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Bring the Zoo to Your Home

June 23, 2020 by Emily

That annual zoo field trip brings memories of anxiety and laughs.  This year, those memories are most likely not going to happen due to restrictions on field trips.  But, your students do not have to miss out on learning about all of the fascinating animals we encounter at the zoo.  Bring the zoo to your home!!  We have created a Non-fiction Digital Resource specifically about zoo animals.  Engage your students in reading and answering questions about these amazing creatures.

This set has facts about 24 animals!

For each animal, the set includes:

  • Non-fiction passage
  • Information grouped by topic in bullets
  • Quick facts
  • Real life images
  • Comprehension questions (multiple choice, fill in the blank, and short answer)



Visit the Savannah of Africa

How fast is a cheetah?  Can ostriches fly?  Which type of elephant is the
largest?  What do giraffes like to eat?Learn the answers to these questions and many more interesting facts about these African animals.


Explore the Jungle at Home

Walk in the footsteps of a mighty tiger.  Swing from the trees with chimpanzees and orangutans.  Strut around like the majestic peacock in the jungles of Asia and South America.






Take a Trip to the Icy Arctic

Brrrr… how do these animals live in this cold weather?!  Why does the arctic fox’s fur change color?  Read about each one to discover how they survive in such a harsh environment.



Travel “Down Under”

What is it like to carry your babies around in a pouch?  Learn more about these marvelous marsupials from Australia.


Dive Into Water in Your Own Home

The rivers and oceans are home to many different reptiles, mammals, and fish.  Why are river otters so playful?  How do dolphins communicate?  Find out more about these water dwelling creatures.

Island Dwellers

These reptiles take you back to the land of dinosaurs.  How have they survived for so many years?  Let your students learn more about these prehistoric creatures.

If you have younger students, we have a resource for you too!  Your students will be able to learn about similar animals by creating their own “Zoo Animals Book”.  This set also includes a variety of writing opportunities about the animals, as well as comparing and contrasting.  As a “take home” activity, you can send the matching vocabulary picture cards home with the kids, so they can play the game with their families.  Click here to purchase our Zoo Animals Printables set.


Even though we cannot physically visit the zoo during this time, you can bring the zoo experience into your classrooms and homes.  So, have your students read these non-fiction passages about 24 different animals, answer a variety of comprehension questions, and add images to slides.  In addition, if you have younger kiddos, enjoy our Zoo Animals books, writing activities, and vocabulary matching game.

After studying some of these great animals, you can watch them LIVE from the San Diego Zoo virtual cameras.  Click here to watch.


-Written by Janessa Fletcher

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