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Inspiring Teacher Stories: I Became A Teacher Because…

January 9, 2021 by Brittany Coleman

Teachers inspire our youth on a daily basis. They live to ignite a love of learning and foster an exploration of subjects. But what inspires our teachers? Why did they become teachers?

Can you believe that 2020 is finally over? Man has it been one crazy whirlwind of a year, to say the least. It has been hard on everyone, but teachers especially have been thrown into the unknown. You have had to figure out virtual learning, distance learning, overcome Covid scares, and frustrations. Through it all sometimes it’s been hard to keep going and push past the thought of giving up.  However, we all decided to teach for some reason or another. So I’ve put together a few of your reasons why you became a teacher! May this be a reminder, a source of encouragement, and also a laugh. Something to keep us all going into the new year!

I became a teacher because…

“I wanted to be an entertainer! Captive audience every day for 35 years!”

-Vicky Moore


“ was a calling. I volunteered at an elementary school when I was 18 and since that time, I have felt like I was doing the job I was meant to do. I hang on to this on the “tough days”… and this year there have been MANY.”

-Amber Pelton


“I became a teacher because I love seeing the world through kids’ eyes.”
-Lorrie Barclay


“… it’s all I ever wanted to do.”

-Renee Bowman


“I loved music, math, art, and kids. Elementary allows me to do it all!”

-Ariel Miller


“My calling came in my 30’s during the high point in my IT career. It was something that couldn’t be ignored. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

-Magen Lea


“I wanted to love all of the lost and hurting children. I wanted to help heal their hearts.”
-Lora Marion


“I was a substitute teacher to make ends meet- and the kids I was subbing for (middle and high school) didn’t think they had adults in their lives that they could talk to.”

-Natalie Hayes


“It was the only major that didn’t require a foreign language. 😁 But, all kidding aside, it was the path I was meant to take!”
-Brittni Rudolph


“I truly enjoy working with children and love watching them grow academically, socially, and emotionally every day!”

-Janessa Bailey-Fletcher


“I love to share and it’s exciting when I see the “lightbulb” moments in my kids!”

-Shannon Beckles-Rahming


“I wanted to be the caring and patient teacher I never had as a small child.”

-Beverly Wagner

“I love and care about kids. I want them to love school as much as I did. There were awesome teachers who believed in me and I want to pay it forward.”
-Brown Linda


“I wanted summers off.”

-Monica Maravilla


“The innocence and wonder of a young child make the drama and nonsense of the real world melt away for a little while. The best days are when I forget about the curriculum and pressure from outside sources for a little bit, close the door, and do something fun to spend quality time with my kids. ❤️

-Christine Marie

There are so many reasons why we became teachers! So many inspiring teacher stories we hold on to and continue with when teaching becomes hard. Having overcome so many struggles, errors, failures, and more! But through it all, we are making a difference in these kid’s lives, and they are making a difference in ours! So hang in their teachers, never forget WHY you became one.

Please continue this thread of inspiration and share why you became a teacher in the comments below.

Written by: Brittany Coleman

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