32 Affordable Amazon Teacher Outfits


Waking up in the morning has gotten harder and harder as the school year has worn on. But with the weather changing, cycling through the same five outfits I have been wearing isn’t working anymore. To help teachers combat outfit fatigue, we have created a list of 32 Affordable Teacher Outfits.

This list is brought to you by a combination of research and the advice of the teachers of our Fearless Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade Facebook Groups.

Let’s get started with the most comfortable piece of clothing of them all: Leggings, my very favorite part of every affordable teacher outfit

Leggings are Where My Heart Is:

  1. Amazon Essentials Extended Sizing Leggings: I have never been disappointed by anything I have purchased from Amazon Essentials. These come in extended sizes and are so soft.
  2. The Gym People Leggings with Pockets: The gym people make actual athletic wear, but honestly, teachers have to be so active that athletic clothes seem reasonable.
  3.  Fleece Lined Leggings with Pockets: Nothing is better than a good value pack!

If women wear leggings, there has to be an affordable teacher outfit component equivalent for men, right? Right. Que the soft golf clap because women get leggings, but men get golf pants, and since golf pants have pockets, they are arguably better.

Golf Pants (The Male Version of Leggings):

  1. Stretch Golf Travel Pants with Zipper Pockets: Men’s workout pants are made with lightweight moisture-wick and gentle stretch nylon fabric, providing greater comfort and movement for all-day wear
  2. Amazon Essentials Golf Pants: With a wide range of sizes and high reviews, these golf pants can play the part of trousers while maintaining the comfort of athletic wear.
  3. Running Pants: These may have an elastic waistband but pair it with a ¼ zip sweater, and you are still fit for school.

You can come up with an affordable teacher outfit and look nice so put your pinkies up, teachers, because it is Trouser Time.

Trousers are Fancy Pants:

  1. Yoga Dress Pants: This may sound like an oxymoron, but truly they are actually yoga pants designed to look like dress pants.
  2. Pull-on Stretch Pants: Faux front pockets and back pocket detailing complete a fitted pant that is slimming, comfortable, and versatile.
  3. Classic-Fit Expandable Waist Dress Pants: Without a doubt, these dress pants will not hinder your comfort throughout the day. They feature a hidden expandable waistband that stretches up to 3 inches, so your pants will stay secure.

On Wednesdays, students wear pink but on Fridays teachers wear jeans!

On Fridays We Wear Jeans:

10. Women’s Elastic Waist Denim: Pull-on denim pants that are not exactly jeans, and they are not exactly slacks. They are meant to be comfy for all-day wear, and they even have pockets!

11. Stretch Denim Pants for Women: When jeans have the word ‘stretch’ in the description, it makes them sound so much more appealing.

12. Women’s Levi Strauss Straight Leg Black Jeans: Straight-leg jeans are available in standard and extended sizes.

13. Men’s Levi Jeans: Available in regular and big & tall.

14. Amazon Essentials Men’s Athletic Fit Stretch Jeans: These classic 5-pocket Athletic-Fit jeans are crafted with a bit of stretch for additional comfort.

Who runs the world, TEACHERS! Teachers wear the pants, and they save money on their teacher outfits!

Teachers Wear the Pants:

  1. Cargo Pants for Men: Think about the comfort and the pockets you will have when you wear these pants.
  2. Amazon Essentials Chinos: Generous classic-fit that sits at the waist, roomy through seat and thigh, with a straight leg.
  3. Amazon Basics Scrub Pants: I know that scrubs are usually for the medical field, but this hack is tried and true. They are proven to be a comfortable, practical, and professional-looking solution to getting through a school day.

Dresses with pockets are the best things that have ever been invented. Okay, maybe that is dramatic, but they are pretty great. Especially when they are an affordable addition to my teacher outfit.

Dresses for Success:

18. T-Shirt Dress: A casual t-shirt dress that is fitted through the chest and straight through the waist and hips.

19. Women’s Basic Crewneck Belted Office Dress: Scoop neck short sleeve design fashionable and breathable. High waist with belt and pockets. This knee-length dress Is perfect for school.

20. 3/4 Balloon High Waist T-Shirt Midi Dress with Pockets: Key works, with pockets! This midi-dress is past the knee, loss fitting, and ¾ sleeves—basically, a dress designed for school.

21. Plus-Size Swing Dress: Plus size casual sleeve dress scoop neck casual style, best suitable for outwear, you can wear with leggings and boots for the cooler weather.

22. Plus-Size Short Sleeve Maxi Dress: The material is soft, stretchy, and mid-weight. Can be easily dressed up or dressed down

23. Amazon Essentials Women’s Short-Sleeve Waisted Maxi Dress: Fitted through chest and waist; flared to hem but unfortunately no pockets on this one.

I don’t know about you, but for me, as soon as it is lower than 75 degrees out, every outfit I wear is paired with a cardigan. I couldn’t imagine an affordable teacher outfit without one!

Cardigans Go With Everything:

  1. Amazon Essentials Basic Cardigan: A year-round wardrobe essential, this lightweight cardigan features a V-neckline and a button front for versatile styling.
  2. Women’s Long Cardigans Waffle Oversized Open Front Knit Sweater with Pockets: Wear this over your basic tees or blouses for an on-trend look.
  3. Floral Kimono Cardigans Chiffon Casual Loose Open Front: A lighter sweater that can add a pop of color to any outfit.
  4. Amazon Essentials Ribbed Cardigan: Everyday made better. This is so comfy. One of my go-to pieces.
  5. Men’s Amazon Essentials Cotton Cardigan: Comfortable and versatile, this cotton sweater is perfect on its own or as a layered.

Nothing brings an outfit together better than a pair of shoes. And let’s face it, shoes can make or break the comfort of an outfit. The perfect pair of shoes can truly make for the perfect affordable teacher outfit. So, here is a list of shoes that teachers are wearing.

These Shoes Were Made For Teaching:

  1. Women’s Adidas Cloudfoam: I wear these, I do have a wider foot, and these are one of the few pairs of shoes that really accommodate to that. They are my favorite pair of shoes.
  2. Skechers Flats: These are another fan favorite. These flats are comfortable, versatile, and the perfect addition to your affordable teacher outfit.
  3. Amazon Essentials Combat Boots: I always feel more powerful when I wear boots, and these are no exception.
  4. Men’s Loafers: Nothing is more fashionable or versatile than a pair of loafers.

Teaching is a tough job, and being uncomfortable with your wardrobe makes it even harder. These are just some affordable and accessible ideas teachers gave us.

Let us know if you have any staple pieces in your wardrobe that you think other teachers would benefit from.

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Written by – Korryna Sanchez

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