10 Ideas for Teachers to Recharge and Relax this Summer


It’s been a LONG and exhausting year and summer is finally here! Summertime is YOUR time to recharge and relax. Be sure to take advantage of these summer months as an opportunity for self-care. Indulge in some YOU time, make time for things that you love, or find a new passion. So, to make the most of these summer months in order to ensure you are recharged, relaxed, and ready to head back to school in the fall, here are some ideas for teachers to relax this summer.

Relaxing Idea 1 – Read a Book

Seriously! You have TIME to read now! When I settle down with a good book over the summer, I almost have to pinch myself. Is this really happening?!? Do I really have time to read a book from cover to cover? I sometimes feel a little guilty taking this time for myself. Then, I have to remind myself, this is good for the soul, and a much-needed break. Trust me, you DESERVE some book time this summer. Be sure to check out the FANTASTIC summer book suggestions from ETTC.  Consider starting a reading journal to keep track of the books you read. How fun to combine journaling and reading – two favorites!

2 – Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relax and unwind and many yoga studios offer a teacher discount or a summer special. Be sure to ask! There are also many yogas videos on YouTube that you can try from home. Just search for beginner, intermediate, advanced, morning routine, before bed routine, and so on. Really, there is at least one video for just about anything you can think of. So, grab your yoga mat and get started.

3 – Call a Friend

During the school year, you are constantly talking and sharing stories with the teacher across the hall, next door, or your teacher team. Don’t forget to stay connected with teacher friends, old friends, or new friends this summer. Call a friend to chat or go to lunch with a friend. Be sure to stay connected with others that will lift your spirits and help you laugh this summer while relaxing.

Relaxing Idea 4 – Organize and Declutter

I know this one doesn’t sound like much fun, but chances are it will make you feel really ACCOMPLISHED when you are finished. I never have time during the school year to organize or declutter. Honestly, I have a room in the basement, where everything seems to get dumped all year. Then, in the summer, I have to dive in and clean and organize that room. Anyone else?

Be sure to pencil in some organization time in your planner.  There’s something about having a schedule for organizing that actually makes me tackle the job. Consider tackling one small task each day. For example, organize the laundry room, clean out the junk drawer, organize one cabinet per day. Start small, do a little each day, and it all adds up! You might even make time during the summer to organize your classroom. This is a great time to get all of those literacy centers organized and ready for the year. Ahh! What a great feeling to have those prepped and ready to go when back to school time rolls around.

5 – Browse the Stores

Yes, seriously, just browse and buy nothing! It’s hard to find time during the school year to just wander through a store aimlessly and take it all in. Make a list of some favorite book stores, boutiques, or shops that you have been wanting to check out. Of course, buying a little something is always fun too, but if you’re trying to save money, just browse and check things out. You could also check out your local dollar tree for some great finds. Some great suggestions can be found by reading 35 Dollar Store Ideas for Teachers.

6 – Walk or Exercise with a Friend

Take some time to get MOVING in order to recharge! Grab a friend and it’s even more fun. There are also some nice fitness apps to track your progress and keep you motivated throughout the summer. A helpful one to start with is Map My Walk by Under Armour. If you are someone that exercises regularly, find new opportunities for exercise that you don’t have time for during the school year. If you never have time to exercise during the school year, start with just a few strolls around the block, and invite a neighbor.

Relaxing Idea 7 – Bake or Cook

Bake or cook some new yummy treats or meals, then enjoy and share with your neighbors and friends! Summer is the perfect time to try out some new recipes or new baking supplies.  If you find a recipe you like, take some to a nearby friend or neighbor. It’s a fantastic way to chat and connect over the summer.

8 – Movie Night

Plan a movie night OUT or a movie night IN. Either way is a great option! Invite friends or families, or even watch a movie solo. Snuggle up with your favorite blanket, some delicious snacks, and enjoy! My favorite thing to do in the summer is to watch some of the classic movies that I haven’t watched since I was a teenager. Do you have teenagers of your own now? It’s a great time to share these movies with them too! If you have littles, making some time for a “grown-up” movie is a wonderful treat!

9 – Get Creative

Sometimes I have to let my mind wander to figure out what I want to create. However, to be honest, sitting, doing nothing, and letting our minds wander can seem really strange, right? We are always on the GO during the school year. For me, sitting outside and listening to nature usually gets some creative sparks flying. Be sure to have a pencil and paper nearby to write down any creative ideas that come to mind.

Some suggestions are to try diamond painting, learn how to crochet, sketch, journal, paint, even make a teacher craft for your classroom! Organize a paint and sip party, or a teacher work party. A teacher work party might not sound like fun, but trust me, with some drinks and teacher chat, even prepping and organizing centers or file folder games can get your creative mind going and can be FUN! So, consider organizing a teacher work (and chat) party this summer to prep TOGETHER for the next school year.

Relaxing Idea 10 – Make a List and a Plan

I saved this one for the last, but really it is SO important!! Whatever you decide to do to relax and recharge, be sure to make a LIST! I have a list of summer adventures, summer to-do’s, summer books, and more. Making a list ensures that I won’t run out of ideas or think, now what? I know there is always something on my list that can either keep me busy, help me relax, or connect me with friends. So, make a list and get started!

Keep a healthy balance this summer of work and play, and you will be rested, recharged, and ready to go this fall! Don’t feel guilty about making time for self-care and YOU time this summer. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty glass. So, make sure you are refilling that glass this summer so you’re ready for your new class of littles this fall! And if you have any great ideas for teachers to relax over the summer, please share them in the comments below.

Written By – Sarah Cason

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