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19 Items to Help Students Sit Still

November 10, 2020 by Janessa Fletcher

As teachers, we want our students to remain in their seats during the day, but not all students
can handle this task at times. They end up roaming the room, missing out on instruction, and
distracting their peers. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a magic wand to help us with this?
Well, I don’t have a magic wand to give you, but I have found some Amazon items to help
students sit still and engaged while they are in your classroom.

Wipe Clean Weighted Lap Pad

This weighted lap pad is probably my favorite tool to help students sit still in their seats during
the times I need them to. They are discreet, quiet, and easy to clean. It is the perfect hands-free
tool for those overactive students during instruction or even meal times.

Kore Kids Wobble Chair

Wobble Chairs provided continuous movement for those restless students who struggle to sit
still. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to go with your classroom and are quite comfortable.

TildED Active Seats

Rock back and forth or tilt side to side in this balancing seat that allows students to focus in the
classroom while providing better circulation and proper posture.

Stability Ball with Base

Some teachers may shy away from stability balls in their classroom, but with this practical base
that keeps the ball from rolling everywhere, teachers no longer need to be afraid. Like the
wobble seat, stability balls promote correct posture and sensory input, offering better concentration.

Flexible Rubber Fidget Chair Bands

Restless feet = distracted kiddos. These stretchy chair bands allow busy feet to pull, push,and
kick while staying seated and engaged in learning.

Fidget Pencil Toppers

While the chair bands tackle the restless feet, these fidget pencil toppers will quietly engage
those restless fingers. If your students like fidget spinners, they will love this similar design that
slides easily over their pencil. With a variety of colors and shapes, students will never get bored
and be more willing to write with their exciting pencil.

Chewable Pencil Toppers

Sometimes we do have those children who would rather chew on a pencil than fidget with
something in their hand. Chewable pencil toppers provide sensory input that some of our kiddos
need in order to sit still at their desk and work.

Anemone Desk Fidget

This is one of my personal favorites because it is attached to the desk for instant fidget relief.
You can even make your own simply using the soft or rough side of velcro depending on your
kiddo’s sensory needs. You could even use this doubled sided tape and attach things to it under
their desk such as an emery board/sandpaper, felt, feathers, or pennies.

Under Desk Leg Swing

Sitting still for long periods of time can be tough on little bodies that have the urge to be moving.
This desk is the perfect way to keep kids engaged while still allowing them to move their bodies.

Bouncy Band

And if you can’t buy a new under the desk leg swing for your classroom, here is another example of an under-the-desk fidget for students with busy legs and feet.

Disc Seat

These discs are a great addition to any desk or chair improving stability and promoting blood
circulation. They make hard chairs more comfortable and their lightweight design makes them
easy to transport.

Silly Putty

Let’s face it. We are teaching a generation of slime enthusiasts. While you may be thinking, NO WAY, remember that putty is a great and inexpensive fidget that you know almost any kid would love.

Chewable Necklaces

Chewable necklaces may not sound pleasant to you but for some of our kiddos, they make a world of difference. Amazon has so many designs, from shark teeth and Oreos, to Legos and dog tags. 


If you are unsure of what types of fidgets your students would enjoy, Amazon has gladly done the work for you. This is a pack of 33 assorted handheld fidgets that allow students to try out what works best for their individual needs. 

Squeeze Balls

Squeeze balls are such a common yet effective way to manage stress, anxiety, and the need to fidget. They are quiet, discreet,and have the added benefit of strengthening hand muscles. That’s great for writers who complain about their hands being tired.

Fidget Cube

I know what you are thinking. This fidget looks like something that NASA uses to explore Mars. GREAT! Kids will find it fascinating. This gadget has 12 sides of finger-occupying enjoyment while still allowing minds to focus and bottoms to stay in their seats. 

Sensory Marbe and Mesh Fidgets

These marble fidgets are a simple design but great for students to keep in their desks and pull out as needed when the “fidgets” pop up. They are small, quiet, and unobtrusive and this pack comes with 20 so you can provide many kids with their own. 

Metal Antistress/Sensory Finger Rings

So many items on this list are wonderful tools to use in your classroom but if you are someone that does not like the idea of putty or chewable pencil toppers, this may be a unique alternative. These rings actually help to stimulate the nerves in the fingers that connect to the brain and relieve fatigue while helping improve focus and concentration.

Spiky Slap Bracelets 

Ok, who doesn’t love a cute slap bracelet? But who knew there were sensory slap bracelets out there? These spiky ones are definitely intriguing but check out these mermaid ones as well. 

Make Your Own

Don’t forget you can always make your own fidgets for students with simple everyday materials. Fill up a balloon with seeds, beans, flour, or playdough. You could even turn it into a fun social skills lesson where they make their own and you teach them how and when to use them. 


As you have probably learned the hard way, we can not simply hand students a fidget and expect them to always use it appropriately. I can not stress just how important it is to set clear expectations with your students of how to properly use a fidget tool if you are allowing them to have it at their desk. Teaching your students how to appropriately navigate one of these items will limit disruptions and help students sit still during class times. 

Written by: Suzanne Kelley

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