15 Classroom Activities for the Winter Olympics


If you are a Winter Games buff like I am, you don’t want to miss a second of coverage, even if you are in your classroom!  I wish the universe would declare a mandatory 2-week break during the Winter Games! Is anybody with me? #wishfulthinking

But HEY…if you can’t stay home to see the games, why not bring them right into your classroom?! 

Here are 15 Classroom Activities for the Winter Olympics!

Academic Winter Olympics Classroom Activities

Looking for classroom activities that your students can work on while learning about the Olympics. We have a packet for you! There are three different components to our Winter Games Activities Packet, and you can grab them all for FREE when you join our ETTC Membership as a Basic (monthly for $9.99) or Premium (annual for $89.00 – use the promo code PREMIUM) member.

1 – Winter Games Worksheets

Your students can do a variety of Olympic-related activities in this 20+ page packet. Can they crack the code by solving the math problems? Or maybe they can search for vocabulary in the Word Search? I think that my favorite page is the Winter Olympics Mystery Picture!

2 – Interactive Sports Story Flipbook

Let your students put their imagination to work by creating their own Olympic sport. They get to draw a picture of their sport, answer simple questions about how you compete in their sport, equipment needed, etc., and finally write a short story about their Olympic experience. the best part is that they put all of these pieces together in a flipbook!

3 – Fluency and Comprehension Passages on Winter Olympic Sports

If you happen to watch a bit of the Olympics during the school day, your students can also read a short passage and answer some questions about that particular sport with these fluency passages. They will gain background knowledge about how the sport came to be and how it has changed over time. As an extension, you can have them compare and contrast what they read about in the passage with what they watched on the computer. How has the competition and equipment changed from then to now?

Winter Olympics Read Alouds

4 – Tacky and the Winter Games by Helen Lester (aff)

One of my all-time favorites. The book starts off with Tacky learning about the Games and wanting to compete. Tacky hasn’t trained all year but his penguin companions have worked very hard.  While this plot unfolds, Lester covers many facts that surround the Olympic Games.

5 – Ice Breaker: How Mabel Fairbanks Changed Figure Skating by Rose Vina (aff)

In the 1930s, only white figure skaters were allowed in public ice rinks and to compete for gold medals, but Mabel Fairbanks wouldn’t let that stop her. With skates two sizes too big and a heart full of dreams, Mabel beat the odds and broke down color barriers through sheer determination and athletic skill. Mabel became the first African-American woman to be inducted into the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

6 – Olympig by Victoria Jamieson (aff)

Another great read-aloud with a strong message. The main character in this story is Boomer the Pig.  He is participating in the Animal Olympics and just can’t win any of his events! Frustrated, Boomer learns an important lesson about not being able to win them all and how that is okay.

Olympig by Victoria Jamieson

7 – Who is Chloe Kim? by Stefanie Loh (aff)

At the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, Chloe Kim became the youngest woman to ever receive an Olympic gold medal in snowboarding, and she was only seventeen! This amazing accomplishment led to Chloe winning three ESPY awards, becoming the inspiration for her own Barbie doll, and gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated. She is also the only athlete to have won three gold medals at the X Games before turning sixteen. Learn about Chloe’s brilliant career and her lifelong love of snowboarding in this biography for young readers.

Classroom Videos for the Winter Olympics

8 – All About the Olympics for Kids: The History and Symbols of the Olympics

This is a great video to introduce your students to the Olympics.  This video will take you back in history and will bring you to the current state of the Olympics today.  Comparing the ancient Olympics and the modern Olympics would make a great compare and contrast lesson for students.  Also covered are the different variations of the Olympics, such as the Paralympics.  Olympic symbols such as the rings and the torch are discussed along with their meanings.

9 – Winter Olympics Facts for Kids

This video is done by children for children. It goes through all of the facts about the Beijing Olympics, from the Olympic mascot to the number of days the Olympics runs. How many sports are in the winter Olympics? Your students will get a kick out of all of the interesting facts they will learn by watching this video. They will even learn some Chinese words. Extend this video by having your students list some of the facts they learned, or write about one of the winter sports they heard in the video.

10 – The List of Winter Olympic Sports (The Winter Olympic Games) | Discover The World to 2018

This video is full of real pictures that feature each Olympic Sport for the Winter Games.  This will surely get your students excited about all the different sports, and some may take a particular interest in several that are featured in the video!

11 – The Buildings of the Winter Olympics: Beijing 2022

Sometimes the most fascinating part of The Games is the magnificent venues that were built specifically for the Olympics.  This video will give your students an opportunity to see the venues and how they will be used.

Classroom Winter Olympics Brain Breaks for Kids

12 – Winter Olympics Sounds Guessing Game and Workout

Your students will listen to a sound from one of the winter Olympic sports. They will make their guess and then the exercise behind it. At the end of the exercise, they are given the correct answer. If they were right, it is a gold medal for them.

13 – Move Like the Winter Olympians Do: Jack Hartmann

No song and dance list would be complete without a video by Jack Hartmann. Your students can repeat the verses in this song while they dance. They can also mimic hand and body movements as they learn facts about the Olympic games.

14 – This or That: Winter Olympics Edition

Similar to the guessing game video, students will make a choice between two winter Olympic sports questions. Based on their response, they will then complete an exercise. This is a great 6-minute video to get your students up and moving while learning a little bit about the winter Olympics.

Watch the Winter Olympics

15 – Stream the Winter Olympics

Is there an event you want to make sure you watch during the school day? Stream it with your students!

All listings are available on the NBC website.  If you plan ahead, you can pencil any big races you want your students to see as they happen.

Their easy to read calendar is a great way to plan which events/races you would like to view with your students. You can also stream through NBC’s streaming service The Peacock.  You can use a free trial or the free service they have on the site.

My hope is that your classroom will be buzzing with excitement during the Winter Olympic Games 2022! Take these classroom activities for the Winter Olympics and add in your own flair. Share with your students your favorite sport and have them discuss their favorites with you! If you have any special activities that you will be doing with your students over these next couple of weeks to celebrate the Winter Games, please share them in the comments below.

Written by – Janessa Fletcher

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