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Everything You Need to Know About Data Binders

July 8, 2021 by Suzanne Kelley

As you know, Data Binders and data tracking are a big part of teaching. Plus, we often must give assessments that are not suitable for their skills. And, keeping up with all of the academic and social-emotional data can be a challenge!!! Because we understand your struggles, we have some fixes for all of these issues included in this blog!

Be sure to read through this entire blog! Why?  Because we will share an easy way to access and track your data during your groups, and we include TWO FREEBIES!

Pointers for Data Binders

First, having 1:1 time set aside for some data could be when you focus on the student reading independently on their level.  Check out ETTC’s blog on Managing and Tracking Reading Fluency.

Next, ETTC’s blog on Self-Monitoring is another excellent resource!  This blog gives an overview of incorporating self-monitoring into your classroom and providing some tools for you to use.

Self-Monitoring Behavior Tools for Students


Finally, the use of a checklist could be a life-saver as well as a time-saver!  Below are several of ETTC’s products that include ready-to-use inventories. Just Print and Go!  And, these products can align with any of your reading and math goals and your common core standards!





You will be so excited to use these  Data Tracking Books with your students because it will be nice to assess their skills and what they have learned in class.  Plus, the data collected will be an accurate representation of what your students know.  Below are suggestions for what you will want to set up in your student data binders, along with a list of items you will want in your Teacher and Sub Binders. Don’t forget to grab your FREEBIE below!

Student Data Binders

In All Binders

  • Self-monitoring Sheets
  • Teacher-monitoring Sheets

Being organized will help you to track and monitor fluency throughout the year. Have a separate binder with all your fluency materials and tracking data so it's all in one place.

  • Accommodation Sheets
  • IEP Goals and Objectives/Personal Goals
  • Progress Monitoring and Benchmarking
  • Response to Intervention (RTI)

In All K-2nd Binders

  • Self Portrait at BOY (beginning of the year) and EOY (end of the year)
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Student First and Last Name

  • Recognize, Name, and Write Upper and Lowercase Alphabet
  • Letter Sounds
  • Phonemic Awareness Sheets including segmenting, deleting sound, substituting sounds, rhyming, beginning sounds, medial sounds, and ending sounds

And More

  • Reading and Writing Short Sentences
  • Sight Words/Color Words/CVC Words
  • Recognizing, Naming, and Writing Numbers
  • Simple Addition and Subtraction to 10

Teacher and Sub Data Binders

We have included a link above to the Caffeine Queen, who has a great freebie to share with you! Click on Teacher and Sub Data Binders or Caffeine Queen!

  • Class Info:  Room number, Assistant(s) Names and Numbers, Schedule, and Specials
  • Class Procedures
  • Student Roster and Seating Arrangement

Student Info

  • Allergies and Medications
  • Supports and Accommodations
  • RTI (response to intervention) Forms
  • any information specific to the student (likes, dislikes, motivators, and intervention plans)
  • Parent Contact information, including email and phone

And Don’t Forget

  • Contact list for School Personnel
  • Teacher Passwords and User Names
  • Student Passwords and User Names
  • Parent Communication Forms
  • Pockets for Attendance and Lunch Count Sheets
  • School Year Calendar
  • Curriculum Map
  • Common Core and State Standards Cheat Sheets
  • Observation Forms
  • Data Forms
  • And lastly, Protocols in Case of Fire, Tornado, and Lockdowns

Personal Favorite Addition to My Data Binder: ETTC Core Binder (Classroom Organizers and Resources for Education)

We include math and ELA activities and resources. Also included are calendars and calendar activities, along with daily math and ELA work. And, this binder is also full of great student resources for math and literacy with number charts, sound walls, and editable sight word charts or personal dictionaries.  Add in the data resources above and done!

Creating my data binder and this Core Binder together has been an enormous time-saver because now I have one central location for all kinds of standards-aligned activities, self-monitoring assessments, and student resources. Plus, the kids know where to find it all! I would highly recommend putting this on your list of easy things you can prep now for fall.

Prepping data binders now with these helpful tips should get you started on your way to a great new school year. ETTC plans on updating our data binders shortly to include more goodies, and we will continue to steer you in the right direction on your data collection! Hey, don’t forget to read those linked blogs and snag your freebies!

Written by – Suzanne Kelley

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