9 Reasons Why Teachers Love Virtual Learning


We’ve all been thrown into the high-stress situation of having to teach our students virtually.  To lighten the mood and put a smile on your face, we have come up with some funny reasons why we love virtual learning.

#1 — Audio Only is Wonderful

This way we can teach in our pajamas without having to do our hair or make-up. 😉

split screen; dog with crazy hair for audio only on a zoom meeting with dog all primped and pretty for video in same meeting


 #2 — The Mute Button is Your BEST FRIEND!

 I wish we had a button like this in the classroom!

And it is wonderful to use when I have to take a minute to yell at my own kids while teaching my class. LOL

a dog with a nasty face towards their own children, with split screen of a smiling dog facing students on the computer


#3 — We Get to Tour All of Our Student’s Homes

Most days, I feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride zooming from room to room.

child running through the woods holding a computer exclaiming "Wanna see my house?"


 #4 — Our Co-Workers Make it Hard to Work

They crawl into our laps, bark when we are teaching, or want to go outside as soon as we sit down.

photo of a dog laying on the couch as owner complains that they are not a good coworker


#5 — Every Class Meeting is Show and Tell

How many times have we seen our students’ pets, toys, etc. during our classes?!

Students showing the class the same item each time you hold a class meeting


#6 — Each Day Still Brings Something Different

Every day is still a barrel of laughs, even when we aren’t in the classroom.  I’m sure that we have all experienced many of these images during our class meetings. 😉

classroom zoom BINGO card with a variety of images you may see on your computer during virtual teaching

#7 — Class Meetings Look Like Members of the Brady Bunch

image of Brady Bunch in the same way we see our students while virtual teaching


#8 — We Only Clean One Room in the House to Zoom

People will only see the one room you Zoom in right now… Thank Goodness!!

very messy room that we won't have to clean to do a zoom meeting


#9 — We Can Shop on Amazon During Staff Meetings 🙂

 a dog wearing glasses with words Teachers on zoom meetings looking Like they are engaged but really on another tab doing something else Teacherman91 n91'

Let’s continue to help each other smile everyday!  Please post the main reason why you love virtual learning, either with words or a picture.  Together we will make the most of this uncertain time and do what we do best… teach our students!

– Written By Janessa Fletcher

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