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No Prep Alphabet Activities

September 28, 2020 by Emily

Kindergarten and preschool teachers and parents… we have made No Prep Alphabet Activities just for you!  So simple to use… just PRINT and GO!  The Alphabet Printables are my preschooler’s favorite! 🥰


Alphabet Booklets

Each booklet focuses on one letter of the alphabet.  Every no prep booklet has these activities:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letter identification
  • Letter writing practice (uppercase and lowercase)
  • Beginning sound identification (color pictures)
  • Letter art decorating
  • Writing words that begin with that letter
  • Fill in the blank sentences with words beginning with that letter


Playdough Mats

What child doesn’t LOVE playing with Playdough?!  Work on fine motor skills while teaching your children/students letters of the alphabet.  They can form the letters on the mats and then practice writing them underneath.  So much fun!!


Alphabet Crowns

My kinders love being princes and princesses with their alphabet crowns.  Each crown reinforces practice with writing the letter (both upper and lowercase), as well as identifying and writing words that begin with that letters sound.

Alphabet Printables

My son loves these and this one sheet has it ALL for each letter.  Kiddos get to practice writing the letter, both upper and lowercase, distinguishing between the upper and lowercase letter (with daubers), identifying pictures that begin with that letter sound, and finding that letter on a keyboard.  So many different ways to practice one letter and it is all on one piece of paper! (Save on serious printing!) 🥳


Dot Art Pages

Students can have fun with paint and stay clean.  Simply put some paint in a small cup or paper plate and give your students/children a Q-tip.  They dot the Q-tip in the paint and dot paint the letter and object that begins with that letter.  They can also practice pointing to and saying the letter and its sound, before cutting out the pictures that begin with that letter sound and glueing them over the letters.


Alphabet Watches

If you don’t want your students/children to wear crowns, they can wear watches instead.  We have even put 4 watches on one page to save you on paper.  Students color the pictures that begin with that letter sound.  I also make them write the letter along the blank part of the watch band for extra practice.  Then tape or staple the watcher around their wrist.  (As an exit ticket activity, we go around and each kiddo has to share with me a word that begins with that letter.  They can check their watch if they need a little help.)

These NO PREP Alphabet Activities are so VERSATILE!  You can print them as practice in the classroom, for homework, or in your send home packets during distance learning.  NO PREP!  Simply print and go!  Grab them today!


-Written by Janessa Fletcher

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