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25 Items For Any Teacher Who is Type A

February 25, 2021 by Janessa Fletcher

Sticky notes cover my desk. I have lists everywhere that I am constantly checking and crossing off or adding items to. My calendar is color-coded based on kids’ activities, appointments, and other events. I love organizing paperwork into notebooks. I guess you could say I’m Type A. (just a little bit 😂) And I haven’t even started on how I stay organized in my classroom…

File folders hold papers for the week. Sticky notes tell me what day and subject a set of papers are for. Our daily schedule is meticulously planned. Shelves are labeled for easy clean up (and to make sure everything gets put back where it is supposed to go.😉) Does any of this sound familiar? If you are a Type A Teacher like me, you will appreciate this list of 25 Items For Any Teacher Who is Type A.

Item #1: Rolling Cart with Bins for Organiztion

“My Monday-Friday cart. Deep bins for every day of the week where I put the stuff I’ll need for each day. I bought it years ago and I’d be lost without it!!”

#2: Daily Book Bins for Type A Teachers

I organize my copies for the week in book bins. One for each day of the week. Every paper has a sticky note on it, letting me know what subject that particular worksheet is for.

#3: Exceptional Stapler

Type A teachers can’t stand when the stapler jams. This stapler has to be able to staple things into walls, as well as packets of paper. And this one has a staple remover on the back of it. 😍

Item #4: Flair Pens or Sharpies

I have to be able to color-code my notes during PDs, in my lesson plans, and calendar. Depending on your preference… are you a Flair Pens or Sharpie person?

#5: A Drink to Calm Our Nerves

Whether it be diet coke, coffee, iced tea, wine, mountain dew, or something a bit stronger, we all need a little beverage to “take the edge off” every once in a while. It’s a hard job being super organized and on top of everything all of the time. 😂☕️🍷🍹😂

#6: Post-It Notes

No explanation for this one necessary… 😉

Item #7: Planner to Stay Organized

There is nothing a Type A teacher craves more than their planner. I have one for school-related events and another for home.

#8: Type B Teacher Buddies

“Their type B teacher buddies like me to remind them to just let it go.😁 ~ Renee E. 

“My type B teammates to talk me off the ledge.😂” ~ Laura M.

#9: Essential Oils

For those of us who don’t use a nice cold drink to unwind, maybe some essential oils help to ease the stress of constantly being organized and ready for anything.

Item #10: Binders for Type A Teachers

We all need extra binders lying around, just in case we feel like “I need to organize this into a binder…”.

#11: Containers to Sort Centers

Besides having containers for weekly printable materials, we also like having our math and literacy centers sorted by weeks and months. These containers work really well, and they stack so nicely that we save room in our already cramped classroom closets and cupboards.

#12: Chocolate!!!

“A secret stash of chocolate in my desk!” ~ Jennifer A.

Item #13: Meditation Videos

We use these videos in class before teaching a stressful subject (like math… 😬), or at home when things get just a little too much to handle.


#14: Paper for our Organized Lists

You won’t find a Type A person who doesn’t have lists written everywhere. We pride ourselves on creating lists and get super excited when we can cross items off of the lists. 🥰

#15: Bins and Tubs for EVERY Item

“I live by the rule that “everything has a home.” If you don’t use it within a few months, you don’t need it. I stick to a black and white color pallet because too many colors seem busy and messy to me. Invest in Tupperware and storage containers to stay organized. Reorganize and go through things on teacher workdays so nothing “builds up” or starts getting messy.” ~ Jordan P.

Item #16: Erasable Pens

What?!!! Where has this invention been all of our lives?! I cringe when I make a mistake with my pens, and almost feel a compulsion to start my notes all over again. But now, it’s no sweat with these erasable pens!

#17: Daily Routine

We like to be prepared for anything and everything, so our daily routine is very important to Type A teachers. If you are looking for a way to really stress us out, throw a monkey wrench in our day… flexibility is definitely not our strength. LOL

#18: Apple Watch

“Never miss another speech/ reading intervention/ ELD session again! Also great for timers during small group learning.” ~ Priscilla W.

Item #19: Being Early

Using the watch above, you will never be late to another event. Actually, we like being early to things. It really stresses me out when my husband casually gets ready to leave the house, while I am sitting in the car, waiting to leave. ⌚️(I always want to shout “Let’s go… we’re going to be LATE!”) LOL

#20: Paperclips

Of course, we need paperclips! How else are we going to keep important papers together if they aren’t in a binder. LOL These are my favorite, and I bet you can guess why… the nifty organizer they come in. 😉

#21: Page Protectors

Besides organizing all of our papers into binders, we want to ensure that they don’t rip or get smudged. So a nice large pack of page protectors helps solve those problems. We also use them to help keep our literacy and math center activities nice and clean.

Item #22: Dry Erase Markers

We use dry erase markers to teach with as well as in all of our center activities. Unfortunately, it makes our skin crawl when caps are left off of the markers, or they are pushed down into the marker shaft.

#23: Stickers

I love handing stickers out to my students, or on their papers as positive reinforcement. And of course, they are my personal favorite… smelly stickers. 😍

#24: Document Camera or ELMO

I honestly have to say that I would have not made it through distance learning without my document camera! It is truly a great piece of technology.

Item #25: Chart Paper for Type A Teachers

What’s better than chart paper for your anchor and procedure charts?! Chart paper that is a post-it note!


Here are 25 of my favorite items for any teacher who is Type A. If you are like me and have some organizational tips, please share them in the comments below. Or, if you have some Type A teacher items you recommend, please share those as well.

Written by: Janessa Fletcher

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