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5 Fun Learning Activities for Fall

October 20, 2020 by Janessa Fletcher

Fall is a time of change. Changing of the seasons, the leaves, time, and sometimes inner change. It is my favorite time of year, especially for my family. We love to do Fun Learning Activities for Fall.  I take the kids out for long walks to take in the many beautiful autumnal colors that fill the landscape. We play out back a lot because the weather is perfect for light jackets and exploration. Not to mention it is the time of year we start having weekend bonfires and making s’mores. There are so many great opportunities to engage our children in the season. To show that change can be beautiful, and that life has cycles, I’ve put together some fun activities and crafts to get your kids in the fall spirit.

Fall Nature Hunt 

One of my all-time favorite activities to do in the fall is to go outside! Taking the kids to the park, or on a small walk around the school/home to explore the changes of the season is a great way to step away from day-to-day classwork. A fun activity you can do with them, or have them do at home if virtual teaching, is a fall nature hunt! I’ve included a free fall nature hunt printable you can print out and use. Have them collect the different nature items while on your outdoor adventure!

Leaf Painting

This is a favorite of my daughters, she loves anything crafty or involving paint. It’s also a great way to showcase the beauty of the autumn season. First, you will need to go out and collect some fall leaves, this is always a fun way to get outside. After you have collected some leaves, place them on a white piece of computer paper, canvas, or poster board. I like to use double-sided tape just to help hold them down. Once you have them pasted, pick out some paint colors that represent fall, and paint over the leaves. Afterward, let the paint dry and try not to disturb the leaves. Once the paint is dry, remove the leaves, and it will reveal the silhouette of them on the painting. It makes great artwork to decorate your classroom, or for their home!

Acorn Counting 

Another great way to mix the beauty of nature with education is by using objects outside for counting activities. My favorite one is acorns! They are small and easy for children to hold, and in the autumn you can find a plethora of them scattered on the ground. For this activity, you can use them for some counting and number activities. I have included some fun printables you can use with them.

Leaf Placemats

These aren’t exactly educational, but they are super fun to make! Kids love them, and you can use them as fall decor. Once again you need to go on a bit of an outdoor adventure to collect fall leaves. With all the virtual learning going on right now, getting away from the screen and outside a bit is great. Once you have collected some leaves, have them place them between a lamination sheet. Then run them through your laminator, you now have preserved autumn leaves you can use as placemats. If there is no access to a laminator, they can also place them on poster board, and seal them with duct tape to help preserve them. 

Fall Freebie Packet

At Education to the Core, we know that you are working harder than you ever have to deliver outstanding instruction to our students through many methods. We want to be able to take a little something off of your plate and have put together a FREE Fall Packet!  This packet includes phonics, math, fluency, science experiment, STEM challenge, and family activity.  There are enough activities to keep your students busy for a couple weeks! 😍

Now that you have some fun learning activities for fall to enjoy with your kids, make sure to check out more of the amazing activities we have to offer in our shop!

Have more activity ideas for us? We would love to hear them down in the comments!  

Written by: Brittany Coleman

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