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Second Grade Teacher Must-Haves

August 26, 2021 by Korryna Sanchez

What’s on your must-have list for Second Grade? 

By this time students have had experience writing and reading. They are comprehending things at a higher level and are starting to get their hands on more complicated stories and books. 

This is when your students are really coming into themselves. 

It is exciting to see students learning things from a more factual standpoint and getting to know who they are, not just students, but people. 

Second Grade is BIG and so are your Second Grade Must-Haves!  

Now they know what to expect when they start the school year. 

Maybe, that puts a little bit more pressure on the teachers. Maybe, since there are now expectations from your students. So, things become a little more nerve-wracking. 

Not to worry, Education to the Core has your back and we are here to make sure that those second graders have the best year by giving you the must-haves you need for a successful school year. 


Second Grade Must-Have Resources 

This is a list of resources that are virtually no prep, can be adapted to remote learning, and are fun and engaging.

  • Summer Color by Number: Fun and engaging things for their students to do the first few weeks of school after the summer break.
  • I Have, Who Has: These NEW I Have, Who Has Games are a great way to get your students focused and engaged with practicing new skills or reviewing old ones!
  • 180 Journal Prompts: Get your students’ creative juices flowing with these quick-write journal prompts. 
  • Directed Drawing: Drawing activities are perfect for students to have an opportunity to connect art to writing & other crucial ELA skills.
  • Editable Spelling: A resource that can be used with ANY spelling list! 
  • Debate Passages and Discussion: They’ll be so busy having a blast exchanging passionate arguments & ideas with one another, all while increasing their critical thinking, public speaking, and note-taking skills.
  • Reading Comprehension Passages: There are 120 Digital 2nd Grade Passages total. Each of the 12 months includes 10 themed passages you can assign throughout the year.


Second Grade Classroom Supplies 

At ETTC we know that style and functionality go hand in hand. And neither one of them is more important than the other. Because things have to be cute too, right? This is a list of supplies that are cute, useful, and designed to help you make it through the school year. 


Second Grade Must-Have Books 

Some have said that books are the heart of knowledge. However, we know that teachers are at the heart of knowledge. Nevertheless, books are a door to another world and can help build imagination, confidence, and a great way to take your mind off of things. This is a list of books within the second-grade reading level that are highly rated and well-reviewed. 


Second Grade Teacher T-Shirts 

This is a list of some of the cutest teacher tees for the very best second-grade teachers out there. 


A second-grade school year is long and sometimes difficult. These students are getting older and therefore present a challenge that younger students wouldn’t.  ETTC understands that, and we also understand how special it is to be a second-grade teacher.  We are here for you and dedicated to making things as easy as we can for teachers. 

The Teaching Tiny Humans Course is a free course through ETTC that helps primary teachers navigate those tricky situations at school. You can expect emails with tips, tricks, and ideas for your classroom along with freebies and support from the ETTC team of master teachers. 

There are also active Facebook groups where thousands of teachers come together to support each other DAILY! 

Ask to join the Fearless Second Grade Teachers: Education to the Core group for a 24/7 connection to your fellow second-grade teachers. 

Written by – Korryna Sanchez 

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