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20 Recess Items for Social Distancing


Agh!!! The playgrounds are not available at school and I have to come up with Recess Ideas for Social Distancing on top of my curriculum.

Do not stress yourself out, as we at Team Education to the Core have been doing some searching for you. We have put together items for a Social Distancing Recess Kit you can create for each of your students.  You can make 24 recess kits by choosing some of the items that will last 180 school days all for under $50.00!!!

Item #1 ~ Drawstring Bag

You will need something for each student to keep their kit items in.  These drawstring bags are perfect!


#2 ~ Sidewalk Chalk

I am going to give each of my students 2 pieces of chalk in their bag.  They can draw a hopscotch game, or a nice picture.  And with chalk, it is super inexpensive to replace. ?


#3 ~ Foldable Frisbees

Lots of fun and they don’t take up a lot of space! ¬†Your students can get some great exercise tossing these in the air and chasing them in the field.


Item #4 ~ Mini Bubbles

This is one item that will be for “special occasions”. ¬†This set has 48, so I can use them twice. ¬†Students can either blow and toss at the end of recess, or blow and save for another day.


#5 ~ Pull String Helicopters

These are so much fun! ¬†Students will have a great time figuring out how to make the helicopters “fly”.


#6 ~ Hacky Sacks

I used to remember being able to play with these for HOURS! ¬†It takes me back to the movie “She’s All That”. LOL Can you keep the hacky sack from hitting the ground?!


Item #7 ~ Hula Hoops

Visit your nearest Walmart or Dollar Tree and grab some hula hoops. ¬†I am using them to create a “jumping” obstacle course. ¬†Students are not touching them at all, but run through the course, doing some hops in and out of the hoops. ?


#8 ~ Jump Ropes

Students can get some good exercise jumping rope.  Can they practice their spelling words while they jump?  How many times can they jump before touching the rope?


Item #9 ~ Dance Ribbons

Dancing ribbons can be so much fun!  Students can really express themselves while they spin and twirl.


#10 ~ Ring Toss

Ask your PE teacher if you can borrow 6 Р8 cones.  Set them up socially distanced in one part of the playground and kiddos can practice throwing their ring around the cone.


#11 ~ Sports Balls

My son plays with toys like this for hours.  Constantly tossing it and chasing it and then playing again.


#12 ~ Magnifying Glasses

Kiddos can explore the playground and see what amazing little things they can find.


Item #13 ~ Little Pet Friends

Sometimes kiddos just need a little buddy to have for some imaginative play.  They can play with their little pet friend, or bring a book out to read to them.


#14 ~ Paddle Ball

This game is fun and a great way to work on hand-eye coordination.


#15 ~ Ice Cream Poppers

Can they catch the scoop of ice cream after it is popped?!


#16 ~ Race Cars

Students can use their construction skills at recess by building a track for their Pull Back Race Car to cruise on.  Great way to test cause and effect.


Item #17 ~ Character Poppers

For those kiddos who just want to sit and play during recess, they can test how high their character popper can jump up.


#18 ~ Gyroscope Spinning Toys

My kiddos are entertained with these spinning toys for a long time.


#19 ~ Mini Coloring Books

For my artsy students and those who like to spend their recess doing quieter activities, I am including a mini coloring book.


#20 ~ Small Crayon Packs

Every student will get a small pack of crayons to use with their mini coloring book.


By no means do you need to grab one of everything on this list for your Recess Kits.  We just wanted to give you a list of Recess Items for Social Distancing.  If you have any other items that you think would be great to add to this list, please put a screen shot in the comments below.

Providing our students with alternatives to playground equipment during recess will allow them to still have fun and get their wiggles out!  And it also gives us a minute to not be the main source of entertainment. ?

~ Written by Janessa Fletcher

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