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17 Ways to Use A Doorbell in Class


The Wireless Doorbell has been an amazing addition to my classroom! There are so many great ways to incorporate this into your daily classroom routine. We asked our teaching colleagues how they implement this item and came up with 17 Ways to Use a Doorbell in Class.

Way #1 ~ Attention Getter

“Attention getter. One of the best things I have ever bought for the classroom!” ~ Sara M.

“Get the kids’, attention.” ~ Jennifer W.

“Yes! I use it in person and it is amazing for an “attention getter”. When it starts getting too noisy, the kids will ask me to ring it!” ~ Jordann D.

“I loved it when we were in person! Attention getter so I didn’t have to yell.” ~ Sarah A.

“I used mine as an attention-getter and my students loved it!” ~ Abby M.

“Yes! To get the class’s attention when my other methods don’t work. They know to stop, look, and listen when they hear it.” ~ Sheila P.

“Yes, I use it as a signal for my students to stop and listen. We practice starting the first day of school that when we hear the doorbell we stop, freeze, and put our hands on our heads.” ~ Aimee C.

#2 ~ In Virtual Teaching

“I’m using it to bring them back when time is up for independent work (virtually). They love it!” ~ Erin C.

“Right now since we are learning digitally I use it to single that our breaks are over. Kids hurry back to our Zoom.” ~ Jennifer M.

“Yes! I teach online and still use it. It’s a GREAT way to get the kids’ attention. When they hear it they drop what they’re doing, show me their hands, and fold them. They love it and so do I. ?” ~ Rebecca C. 

#3 ~ Time to Be Quiet

“I’m virtual, but it’s my signal for my students to catch a bubble in their mouth & turn on their ears!” ~ Marcia G.

“Yes. My kids know to get quiet when I ring it. I use a timer for center rotations and a desk bell for clean up. This ensures that they know the only reason I ring my doorbell is that they need to get quiet.” ~ Alicia G-L.

“F2F it was another signal to stop and listen. When I rang the bell kids did “bubble fist”. They put a bubble in their mouth (cheeks puffed out) and clasped hands together. I only used it occasionally so it didn’t lose its effect.” ~ Jennifer M.

Way #4 ~ Change of Small Group Stations

“Change of stations… works like a charm.” ~ Becky B.

“To signal when it’s time to rotate centers.” Nikki C.

“I use mine as a signal to clean up the stations and prepare to go to the next one. Then I ring it twice to signal stations are done for the day.” ~ Lynsey B.

“I used it to switch at our reading rotations. Also to get attention. When we were fully remote, it was my signal to call the kiddos back to the screen.” ~ Bonnie F.

“I use it for small group rotation transitions.” ~ Amelia T.

#5 ~ Clean Up Time

“I use mine for clean up. For anything! They know as soon as they hear the bell, it’s time to clean up and get ready to transition to the next thing.” ~ Melanie A.

“Clean up time.” ~ Jennifer P.

#6 ~ Transitions

“Transitions while teaching virtually.” ~ Jadah J.

“Yes center changing, timer, cleanup, etc.” ~ Willow B.

Way #7 ~ Freeze Button

“I use it as a freeze button. It saves my voice when I need them to stop what they are doing right away.” ~ Tiffany K-J.

“Love it. I ring it they freeze.” ~ Sheila G.

“I use mine to teach them to freeze and pay attention.” ~ Wendy O.

# 8 ~ A Guest Has Arrived

“Yes! Letting me know someone is actually at the door so no one is standing around forever.” ~ Desirae H.

“As a doorbell. ?” ~ Monica M. 

“Yes! We have to keep our doors shut at all times. I can always hear someone wanting in.” ~ Kirsten B-D.

#9 ~ A Ring to Start the Day

“Quiet signal and a signal to rotate. My kids also know when I right it right away in the morning it is time for the Pledge.” ~ Geena C.

Way #10 ~ To Line Up

“Yes. I use it for transitions from carpet to desk and vice versa. Also for lining up.” ~ Danielle M.

#11 ~ For Adults

“I do, but it’s for my cohort teacher and me to alert one another when we’re ready to switch classrooms.” ~ Erin A.

#12 ~ Change Up the Ring Tones

“Totally agree-best money ever spent. Make sure you get one with many rings to change it up. Otherwise, it becomes white noise after a while. I tell my students that when they hear it they must stop everything immediately and find me with their eyes. They love it!!!” ~ Sue H-J.

Way #13 ~ Noise Level Monitor

“I use one for noise level/re-focus. Once the bell is rung students need to stop what they’re doing, freeze and give me 5 (that is our school’s way of getting students’ attention; raise one hand up and have their eyes on the speaker and lips closed).” ~ Kathryn C.

#14 ~ Time to Get to Work

“I use mine during literacy centers. When they hear it the first time they know voices off and get to work. The second time, after 20 minutes, they know it’s time to switch and go to the next center.” ~ Shelby J.

#15 ~ To Get Into Class

“Our door has to stay locked so when they come back from the library, they ring the doorbell.” ~ Sharon U.

Way #16 ~ To Help the Substitute

“I used to have one just for subs and my aide to use as an attention-getter.” ~ Melissa H.

#17 ~ Multiple Ring Tones

“I use mine as an attention-getting signal. I also use a different tone to signal when to switch centers.” ~ Lisa B.

“I love that there are so many different ring tones I can use. I have one for lining up, getting students’ attention, when a guest needs to enter the classroom, etc. I also like to keep the kiddos on their toes and change up the rings. It helps to keep their attention. ?” ~ Brittany S.


I really love my wireless doorbell and hope that you gained some Ways to Use a Doorbell in your Class from the ideas given above. If you own a doorbell and have some other ways you would like to share, please post them in the comments below. ?

Written by: Janessa Fletcher

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