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27 Math Videos For Primary Teachers


Math videos are great to use in a variety of settings!  I use math videos to get my students started in the morning, during indoor recesses, brain breaks, 5 minute time gaps, and of course in math block.  They are a great tool to get your students up and moving, while learning math skills.  Here are some of my favorites covering many of the math skills our students have to learn.



For little learners, this video helps them practice counting to 20.


Get up and workout while counting to 20 with this math video by Jack Hartmann.


Practice counting by ones to 100 with this great math video!


Your students won’t be able to resist dancing and counting to 100 with DJ Count. 🙂


One more fun video to help your students practice counting by ones to 100.


Shapes (2D and 3D)

Along with identifying the shapes, students will get to practice drawing them in the air.


Identify shapes while working on sides and vertices of each.  Great way to tackle that standard!


Students will learn the name of the major 3D shapes, as well as everyday objects that represent them.

Skip Counting

Repetitive counting in this math video will help your students learn to count by 2s.


I LOVE how this video uses the one hundred chart to show kiddos how to find the 5s pattern.


I’ve added some hand movements to the chorus of this skip counting by 10s math video. 😉


Addition and Subtraction

My students love adding with the pirates!  I give them a whiteboard and marker and they work the problems out while singing with the video. 😉  There is also a subtraction counterpart to this song.


Subtract from 10 in this video.  And it also discusses different strategies to use when subtracting!  There is also an addition counterpart to this video. 😉


Cute subtraction song based around a little kid’s birthday cake.  Work out the problems as you go.



The beat to this video is AWESOME!  Kiddos learn what each coin looks like and its value.


This math video on money is a little higher level.  It begins to teach students conversions with money.



Compare lengths with these two monkeys.


Learn about all of the different tools we use to measure with.


More Math Videos!






Greater Than and Less Than


Ordinal Numbers




Place Value


Even and Odd Numbers




We hope that you find our list of Math Videos For Primary Teachers useful in your classrooms.  If you have a favorite you use, please share the link in the comments section below.

~ Written by Janessa Fletcher

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