Activities to Celebrate 100 Days of School

January 4, 2021 by

This school year has been one for the books! I am very excited to celebrate 100 Days of School with my students. Whether you are teaching via virtual learning or in the classroom, completing 100 days is a fantastic milestone for this school year. Here are some of my favorite activities to celebrate 100 days of school… And don’t forget to grab the FREEBIE at the bottom. 😉

Activity #1 — 100 Days Smarter Crowns

Students get to decorate a crown, as they write their name and count by tens along the sentence strip. You can guarantee that this year I will be making a crown of my own to celebrate making it 100 days through virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face instruction! 😉







#2 — 100th Day Necklace

Who doesn’t love mixing snacks with counting?! Students get to first count out their fruit loops into groups of ten on a 10-frame. They then string those groups of 10 onto a necklace, separate each ten group with counting by tens cards. My students are always very proud to wear their necklaces homes.






#3 — I am 100 Years Old

I like to pair this activity with dressing up and writing about it. Our whole school dresses up as centurions. The glasses, canes, and gray hair are absolutely adorable. During writing block, the kiddos write about what they think they will be doing at 100 years. The responses are great, and the pictures are even better. 🤣

“There are apps that make you old – hilarious! I use AgingBooth.” ~ Jillian A.





Activity #4 — Find 100 in the Room

“I use round stickers and number them to 100 and then stick them on the bottom of Hershey’s kisses. Hide them around the room (usually during lunch or when kids are at specials), then I lay out a big 100 chart. The kids are instructed to find one at a time. Every time they find one, they bring it to the 100 chart and match the number on the sticker to the number on the chart, and put the kiss on the corresponding number. They know they are done when the chart is full. We use them as a treat when we are done. I have also done where they each find 4 (or an appropriate number for class size) and return to the circle, then I call out numbers in order and the student with that kiss adds it to the chart.” ~ Billi S.

#5 — 100 Exercises

I like to mix things up on the 100th day, so we also go outside and do 100 exercises in groups of 10. It helps to get their energy out and they have lots of fun trying out the different exercises.

#6 — 100 Penny Stack

This is one that my students LOVE! They feel like they have so much money once they complete the activity. Simply have each student bring in a bag with 100 pennies (and their name on it, so they can also take it home at the end of the day). Students put the pennies in stacks of 10 and place them on the template. I also have them practice counting by tens after they’ve stacked all 100 pennies.





Activity #7 — 100 Day T-Shirts

“We made 100-day shirts last year. Students brought a white t-shirt and they put 100 paint dots on them. I found paint daubers on Amazon. Then they wore them on the 100th day.” ~ Karen S.

#8 — 10 x 10 Snack Mix

“10×10 snack mix! Students make their own “trail mix” by counting out 10 of each item…pretzels, goldfish, Cheerios, m&ms, etc. They love it!” ~ Rachel W.

#9 — Build with 100 Objects

“Build with 100 objects- Lego, cups, Unifix cubes, playing cards, cups, etc…” ~ Teresa D.

Activity #10 — 100 Day Family Project

“100-day project. As a family fun homework project. Students have glued pennies or cereal onto poster board or t-shirt or bagged 10 groups of 10 of the same items. The students choose.” ~ Alysia D.

#11 — Read 100 Books

“We read 100 books. I put out leveled readers. Every time they read a book they get a colored square of paper and write their name and title of the book on it. (Sometimes I help the strugglers with writing the title). Then we glue it onto a grid… the papers are different colors so it turns out to look like a quilt. Then we display it in the hall. It’s always a big hit.” ~ Anita P.

#12 — Roll to 100 Game

Students can practice their addition skills while they roll a die, add the numbers, and color forward to 100. As an extension activity, you could have your students subtract from 100 and go the opposite way on the chart.







Activity #13 — 100 Ditalini Necklaces

“We make Ditalini necklaces. I color some with blue food coloring and some with red. I cut yarn long enough for long necklaces… and wax one end, then I tie a knot on the other end. Then with the kids, we string on 4 plain Ditalini… then one blue. 4 plain Ditalini then 1 red. 4 plain, 1 blue, 4 plain, 1 red. The blues are counting by 5’s. The reds by 10’s. We do the stringing together and count by 5’s after we put on a red. As we get further along… I have the kids figure out how many more to get to 100.” ~ Joi S.

Many of these activities you can find in our 100th Day of School Activities bundle. If there are any Activities to Celebrate 100 Days of School that you use in your classroom, please share them in the comments below. 👇🏼 I would love to add more to my 100th-day folder! And as an added BONUS, please grab this FREEBIE from our 100 Days of School Activities bundle!

Written by: Janessa Fletcher

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