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16 Fabulous Father’s Day Crafts

June 11, 2021 by Heather Wagoner

Let’s be honest, Father’s day gets forgotten when it comes to school crafts. At the end of the year, we are rushing to test, clean, pack up, and say our goodbyes. Father’s day gets lost in translation, but not on purpose. There have been many years I realized we’d forgotten to celebrate dads like we did moms. So whether you’re still in school or on break already, we’ve got 16 Fabulous Father’s Day Crafts to help make dad’s day EXTRA special. (By the way, it’s on JUNE 20TH.😉) 

We know family dynamics vary, so these crafts can be modified for any person in a student or child’s life. Our goal is to celebrate the love that is poured into their cups day in and day out. My personal favorites are #1, #7, #9 and #13, so be sure to give them a look!

Craft 1- Galaxy Art

Simple, yet adorable. Grab some black construction paper, white crayons, and star stickers (like these). Write the person’s name with the white crayon on the black paper. Then let the child add the star stickers on the letter points (or wherever they want) to make the word resemble a constellation. Finish it off with the saying, “To the best _____ in the galaxy, I love you!” 

2- Finger Paint Card 

This one can be a little tricky BUT can yield the cutest result! You’ll need some strong white paper (think cardstock), painter’s tape, and finger paints. On the paper, tape out the word they want to use like DAD, Grandpa, PAPA, etc. Then, let them finger paint over the entire paper. Once it dries, CAREFULLY pull up the tape. Put it in a frame and BOOM, amazing handmade gift!

3- Fin-tastic Dad!

If dad is into fishing, then this idea is for you! Using the kid’s painted hand, make a handprint horizontally on a piece of paper. Once it dries, add an eye, mouth, fins, and any other designs. Finish it off with “You’re one Fin-tastic Dad!” or “You’re o-fish-ally the best!”

Craft 4- Sharpie Mug 

I don’t know about the significant other in your life, but mine uses ONE coffee mug. (Two if you count his Auburn one he uses on game day. WAR EAGLE!) Why not have the kids make dad a new mug (so mom can wash the others, finally.) Click the link to see how puts it together!

5- Candy Tie

Ties are a pain in the butt. However, making this paper one and filling it with dad’s favorite candy will be a sweet surprise! Natural Beach Living shared this idea and I am here for it! Cut out the tie design, let the kids write on the back, do some fancy work with a hot glue gun and sheet protectors…and there you go! (It’s a little more complicated than that but her pictures and directions are great.)

6- Sharpie Golf Balls

Golf. I’m not into it. I’ve tried but it’s not for me and that’s okay! If the important person in your student’s life is into golf then this idea is GREAT! Grab some balls (golf balls…geez) and some brightly colored sharpies. Let the kids go crazy decorating the golf balls in fun designs. Think about this too, the golf balls might be easier to spot if they’re hit somewhere undesirable (not saying their golf game is poor).

Craft 7- Star Wars Handprint Cards

“Yoda best dad, you are!” 

“We chewie love you!” 

“You R2 Cool Dad!”

If your family LOVES Star Wars, search Star Wars Handprint Cards on Pinterest. The results are “out of this world”!🚀🌌 My personal favorites are the Yoda and Chewie cards! I know one daddy that would FLIP over a card like this!

8- Shrinky Dinks Keychains

Ever heard of Shrinky Dinks? You draw on the special paper, punch a hole, bake in the oven, add a ring, and TA-DA! Keychain for dad! I love this idea because as kids grow, dad (or whomever they make them for) has a unique keepsake. You can have the kids put their handprints on them, draw a picture for dad, or even write a little note!

9- A Donut for Dad 

A Cupcake for the Teacher has this delicious Donut for Dad craft! Print out the donut pattern on colored paper (or let the child color it). Then add the “sprinkle” adjectives to the top! Pair it with a dozen actual donuts and you’ve got one sweet surprise for him!

Craft 10- Father’s Day Flip Book 

You’ll FLIP for the activity from The Barefoot Teacher! See what I did there?😜 Her flipbook has options for “dad,” “uncle,” and “grandpa.” The tabs focus on their favorites, dislikes, dreams, a portrait, and an “I love you!” page. 

11- iDad

Stephanie Stewart on TpT has this totally awesome tech design for a Father’s Day craft! Students/children create the “adjective apps” and write about them on the inside. She has two options, “iDad” and “iHeartYou”, perfect for anyone you’re celebrating!

12- Digital Father’s Day 

Need a paperless idea for Father’s day? Be sure to check out this Digital Father’s Day activity compatible with Google Slides. Slide contents include; all about, your favorite, pictures of us, things you say, design a tie, breakfast in bed, an acrostic poem, and MORE! 

Craft 13- Tool Box for Dad 

Shh!🤫 Don’t tell my husband, this is his Father’s Day gift. Build a toolbox for dad with little messages, coupons, and memories from the kids! My 2-year-old had me rolling with some of the things she said! According to my 5-year-old, his daddy’s favorite phrase is, “clean up.” 😂

14- Super Dad Craft 

This SUPER craft gets students writing about their special person and disguising it, “Clark Kent” style. Got a DC lover in the house? Go check out her preview to see the different pieces included!

15- Briefcase for Dad 

I love searching TpT for crafts! There are so many talented educators out there. I appreciate everyone sharing their ideas! This briefcase craft is a neat idea and comes with 5 creative writing pages for “honest” descriptions of dad (or another special family member). The “honest” descriptions kids give are always the BEST!

Craft 16- Digital Father’s Day Activity 

“I lava you a lot!” How precious is that? This craft is print and go but allows students the opportunity to make it their own! The digital version includes Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Seesaw options! 

Save your favorites, mark your calendar (JUNE 20TH), and create some MEMORABLE crafts with your students/children for Father’s Day! Any other crafts we should add? Let us know in the comments below! ⬇️


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