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Kindergarten Teacher Must-Haves

August 9, 2021 by Korryna Sanchez

So much prep goes into creating a great learning space. 

There are countless things a teacher has to remember to make the school year flow smoothly.

As teachers start getting ready for school we decided to try and make these last few weeks of summer as seamless as possible. 

We understand that prepping for school is difficult.

And, we know it is extra hard to prep a Kindergarten classroom.

We compiled a list of all kindergarten teacher must-haves you need to make prepping for school as easy as possible.

Kindergarten Must Have Resources 

These are some resources that we think will help make your school year run smoothly and save you some serious time. Things like the CORE Binder that you can use every day and resources to introduce letters and numbers to your students. 

  • CORE Binder – This is a resource that covers daily activities from classroom routines, math, and ELA.  These Classroom Organizers and Resources for Education also include social and emotional tools because we know teaching isn’t all 123s and ABCs. 
  • 1:1 Math and Literacy Centers – Easy prep centers that can be quickly adapted to virtual learning. 
  • Write the Room Kindergarten Edition Beginning Sounds, Color Words, CVC Words, Digraphs, Ending Sounds, End Marks, Rhyming Words, and Short Vowels.
  • Editable Name Activities Provide engaging names activities for your students with our Editable Names Activities for Kinder and 1st Grade!
  • Sight Word Printables for KindergartenThis is a Sight Word Practice Packet for the First 100 Fry Sight Words (1-100).

Kinder Classroom Supplies  

Getting ready for the school year is hard. How in the world are you supposed to be able to predict all of the things you are going to need for the entire year?  This is a list of things that you can use again and again throughout the year: 

Kindergarten Must-Have T-Shirts 

T-Shirts are always in fashion and knowing that you can wake up every morning and put on one of your many cute graphic T-Shirts and a pair of your comfiest jeans is the only way to make it through a long school year. Here’s a list of the cutest Kindergarten Teacher must-have T-Shirts you can get on Amazon:

Kindergarten Must-Have Books 

Books are magic and sometimes using the beauty of storytelling is the best way to convey your message. This list of books may help you make your students feel a little bit better about this momentous moment in their lives: 


We know that starting the school year can be fun — and stressful. More importantly, we are here to remind you that it is not something you have to do alone. There are places you can go (virtually) to chat with people who are doing what you are doing. Try Facebook groups like the ETTC Fearless Kinder Group or making time to collaborate with your fellow teachers. So join our community today and grab these kindergarten teacher must-haves for a fantastic year! 


Written By – Korryna Sanchez

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