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50 Things Teachers Wish Their Schools Had

November 19, 2021 by Korryna Sanchez

“You always want what you can’t have” is a saying I have been hearing since I was a kid. However, I never thought it would be applied to a career in teaching. But here we are writing a blog about 50 things teachers wish their schools had. 

Of course, some of the things on this list are things you would think a school should just have and some of the things are definitely wishful thinking. However, all of them are valid and I think we can all agree that some of the more ludicrous things on this list are the things that we actually wish we had! 

So let’s start throwing our coins in the Trevi Fountain, clicking our heels three times, and wishing upon every star we see to try and manifest some of the things teachers wish their schools had.

Teachers Wish Their School Had… 

1 ~ “Bigger classrooms.” -Sharon T.

2 ~ “A better playground.” -Edna G.

3 ~ “A teacher’s workroom.” -Janet A. 

4 ~  “A nice teachers lounge with a soda and snack machine.” -Laura H. 

5 ~ “A poster maker.” -Jessica B. 

6 ~ “A teachers lounge.” -Nancy W. 

7 ~ “A laminator, butcher paper, construction paper, and a vending machine.” -Monica D. 

8 ~ “Windows that open.” -Trisha M. 

9 ~ “A nap room for teachers. Bwahahahaha” -Kerrie K. 

10 ~ “More than one printer!!” -Devin G. 


Teachers Wish Their School Had… More Help 

11 ~  “More tutors or volunteers to help students who are grade levels behind in ELA and math. I am a first-grade teacher and it truly hurts my heart when you have students who come into first grade and can only identify 2 upper case letters, 2 lowercase letters, 3 letter sounds, and only a few numbers can be identified 0-10.” – Kendrya T. 

12 ~ “Art and music teachers” -Semone W. 

13 ~ “More staff. To support the students and each other. Every teacher is doing the work of 2 people” -Heather P. 

14 ~ “A special Ed teacher/program.” -Courtney B. 
15 ~ “An art teacher” -Jennifer G. 

16 ~ “Aide in every classroom and a school counselor.” -Kendra P. 

17 ~ “A nurse.” – Jennifer D.

18 ~ “Math interventionists” – Mandy O. 

19 ~ “Dyslexia Therapists” – Suzie C.

20 ~ “A teacher assistant for every classroom.” -Brenda P. 

21 ~ “More than one counselor.” -Elizabeth P. 

22 ~ “Smaller classes and more support staff.” -Colleen J. 

23~ “1 day a week for prep, 4 days with students. I also wish we had subs.” -Aurora A. 

24 ~ “Aides for kindergarten.” -Hanadi S. 

25 ~ “A therapy animal.” -Jen K. 

Teachers Wish Their School Had… More Space

26 ~ “A playground” – Stephanie I.  

27 ~ “Water and coffee for teachers, an ice machine, no teacher yard duty, and bathroom breaks whenever you need one.” -Sonya C. 

28 ~ “Enough clean and working adult restrooms.” -Andrea F. 

29 ~ “A library and a playground and a gym.” -Stephanie A. 

30 ~ “Rolling beverage cart.” – Ashley S. 

Teachers Wish Their Schools Had… Realistic Expectations

31 ~  “A shorter day! They are so needy and we are so tired!! Putting little ones on the bus who are crying because they are so tired.” -Angela L 

32 ~  “No morning and afternoon duty every single day.” -Megan N. 

33~ “A 4 day work week.” -Nancy D. 

Take that mental health day without the stress by using a resource like Emergency Substitute Plans.
34 ~ “A duty-free lunch.” -Heather J. 

35 ~ “More prep time, 4 day week, classroom aide.” -Ashley T. 

36 ~ “Lowered the standards because these children are 2 years behind!” -Leslie G. 

37 ~ “Small classroom sizes, parents in the classroom volunteering and helping, and regular copy machines.” – Shirley A. 

38 ~ “4 day weeks.” -Sharon D. 

39 ~ “I wish my school didn’t lump kindergarten with the other grades with computerized testing.” -Barbara E.

40 ~ “Intervention specialists or smaller class sizes to assist for all student needs. Tailoring student needs for so many levels and it will allow for more small group time for those below level.” -Mailen B. 

41 ~  “Mental health days.” -Chris O. 

42 ~“Smaller classes, a full staff, more disciplined students” -Carolyn S.

43 ~ “Tested new students for appropriate grade level” -Jennie L. 

44 ~ “Smaller class size” -Heather J. 

45  ~ “ A P.E. Teacher. Our district hasn’t had them for elementary schools since the 1990s!” -Connie Y.

Teachers Really Wish Their School Had…

46 ~ “Happy hour!!” -Laura S. 

47 ~ “Lunch Breaks.” -Marissa A.  

48 ~ “Water available for teachers” -Caroline H. 

49 ~ “Unlimited supplies for our babies.” -Melissa C. 

50 ~ “Air conditioning” -Tamara F. 


Though this list is corky it shows that you are not alone. You are not the only one struggling with help in the classroom and you are not the only one wishing there was more prep time. 

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Written by – Korryna Sanchez

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