24 Digital Reading Activities for Primary Students

May 13, 2020 by

In the age of distance learning, interactive digital activities for my primary students are a MUST!  They are able to manipulate the pieces on the screen while learning a certain skill or set of skills.  Check out our list of 24 digital reading activities for your primary students!  Use them for distance learning, or as a center on iPads in your classroom.

Alphabet Centers

In this alphabet bundle, your kiddos can work on alliteration building with picture cards, alphabet keyboard practice, and identifying words that begin with letter sounds.


Students will have fun putting words from different categories in alphabetical order.



This set of three centers goes from simple counting of syllables, to identifying the type of syllables in a word.


Word Building

This center gives your students a picture. They then drag the letters to the boxes to build the word. As a bonus, it has a self-check on each slide.


Students will use beginning sounds to build words, then read them. So much fun being “code crackers”!


Sight Words

Students gets to practice two skills with this sight word center. They first practice typing and spelling sight words, then get to read and match other text to images to complete each sentence.


Your students get to pick fun colors to fill in the sight word bubbles.


Students use the code to create a sentence. Then they get to choose the picture which best illustrates that sentence.


Build sight words using sign language. As an added bonus, there is a self-check box on each slide for students to check correct spelling.

Writing and Grammar

Create grammatically and conventionally correct sentences using standard editing marks. Students will insert the editing marks in the correct spots and then retype the sentence with corrections.



Students read each sentence in the passage and then number the corresponding pictures.


Students click on the magnifying glass to listen to the story. Then they get to type answers to a variety of comprehension questions about the book.


Read the sentences and click on the sentence that best matches the picture.


Students look at all of the pictures on the clipboard and then decide what the main idea is and write a few details sentences about those objects.



Phonics Activities

Practice over 100 different phonics patterns and word families through multiple activities with these booklets.


Students get to practice phonics skills with our fluency poems. We have also included audio, so students can hear the poem read fluently before practicing themselves.


Each set of passages is centered around targeted phonics skills. Students practice reading the passage multiple times and then answer comprehension questions.



Students get to research a variety of insects and then complete different activities from answering questions to writing short research papers.


Fluency Passages

This is a great way for students who are just learning to read to practice their fluency and comprehension skills. Teachers love to use this set of passages with ELL students, because they have illustrated vocabulary words in the margin.


First Grade Fluency and Comprehension passages


Fluency and Comprehension passages for 2nd grade


3rd Grade Fluency and Comprehension passages


Grab our Mega Bundle that includes Practically First, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade fluency and comprehension passages.



End of the Year

Capture your students memories in this End of the Year Memory Book. Best part, you can digitally email it to your families once its completed.


Please check back often, as we are constantly adding new digital centers and activities.  You can find all of our digital resources HERE.  Whether we continue distance learning next school year, or are able to return to our classrooms, these digital activities for my primary students are invaluable.  I am looking forward to using them as some of my literacy centers in class.  Simply share in each child’s google classroom account and allow them to work on an iPad.  So easy to check on progress and accountability, and it saves me hours of copying, laminating, and cutting!

-Written by Janessa Fletcher

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