29 Amazon Products to Entertain the Kids

March 25, 2020 by

We have a confession to make… Amazon has become our BEST FRIEND since having to be at home with our kiddos all day long.  But, when you type in “Activities for Kids”, the list is never ending; which is great, but how do you narrow down the search?!  Well, don’t worry anymore, we have found 29 Amazon Products to entertain the kids while at home!  #27 is a FAVORITE of our kids. 😉

#1 ~ Game Note Magnetic Letter Tiles

letter tiles to use while spelling words with vowels and consonants being in different colors


#2 ~ Upwords Board Game

Upwords board game box


#3 ~ Butterfly Garden

Watching caterpillars build cocoons and become butterflies will entertain the kids


#4 ~ Paint by Sticker Books

Paint by Sticker ladybug book; match the stickers to their given numbers to create pictures

#5 ~ Puzzles

Entertain your kids with puzzles; glow in the dark ones are really neat


#6 ~ STEM Construction Sets

STEM Junior construction kit and booklet to build a variety of objects



#7 ~ Make a Face Sticker Book

Make-a-Face sticker pad; kids can add facial features to animals to create faces


#8 ~ KumiKreator

KumiKreator kit to make necklaces and bracelets

#9 ~ LEGO Bricks

Medium size bucket of LEGO bricks (484 pieces)


#10 ~ Color Wonder Coloring Books

Frozen 2 color wonder kit for kids

#11 ~ Bubble Wands

large 12 pack of colored bubble wands for outdoor play


#12 ~ Sidewalk Chalk

drawing pictures on the sidewalk with chalk will entertain the kids

#13 ~ Connect 4 Board Game

Connect 4 board game box

#14 ~ Clue Junior Board Game

Clue Junior board game box

#15 ~ Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Go Find It bag (outdoor scavenger hunt) to find certain items


#16 ~ Outdoor Toys and Games

entertain the kids with backyard games, such as paddle ball, scoop ball, and slingshots


#17 ~ Guess Who Game

Guess Who? board game box


#18 ~ Rock Painting

entertain the kids with rock painting to decorate your backyard


#19 ~ Lite Brite

lite brite board, pegs, and pictures to use on the board


#20 ~ Outdoor Adventurer

kids will be entertained with this outdoor explorers kit; binoculars, backpack, compass, bug net, and bug catching container


#21 ~ Floor Puzzles

large floor train puzzles to practice letters of the alphabet and numbers


#22 ~ Origami Kit

origami for beginners boxed kit


#23 ~ Math Practice Mat

kids can practice math on this large number mat; with dice and squares to cover numbers up


#24 ~ Sewing Kits

image of jungle animal sewing kit for beginners; make a snake, panda, tiger, monkey, or parrot


#25 ~ Tie Dye Kits

entertain the kids by allowing them to tie dye shirts

#26 ~ Car Construction Kits

wooden car kit; children construct, paint, and race their cars


#27 ~ STEM Robot Construction Kit

solar robot project that children can build at home

#28 ~ Marble Mazes

entertain the kids with a glow in the dark marble run tower


#29 ~ Shine-a-Light Books

image of Shine a Light book; Title is Secrets of the Seashore

I hope that you find some inspiration for possible activities to entertain your kids at home.  If you have some favorite Amazon products to entertain the kids, please share in the comments below.  Hang in there parents, we will get through this time stronger and can support each other along the way.


-Written by Janessa Fletcher and Jenn Sego

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