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20 Social Media Hacks for Teachers


Once there were encyclopedias, then there was google, and now there is TikTok. We no longer need to hunt high and low for tips and tricks when we have Social Media Hacks for Teachers right at our fingertips every day. 

We can literally go to TikTok or Instagram or even Pinterest and Facebook and search for what we are looking for and an endless amount of posts will pop up ready to be explored! 

Just open up your favorite Social Media app and search “Teacher Hacks” or whatever specifically it is you are looking for. 

When I do this I almost always find endless videos and posts related to that topic. And trust me,  it is way easier than going through website by website trying to find the answer after using a Google search. 

But, because ETTC always has your back, we have done some searching for you. Here is a list of the 20 best Social Media Teacher Hacks we could find. 


Honestly, I spent the better part of 2020 silently protesting TikTok. I am loyal to Instagram, it is my bread and butter. But once I made myself an account, I realized TikTok might just be the jackpot of Social Media platforms — especially when you are looking for Social Media Hacks for Teachers.

1. There is nothing more time-consuming as a teacher than creating worksheets or coming up with activity ideas. @educationtothecore on TikTok has the best teacher hack of them all. Unlimited access to no prep printables at an affordable price. 


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2. This Teacher Hack by @stephanie_Nash is a great way to incentivize your kids to follow directions and behave during class time. The idea of using a surprise-oriented reward system that really doesn’t cost teachers anything is so clever and a win-win for teachers and their students. 

3. We have all been there when perfectionism kicks in and there is nothing we can do except keep trying to make something perfect. This is especially true when trying to create bulletin boards. This simple Teacher Hack by @mrs.frazzled on TikTok gives you a 100% success rate when placing words on your walls. 


This is my favorite trick ? I hope it helps you next time you change your bulletin boards! #teacherhack #teachersoftiktok #teacherlife

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4. @miss123abc gives us the most simple but useful Teacher Hack. Duct tape the top of your student’s markers together so that they can’t lose the caps. (Pure genius!)

5. Laminating is one of the joys and sorrows of teachings. @teachwith_me on TikTok shows teachers that taping your papers together can make the tedious task of laminating a little less like watching paint dry on the wall. Not to mention how it can make resources like No Prep Literacy Centers something that can be used year after year! 


best teacher hack! Saw this going around & had to try it. #teacherhack #teachersoftiktok #teacher

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6. Keeping a clean classroom when you teach primary students is not an easy task. @mr.stichem on TikTok shows the devious Teacher Hack of the century by convincing his students to pick up the room without them even knowing it! (I’m using this one tomorrow!)

7. I remember being shocked when I realized that cheating happens even in primary classrooms. @miss.sweet.tea on TikTok shows us the foolproof and almost no prep way she keeps her students from cheating — by changing the first question! 


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8. There is nothing more time-consuming as a teacher than creating worksheets or coming up with activity ideas. @educationtothecore on TikTok has the best teacher hack of them all. Unlimited access to no prep printables at an affordable price. 

9. One of my goals last year was to be more organized. In a lot of ways I did that, and in a lot of ways I did not. However, @thecrazycreativeteacher on TikTok gives a great way to keep your borders organized with just some binder clips and a couple of other everyday classroom items. 

10. I have always wanted the power of invisibility and @stupendous_second on TikTok gives us a teacher hack that is basically the power of invisibility… the invisibility hat! 


CALLING ALL TEACHERS! #ColorCustomizer #teachersoftiktok #fyp #coolteacher #feelinggood #foryoupageofficiall #teacherlife #teacherhacks

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TikTok is great because it has short and sweet videos, but Instagram has its own set of Social Media Hacks for Teachers

10. Progress Reports and Parent/Teacher Conferences are such a difficult time in the school year. The struggle between being honest and being hurtful is sometimes hard to balance. It can also be hard to even articulate what you are trying to say. @educationtothecore on Instagram posted the best Teacher Hack list of comments teachers can use for progress reports and report cards. 

11. @creationsineducation on Instagram shows us a SILENT number line game that might just be the Teacher Hack winner for those of us that really just need a few minutes of quiet. Apply this same strategy to No Prep Math Packets and make your quiet time a routine throughout the year! 

12. Staple removing hacks, upcycling hacks, classroom management hacks, and cleaning hacks all in one post by @mrs_w00d on Instagram. These hacks literally will save your fingernails when you try to remove staples and will help keep your classroom clean and organized with the use of a chart system and some old coffee tins. 

13. One-dollar frames from Ikea lead to an entire year of simplicity. @ukteach on Instagram gives us a teacher hack that really is so simple I feel like I should have thought of it. This example is using letters and numbers but sight words or commonly misspelled words can also be put in the frame for students to keep at their desks and then if they move around, they can take it with them. 

14. This is beyond genius. @butterflokids on Instagram says to put dice in a small container to prevent them from getting lost or flying all over the place. Instead of the traditional dice roll, the kids will shake the little containers and see what numbers the dice land on that way. Use this Teacher Hack for when your students do Dice Centers and find out just how helpful it can be!  

15. Another one that is so simple! @teacherstarter on Instagram gives us a teacher hack that is basically guaranteed to work every time. Tell your students that there is a magic piece of trash on the floor and whoever finds it gets to line up first. That’s it. 

16. Do your students get confused with two, too, and to? Not anymore. @teachingonthegc has a Teacher Hack to solve that! 

17. Also from @teachingonthegc a way for your students to remember the difference between there, their, and they’re. 



Pinterest is such a great platform for getting ideas. In the past, I have used it for outfit trends and craft activities, but as I was writing this it occurred to me that it would probably be a great place to find Social Media Hacks for Teachers too! 

18. Ordinary Royalty on Pinterest has the idea to use a straw dispenser as a pencil dispenser. Honestly, it is one of my favorite teacher hacks on this list. 

19. BuzzFeed always has great ideas, but this Teacher Hack is beyond simple, yet so useful. Ready? Okay, how about putting the stapler up on the wall so it never gets lost! 


20. Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers on Pinterest made an everyday hassle into something I might just look forward to. Gluing a sponge to the bottom of a dry erase marker so that it has a built-in eraser.


21.  Education to the Core also has a Pinterest account! We always link activity ideas, resources and so much more!

It is hard to be efficient as a teacher. But social media has finally given us access to tons of information and ideas from other teacher colleagues. You don’t always have to figure it out alone! Teachers have formed a community on Social Media and are now sharing the things that they do to make their lives easier in order to help their fellow educators and it is kind of a beautiful thing — especially because it is full of Social Media Hacks for Teachers. 

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Written by – Korryna Sanchez 

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