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10 Ways to Stay Healthy During Small Groups

July 31, 2020 by Emily

Staying healthy while teaching is a #1 concern teachers have as we start going back into the classroom.  We have come up with 10 Ways to Stay Healthy During Small Groups, or just while teaching in general.  My favorite is #2. 😉


#1 — Perry and Steve’s “New Normal” Book

This is great read aloud to either recommend to parents to read with their children, or to read with your class on the first day.  Here is the synopsis:

“Our world changed in the blink of an eye. COVID-19 has brought adjustments to our lives that were unimaginable just a short time ago. For children, these new behaviors and restrictions are confusing and unsettling. Follow along as Perry tries to help his son, Steve, make sense of all the changes while offering hope that healthier days are ahead. The story presents an opportunity for parents to have discussions about the importance of safe health practices, while providing assurance to children that they will be SAFE and LOVED, even during a global pandemic.”

front cover of "New Normal" a children's book about how to stay healthy during the COVID 19 pandemic


#2 — See Through Face Masks

Most of us are required to wear face masks to help stay healthy while teaching.  But many are concerned that students won’t be able to see their mouths move.  Our younger students need to be able to see how we move our mouths to create sounds and begin to read words.  We have to admit, it would also be nice for them to see our smiles, even behind a mask. 😁

see through face masks to keep you healthy and allow students to see your mouth


#3 — Dry Erase Clipboards

I am planning on teaching outdoors as much as possible, as it is an easy way to socially distance.  These dry erase clipboards serve two purposes… 1 – students can write on them like a dry erase board while I am teaching, 2 – they can be used as a hard surface if they are working on a paper activity. 😍

dry erase clipboards to use outside


#4 — Scrubs

Some teachers are planning on purchasing scrubs to wear to work this year instead of normal teaching attire.  This way, they come home, toss them in the washing machine, and not have to wear their nicer clothing to school right now.  I am okay with this new uniform helping to keep me healthy. 😉

scrubs to wear to school


#5 — Claw for Opening Doors and Much More

Nervous about opening up doors?  Use the COVID Claw and you don’t have to touch the door handles!!!  It also helps with many other things, like turning on a sink, using an ATM, flushing a toilet, and turning lights on and off.

the COVID claw opens many things, so your hands remain germ free and keeps you healthy


#6 —  Scanning Thermometer

Just in case you would like one of these in your classroom for peace of mind. ❤️

scanning thermometer to check temperatures when trying to stay healthy


#7 — Pouches for Homework

Instead of backpacks, some teachers are going to have their students take work back and forth by using a pouch.  The plan is to put papers inside and sanitize the pouch each day as it returns to school.  Keeping personal belongings at home will help to keep us healthy.

plastic pouches to transport school work


#8 — Face Shields and Gaitor Necks

Some teachers prefer to wear face shields.  The concern with shields is the ability of the virus to come up through the bottom and the sides.  An idea is to wear a gaitor neck up to the bottom of your chin.  Students will still be able to see your entire face and it helps to keep you healthier.  😁

face shield to help stay healthy


#9 — Cases or Lanyards for Masks

Our students will have to wear masks in class as well.  There are many ways that the masks can get lost.  Some recommendations we have heard are breakaway lanyards or small cases with student names on them that students can place their masks in when not in use.

personal cases for face masks


#10 — Essential Oil Bracelets

The upcoming school year brings with it many unknowns and anxiety.   Buy a bracelet and dab your favorite calming essential oil to give you some comfort during this time.

essential oil bracelets to help alleviate anxiety


This school year will bring with it many uncertainties, but above all, we want you to try to stay safe and healthy, while maintaining social distancing.  Hopefully some of these 10 Ways to Stay Healthy During Your Small Groups can help you to do that.  If there is an item that you recommend teachers look into to help with social distancing, please share in the comments below.


-Written by Janessa Fletcher

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