Tips for Using Google Classroom

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At ETTC, our mission is to serve elementary teachers in the best way we possibly can, no matter what. We have been working around the clock to provide tips for using Google Classroom in addition to digital resources you can use.

If someone would have told me in 2019 that the majority of schools around the world would be shut down for months, and had to pivot to an e-learning model, I would have not believed it…But here we are, and “distance learning” has become our reality. 👩‍💻Many naysayers might have thought teachers and schools couldn’t do it. But teachers across the globe are pulling it off. 💪

I mean, we are used to having little to no resources…#justsayin. Teachers everywhere are rising to the challenge of Google Classroom and distance learning.

In fact, we have converted 5 Digital Resources! 

Here’s our All-Star Digital Resources Lineup.  We hope to get more out so be sure to let us know what you need! 

Now that you’re familiar with several resources you can use in Google Classroom and Google Slides, we are going to answer many of your questions on exactly how to use these resources!

Tips for Using Google Classroom

Tips for Using Google Classroom™️


⭐️ Adding a Resource to Google Classroom

We offer a page where you can add your purchased resource to your Google Classroom.  All you have to do is click on each of the components, and it will automatically make your very own copy for your Google Drive.

⭐️ Creating an Assignment with Specific Pages

⭐️ How to Assign in Google Classroom

⭐️Adding an Extension into Google Chrome

⭐️Submitting Work in Google Classroom

⭐️Tracking Progress and/or Completed Assignments in Google Classroom

⭐️Viewing a completed assignment in Google Classroom

⭐️Scheduling Assignments in Google Classroom

⭐️How to Keep Your Google Drive Organized

⭐️ Reading Passages for Google Classroom

⭐️Phonics Booklets for Google Classroom

⭐️Practically 1st Grade Passages for Google Classroom

⭐️Digital CVC Pack for Google Classroom

Additional questions asked by our Fearless First Grade Teacher community:

💙 Are assignments automatically saved when students are working on it? Google Slides save automatically.  Students do not have to do anything when working on an assignment and returning to it.

💛 Will I have the ability to add things like pictures/realia to current Google Resources? Yes! You can add enhance any pictures to any Google Slides resources! Just click insert > image. Or you can drag and drop from your computer.

💙 How do my students sign in? You will need to have students access Google Classroom through their school email.

💛 Is it possible integrate Google Classroom with Zoom? You can surely screen share while using Zoom, but Google also offers a platform called Google Meet that might be a little easier to integrate everything since you are using the platform already.

💙 Can you sign students up using the parent emails we have on hand? You will need students to access Google Classroom through their school email.  We recommend speaking to your campus admin regarding student access.

💛 How should I use Seesaw and Google Classroom together? You can put a link to Google Classroom and vice versa. We do recommend hosting your main information database on Google Classroom if you have the option.

💙 What is the best way to upload larger files?? 1. Open in adobe.  2. Save as: [name] 3. Reduce File Size. Continue to reduce file size until it’s under the size limit.

Now that you have some strategies for using Google Slides for eLearning, we’re confident you are going to have a smooth transition into Google Classroom. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re here to help! 

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