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12 CVC Activities to Get Your Students Reading

March 31, 2021 by Suzanne Kelley

So your students now recognize their letters and associate these letters with their individual sounds (phonemic awareness). And, they are beginning to grasp that sounds can go together to make words. As a teacher, you are ready to launch your kiddos into the world of reading. But if you are anything like myself and other teachers, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the choices of what to teach next. There are so many CVC activities!

Teaching with CVC activities can be a great launching pad to get your students reading, and I have done some of the activity searching for you! I have put together a quick list of 12  CVC activities that you can start TODAY to get your students reading!

Engaging  CVC Activities…

  • Missing Sounds is a simple activity that you can do on your whiteboard for small or whole groups. Write several CVC words on the whiteboard, and for each one, leave off a beginning, middle, or ending sound. As you say each sound, have students tell you which letter is missing. For example, write c__t on the whiteboard. As you sound out each letter, students respond by giving you the missing ‘a’.
  • CVC Puzzles and CVC Puzzles Center–are part of ETTC’s First Grade Centers Bundle. Students will build words, put sound pieces together to make words, and write words they create.
  • CVC Playdoh–using playdoh to build given CVC words connects so many of the students’ senses; touch, smell, hearing, and visual are combined to build the words.

  • Digital Word Cards-Your students will love building words to match kid-friendly pictures as they practice their CVC words digitally! And, each one can be self-checked as students move the box to reveal the correct answer. These cards go beyond CVC words so that your high fliers will enjoy working on CVCC, CVCE, digraphs, blends, and so much more!

Great CVC Activities for Centers or Small Groups…

  • CVC with Magnetic Letters–Drag out those cookie sheets and lowercase magnetic letters to create a perfect word work station. The kiddos will enjoy this activity of building CVC words to match cards or pictures.

  • Short and Long Vowels Bundle-includes handwriting practice, word practice with letterboxes, interactive notebooks with word sorting, simple sentence fluency, and so much more. This bundle is a fantastic supplement to your phonics lessons!

  • CVC with Letter Stamps–If you have a set of letter stamps designed for either using in playdoh or using ink pads, you are already set for this activity. Once again, combining movement and their senses, this activity can be done as a small group or a word work station. Students build words either in mounds of playdoh or on pieces of paper.

  • CVC Teaching Videos–My students love anything taught through a YouTube video, and I love seeing them enjoy work activities while moving. Jack Hartmann is the man for all things CVC!
  • CVC Flipbook Activities–Make and Take activities are fun and engaging while teaching students to read words. On a large rectangle piece of construction paper, your students can write the rime, and then on several small pieces of paper, they can write the onset. Stack the small pieces and staple them onto the large rectangle, and boom, the kiddos will have their own CVC flipbook!

  • CVC Word Work Printable Pack-includes 130 dot art with blending activities, 12 spin and write word practice sheets, and 17 cut and paste word practice sheets. This pack is also available as part of a Word Work Bundle that will take your students beyond CVC words!

And a couple more CVC Activities…

  • CVC Fluency Passages-includes phonics-based fluency passages, comprehension questions, and a recording graph. Once your students have mastered building and reading individual CVC words, they are ready for the next step of putting what they know into practice by reading passages.

  • CVC Bingo-Using blank bingo boards, you can write CVC words in each square. Don’t forget the free space in the middle! For extra reading incentives, we sometimes use Smarties as our bingo markers. This is a win-win. It is a fun activity that gets my students reading!

I have only provided you with 12 of the best CVC activities to get your students reading. I encourage you to search CVC activities on the ETTCs website as you will find so many more engaging activities. You will love watching your students blend sounds as they begin creating and reading words. Your students will do these activities and grow as readers right before your eyes!

Written by:  Suzanne Kelley

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