text they are reading.

Write a Story

Students will use picture prompts to write short narratives in which they recount two or more appropriately sequenced events, include some details regarding what happened, use temporal words to signal event order, and provide some sense of closure.

Long Vowel SortLong Vowel Sort

Students will sort various objects with long vowel sound patterns into their appropriate category. 

Right now, I am sure you are probably thinking, “This is exactly what I have been looking for!!! How in the world do I get my hands on these?!?

We offer a Year-Long Literacy Centers for 1st and 2nd Grade.  This resource was specifically made to create an impact with your students, and to help you create a better work-life balance.  Take the guess work out of centers, so you can do what you do best…TEACH!

  • Student-Friendly Directions for Every Center
  • Hands-On and Engaging Activities
  • Recording/Accountability Sheets for Every Center
  • Flexible and nonseasonal centers to supplement your current curriculum.
  • Cohesive resource with a variety of centers to last you an entire year.
  • Consistent centers so you have minimal redirection.

[Check out our 1st and 2nd Grade Literacy Centers for the Year]

November Centers for First Grade

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