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25 Tips to Survive till Summer Break

April 1, 2022 by Korryna Sanchez

It is that time of year! The time when we are tired, and the students are restless. It has been a long one for both the kids and us! To help teachers out, we came up with 25 Tips to Survive till Summer Break!

As always, the teachers in our Fearless Facebook Kindergarten, Fearless First Grade, and Fearless Second Grade Groups have stepped up with some great tips and tricks to help us tired teachers make it to the school year without compromising the quality of our lessons or the kid’s experience in the classroom!

Trust me, some of these tips are great. Some of them are hilarious, but they are all worth the read! #7 and #22 were total game changers for me, my classroom, and the countdown till summer break!

Tip to Help Teachers Survive till Summer Break #1 –

“Enjoy that it’s March! April and May are just around the corner. These are some of the BEST days! You’ve done the hard work. Now enjoy their independence!” -Lori W.

#2 – For some themed independent work, try Spring Color by Number for K-1 or Spring Color by Number for 2-3. They are the perfect way to keep your students engaged while doing the things you need to do in the classroom! You have worked hard to establish a classroom that runs smoothly. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

#3 – “Increase caffeine consumption and make sure your teacher candy drawer is fully stocked!” -Jami B.

Tip to Help Teachers End the School Year #4 –

“Take a mental health day when you need one and try something new! I recently tried the QR codes from the April monthly packet, and my kids were so engaged!” -Sarah B.

#5 – March might be almost over, but April is here, and so are April Monthly Packets! They are a great way to keep your students engaged while also embracing the season!

#6 – “Don’t be afraid to take a break from the curriculum and just do some fun activities with the kids.” -Alva M.

#7 – If you are looking for an option that is a little bit outside of your normal instruction, try a STEM and Story Challenge! This one is fun because with summertime on the mind your kids are dreaming of the pool, the lake, and the river!

#8 – “Use. Your. Sick. Days. Mental health is just as important as physical health.” -Donna B.

Tips to Help Teachers End the School Year #9 –

Try Editable Sub Plans. They are quick and easy to prep and can be used if you need a sick day or a mental health day. They are also a great way to prep a day’s worth of work ahead of time. So if you are ever not feeling 100%, you can pull out your sub plans and teach from that for the day!


#10 – “Enjoy the children! Your time with them is almost over! Let them know how proud of them you are and that they are truly loved by you!” -Karen R.

#11 – Show your students how proud you are with the End of Year Awards!

#12 – “Find a quiet spot to take your lunch .” -Ebony C.

#13 – “Have fun with your kiddos. Let all the other stuff go!” -Chris T.

#14 – “Reset every day, make fun of yourself/mistakes, laugh.” -Annette E.

Tips to Help Teachers Survive till Summer Break #15 –

“Don’t get behind! Stay ahead or on time with report cards, TA evals, lesson plans, notes home, and Annual Reviews. This will relieve stress and allow you to enjoy time with the kids.” -Debbie M.

#16 – “Plan some fun things! I do a 30-day balloon pop countdown with things as simple as writing with a pen or sock day and then get to more exciting things like movie day, move your desk anywhere, etc. Last year was my challenging year, and I made a point to do this. It reminded me that they were just 6 and 7 and needed fun. I loved the giggles and smiles, and it made me remember why I was teaching.” -Jessica W.

#17 – “Do small things for yourself and your class. My reading coach and I do smoothie Fridays for ourselves. My class has wacky Wednesday where we do stuff out of the norm.” -Julia M.

#18 – “7 days left to Spring Break, then just 6 more weeks. I break it down into manageable segments.” -Mandi D.

Tips to Help Teachers Survive till Summer Break #19 –

“Trying fun things. More centers, even if 2 won’t or don’t get along, and Cooperate. Flashlight Friday. They read aloud or with a partner. The last week I have themed days! Art day, game day, movie popcorn day, Beach day” -Kathy Y.

#20 – No Prep Centers are the perfect way to end the school year. They are little to no prep for you, and the students get to actually do hands-on activities that reinforce all of the things they have learned throughout the school year.

#21 – “Once all the testing is over, we have a lot of fun! We do pajamas and movies, chalk and bubbles, a field trip, and our school is within walking distance to a really great park. We usually spend a day there. I look forward to the time to slow down and truly enjoy my kids!” -Bethany P.#

Tips to Help Teachers Survive till Summer Break #22 –

If you don’t have the option of going to the park or taking your class outside, activities like I Spy: Phonics and our upcoming I Spy: Math printables are a fun way to continue going over phonics (or math) skills while also giving your students the chance to have fun and be engaged.

#23 – “Learn and focus on kids. Work hard and have fun. Going to enjoy every moment. Kids are such a blessing at the district I presently teach at.” -Karen M.

#24 – “Make a paper chain with your students. Tear one off every day.” -Keri E

#25 – “Get outside with your students!  Grab some clipboards or leveled readers and take the learning outside. Write about a nature walk, go cloud watching or just talk as a class together.” -Chris O.

We all know how hard this school year has been! And we should all be so proud of ourselves for persevering! We have stepped up and supported each other! We are giving tips to one another to end the school year in the best ways possible making it till summer break! 

The time for rest is almost here! If you need some encouragement on your journey to the end of the school year, try joining any of our three Fearless Facebook Groups:  Facebook in the Kindergarten Fearless GroupFirst Grade Fearless Group, or Second Grade Fearless Teacher Group

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Written by – Korryna Sanchez 

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