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Education to the Core is your “go-to website” when you need a classroom resource from a trusted organization. But, we have been up to some amazing things over the last year. ETTC has become much more than worksheets and digital resources and we want you to know all about these NEW things we have been working on. Education to the Core… come Shop. Learn. Stay. I know that you are going to ❤️❤️❤️ the STAY part.

Education to the Core – Shop.

Yes, most teachers come to us for our resources. We pride ourselves in offering no and low prep engaging activities that you can use with your students, saving you time on lesson planning and preparation. Use some of this newly saved time to do something for yourself (take a walk, enjoy your favorite drink, binge-watch a season of a TV show, etc).

You can find our amazing resources in two places:

Education to the Core – Learn.

🧡 Fearless Facebook Groups

We started our Fearless First Grade Facebook group about 5 years ago. With over 40,000 members, teachers from across the globe are able to support each other by asking questions, offering advice, sharing classroom victories, and taking a minute to vent. It is a group where people can communicate with others who “get it” when it comes to teaching and education.

Because our first-grade group is so successful, we wanted to extend this kind of support to our kindergarten and second-grade teachers. So, last fall we created the Fearless Kindergarten and Fearless Second Grade Facebook groups. They continue to grow daily. Have you joined the group for your grade level yet?

🧡 Teacher Support Blogs

Since you are reading this, you are most likely well aware of our blogs and the plethora of information you can find there. ETTC strives to create a variety of blogs to meet your needs. Looking for activity ideas on reading, math, science, writing, social studies, and grammar skills? We most likely have at least one blog that can offer you some new and fresh ideas and resource recommendations. Want to freshen up your classroom library? Check out the many multicultural book lists on various topics for teacher-tested, student-approved literature.

Maybe you could use some uplifting stories and “feel good” scenarios? We have blogs that are filled solely with teacher quotes that will warm your heart and put you back in touch with the reasons why you became a teacher. And if you are just looking for a good laugh… we definitely have blogs that serve that purpose. 😂

🧡 Where the Primary Things Are Podcast

If you are like most busy teachers, you may not have time to sit and read through blogs. No problem… we have you covered! You can listen to them in your car, while you work out, clean the house, or cook dinner. Many of our blogs have been converted into podcasts, so you can get all of our teacher tips, tricks, and activity ideas through your earpods.

You can find “Where the Primary Things Are” on most streaming sites:

Apple Podcasts

Amazon Audible



Do you have a favorite streaming site where you listen to your favorite podcasts that is NOT on this list?  Let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to get your new favorite podcast, “Where the Primary Things Are” on that site!

🧡 ETTC Webinar PD Series

A new addition in the last 6 months is our Webinar Professional Development courses. Each webinar series consists of videos, printable hand-outs and notes, and professional development certificates. If you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in one yet, I highly recommend our current series, Small Groups… Big Impact. Learn how to make time for and manage your small groups for ELA and Math, as well as no prep activity ideas to make using centers in your classroom easy breezy!

Here are the PD courses we have offered so far. If there are other topics you would like to see covered, please drop them in the comments below.

Join thousands of teachers as they work towards honing their craft and add some new tips and tricks to their toolboxes.

🧡 Email Support Courses

On top of the webinar series of professional developments, we also offer email courses for teachers who are just looking for some weekly activity ideas. These quick lists of tips, resources, and freebies are dropped directly into your email inbox each week. Use what you need right away and save the rest for later. Come join our family of educators as we share ideas you can easily integrate into your teaching. Become a member of our Teaching Tiny Humans email course today and start getting those weekly emails full of valuable information.

Education to the Core – Stay.

Our mission is to help teachers create and maintain a better work-life balance. To do that, you need access to top-notch resources at a reasonable cost. And they need to be readily available at the click of a button! Our most-celebrated addition to Education to the Core this year has been our Premium Membership Subscription. 🥳 You can try this membership out for free and have access to 3 worksheet downloads per month, or upgrade for a small monthly or annual fee, you can have them ALL! (not to mention, you get to start using resources before they launch to the public)

Quickly search for a worksheet on a specific skill, or as a paid member, grab the packet of materials from some of our best-selling resources. Maybe you want an I Spy Phonics worksheet or a Directed Drawing on an ocean animal. You can find both on our Premium website without having to purchase the whole bundle. Center activities are also available to grab, so you can easily prep your math and literacy stations without having to sift through large center bundles on TPT. Try a Write the Room center next week on us!

At ETTC, we exist to help our teachers build a stronger classroom as they connect with our community to find trusted, state-of-the-art resources designed by teachers for teachers. We strive to be the world’s leading and most-trusted organization for teacher resources, information and ideas, and support. We want to improve the lives of every teacher by offering no and low prep resources that still meet the level of academic skill and engagement we know is needed to serve our students best. So, if you haven’t yet, come join our Fearless groups, take a teacher webinar or course, try out a free membership on us, and purchase a resource or two. We promise you won’t regret joining the Education to the Core community! 💙💛🧡

Written by – Janessa Fletcher


At Education to the Core, we exist to help our teachers build a stronger classroom as they connect with our community to find trusted, state-of-the-art resources designed by teachers for teachers. We aspire to be the world’s leading & most trusted community for educational resources for teachers. We improve the lives of every teacher and learner with the most comprehensive, reliable, and inclusive educational resources.

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