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When Our Students School Us — Amazing Things We Can Learn From Kids

March 26, 2021 by Janessa Fletcher

We are always hearing amazing things we can learn from kids. I, every single day, leave school slightly smarter thanks to my primary students. Whether they are sharing their truths, some true facts, or some pretty thought-out perceptions, I can’t help but smile. Over 30 years, I have truly learned a lot! We reached out to other teachers to see what their kiddos are teaching them and the results are AMAZING! Here are some great ones right from the mouths of babes:

If we were all patient with each other, things could be okay. 

Teaching is easy! I teach my dog tricks all the time. It’s the same thing.

If you have a girlfriend, it will help the environment get better and help with pollution.

Gorillas pick their nose because they don’t have kleenex and they don’t wear shirts so they don’t have sleeves. 

Amazing Things We Can Learn from Kids #1 – Gorillas are Nose Pickers 🤧

Forgiveness is easy if you want to have someone to play recess with.

If I wear socks, I always have something to play with.

Abraham Lincoln must have really liked ham because his name has ham in it.

If God wanted us to do math, he would have made math books himself.

Mom says that underwear is a choice.

If you cover your ears when you hum, it vibrates differently than if you just hum.

If I tell her she is nice, she will share gum with me on the bus. So I just tell her what she wants because I like gum.

Amazing Things We Can Learn from Kids #2 – Being Nice Gets you Gum 😊

Getting married is a mistake cause you have to share your dessert. 

People shouldn’t say bad words cause their grandmas might put soap in their mouth.

If you put a marble up your nose, you can’t breathe good. 

Dog food tastes bad. 

If you wear your pants to bed, you don’t have to get pants on for school.

If you had saved all your pennies when you were a kid, you would be so rich cause you are old. 

Amazing Things We Can Learn from Kids #3 – I Wish I had Saved my Pennies 💰

 Being kind doesn’t hurt but, it is hard work. 

If you pee on yourself a little, it is ok and you don’t have to change. 

The President can fire all of the teachers and we won’t have to come to this dumb school. 

Babysitters are expensive. They get like 500 dollars an hour. 

If you touch something that is hot, you get burned but you still touch it the next time.

Boys can run faster than cars if they just keep trying. 

If you lick your eraser, it makes black marks on your paper, and then you don’t need a black crayon. 

Hair grows back after a haircut but you have less to comb if you’re bald. My mom won’t let me be bald. My ears are too big.

Amazing Things We Can Learn from Kids #4 – Never Cut Your Hair Too Short 💇‍♂️

Sometimes your tummy hurts cause you have to poop. 

If you can’t say anything nice, keep talking until you do. 

Treat others nice so they will give you things.

If you aren’t really reading, make sure you don’t hold the book upside down and don’t turn the pages too fast. 

If you get hot, flap your arms really fast to make your own fan. 

M&Ms are good off the floor but not green beans. 

Always say you like your present even if it is cheap. 

Dogs don’t like broccoli, but you can feed them your fries. 

If you flush fish, they get to Heaven real fast. 

And lastly, grandmas are smarter than teachers but not moms and dads. Grandma teachers are the smartest.

Amazing Things We Can Learn from Kids #5 – Grandma Teachers are the Smartest 🤓

Kids do say the darndest things; usually loud and in the middle of the lesson but gosh, they are funny! Isn’t it amazing all of the things we can learn from kids?! We at ETTC hope you read some things in this blog that made you smile and brought to mind some of the things your kiddos are teaching you daily. Some of their ‘truths’ ring true but we can’t help but wonder where they get some of this information. 

If you have any amazing things we can learn from kids, please drop those pearls of wisdom in the comments below.

Written by: Suzanne Kelley

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