49 Reasons Why Being Married to a Teacher is the Best


Seriously…you are missing out if you’re not married to a teacher.  We have been discussing all the great reasons to be married to a teacher in the Fearless First Grade Teachers Group, and it’s been a RIOT!!! Whether it’s having an unlimited amount of patience, or being able to figure out how to help kids on that math homework, there’s some pretty legit reasons here! Seriously…check. these. out.

And P.S…Stop waiting! You like it…put a ring on it!!!

#1. “Lol if you’re lucky and your spouse is an early childhood teacher, one tends to be called honey, sweetie and baby a lot more often!” -Shelli M.

#2. “Free tutoring for your own kids!” -Angela M.

#3. “Both my husband and I are teachers – having the same vacations and a long summer vacation to get away together. We also get each other when we have “one of those days” -Erin C.

#4. “Being at home to take care of our own kids in the summer so spouse doesn’t need to call off last minute. During the school year, spouses have to take off since it’s too much for teachers to write sub plans!! 😂😍 ” -Nikki H. 

#5. “There is NEVER a lack of pens of any color!” -Kasey R.

#6. “Having all the writing supplies you need. Babe do you need a pencil, highlighter, flair pen, stamp, smelly marker .. you name it, I got it.” -Alex G.

#7. “Considering how low our incomes are we are good at finding a bargain!” -Angie S.

#8. “Having everything in the house labeled and in bins 

#9. “Uses the teacher voice on the dogs 😂 “Improving” your cutting skills while watching TV. Also free comedy/ entertainment based on cute/hilarious stories of in class adventures.” -Ashley A.

#10. “You will always be able to understand what the comments on your kid’s report card REALLY mean 😂 ” -Jenn M. 

#11. “Never having to help your kids with homework. “You’re the teacher, you can do it better than me!” 😳😂” -Anne C. 

#12. “She or he never grows up because you have to see things through the eyes of a child to survive.” -Jamie D.

#13. “Someone to explain the “strange” math homework in 2nd grade 

#14. “They take no crap from anyone-ever. This is a good thing!” -Heather H.

#15. “Always having someone to fix my grammar on work papers” Straight from my husband’s mouth.” -Nina V. 

#16. “My husband is a midlife career changer. well, when we first got married I would bring stuff home (and still do) and ask him to help me. He finally got to the point where he said that he married me, not my job. Now that he is a teacher, too. Well, henow “gets” why I bring so much home, and how on some days I just want to put on my pjs, and put myself in time-out. But seriously. I LOVE that he is an english guy because I am a math/science girl. Now, I have him help to homework with our fifth grader.” (if it’s ela…he gets math wrong even with his calculator)…. -Tracy C.

#17. “Having the ability to carry on 2+ conversations simultaneously while still managing to work on homework and various other tasks.” -Kerri A.

#18. “Patience…never -ending patience!” -Amanda D.

#19. “You get to help cut things out, thus strengthening your cutting skills 😬” -Claudia C. 

#20. “Limitless supply of coffee mugs. Superhero status by association when discovered in public. Feature of stories and minilessons.” -Mindy R.

#21. “Those unruly kids running through the halls of a motel or cruise ship while your on vacation get the “teacher look” letting them know they better cut it out! Sorry I can’t turn it off! My hubby just laughs!!” -Angela D.

#22. “Christmas, Valentine’s Day and the last day of school-if you have a sweet tooth. 

#23. “We are used to repeating ourselves several times a day! 😆 “-Kimberly J. 

#24. “Hubby realizes that a part of OUR income goes towards snacks, gifts, and supplies for 20+ kids a year that he has no idea who they are.” -Angela D.

#25. “He/she knows all the good “field trip” places to visit or explore.” -Amanda S.

#26. “Endless patience with their loving spouse” -Elizabeth C.

#27. “Always knows how to do that crazy “new math” homework.” -Niki W.

#28. “Do you need something laminated? I can do that without leaving home!” -Sarah P.

#29. “You have seen and heard just about everything so ‘almost’ nothing your kid does is new… Defiance? Yup, dealt with that. Pee on the carpet? Yup, dealt with that… You can assure your spouse.. it’s ok… we will get through this kid thing! We have seen it all! 😂” -Tara L. 

#30. “Gift cards at Christmas, a never ending collection of coffee mugs, a mom/dad that has the ability/knowledge to help your own children that may struggle.” -Jodi M.

#31. My husband is on a behavior plan! ( I teach special ed)😜 -Tonya Z. 

#32. “We are both teachers so get the same holidays/days off.” Andrea A.

#33. “Your grammar will improve. You’ll never forget to go “potty” before you leave the house. You’ll only have 2 or 3 names to choose between for your own baby as all the others will be ruined!” -Susan T.

#34. “Always coming home with leftover treats from the staff room.” -Mollie A.

#35. “Unlimited supply of Starbucks gift cards and never ending stories at the dinner table!! Haha! (We are both teachers!)” -Kerri M.

#36. “They get it when you spend a mass amount of money and time at school and not on them!” -Alyssa L.

#37. “Lol free childcare during breaks! ” -Tara A. 

#38. “I am always loaded with office supplies…” -Amy B.

#39. “The teacher wife can deal with the kids (our own) when they act up at school😂” -Jolie H. 

#40. “The teacher knows how to organize and plan!” -Connie D.

#41. “Knowing what is typical and not so typical in children’s behaviors at different ages, so you can parent your own children. Plus never ending stories about the hilarious things kids do!” -Erica R.

#42. “I always remind my husband to get a drink and go potty before we go anywhere. 🤷🏻‍♀️ “-Verna P. 

#43. “I’m used to answering annoying questions and repeating myself 1937393 times. “Catherine G.

#44. “Doesn’t need frequent potty breaks on trips  ” -Corrie G. 

#45. If he’s a loner, he gets lots of alone time during the school year. Also the opportunity to be the home chef, if he wants!” -Shirley F.

#46. “We go out shopping and my hubby will watch me put something in the cart and he says “is that for the house or your classroom?” If I say classroom, he’ll say, “but I like those too” then we arrive at the checkout and the cashier will usually say “I guess y’all really like…” (individual servings of goldfish, raisins, pretzels, etc…😂)” -Sherry B.

#47. “Your spouse will ALWAYS receive a box or 5 of chocolates on Valentine’s day 

#48 “It never fails we see people we know whenever, wherever we go out in public. Being married to a cop we play a game: “did I teach them or did he arrest them?” Thankfully the answer has never been both. 😇 Adds fun to monotonous errands.” -Lauren F. 

#49 “He knows we’re hitting up the dollar spot in target every time we go!” -Katie C.

So there you have it! If you are ever in question, you have 49 reasons to bring you back to earth.  Teachers are the best, am I right!? I hope you enjoyed reading up on our great discussion.

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