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21 of the Craziest School Rules

May 5, 2022 by Korryna Sanchez

When I was a student, I used to think school rules were so silly. Running in the hallways, who cares? Jumping off the swings, what is the worst that could happen? As an adult, I think some school rules are even sillier than I used to. So I made a list of 21 of the Craziest School Rules! 

I looked to the teachers in our Fearless Kindergarten, Fearless First Grade, and Fearless Second Grade groups to help me figure out the craziest rules at your schools. 

As always, our teachers came through with a list of incredibly hilarious (and maybe a little ridiculous) actual rules at their schools! 

Craziest School Rules: 

1 – “We don’t have it anymore, but there used to be one that forbids teachers from sledding with the kids at recess.” – Susan T. 

2- “We can’t take kids outside or anywhere for recess” – Hayden G. 

3- “No talking allowed during lunchtime.” – Jynelle P. 

4- “Current rule (which I don’t follow): No Running on the playground!” – Katie E. 

5- “We have to find our own substitute. We only have two options to choose from.  Unfortunately, 1 substitute only teaches for upper grades” -Noelle B. 

Craziest School Rules: 

6- “No capri pants without pantyhose.”  – Jennifer H. 

7- “I’m not allowed to hang any resources on the walls that are in English. However, I teach English.” – Renée E. 

8- “No tape, tacky stuff, or anything remotely sticky on walls, cabinets, or doors!” – Holly P. 

9- “Nothing fabric, soft, or cozy. No rugs (unless it’s fireproofed and paid for by the school), no stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, chair cushions, felt boards, etc. Also no live plants because of allergies…really?” – Jenna L. 

Craziest School Rules: 

10- “No 100% on any assignment!?” – Lauren M. 

11- “When teachers are gone for a day, they must ask a colleague to cover their recess duty. The substitutes cannot be asked to do duties. Then you have to make up that duty when you return, by paying your colleague back.” – Betsy K. 

12- “Our principal won’t approve personal leave requests unless we find our own substitute first, which are of course hard to find right now!!” -Kayla T. 

13- “No 1/2 hour shows such as Care Bears or Franklin on a class celebration day. Previously when this was allowed (at other schools), they would have their snacks that parents brought while they watched a show – they loved it and they stayed calm.” – Cindy J. 

14- “The classroom doors have to stay open.” – Danyelle H. 

15- “Our doors have to stay locked.” – Amy S. 

Craziest School Rules: 

16- “It’s just a simple policy thing but I will never understand the rationale for no nail polish (for students)” – Nicki C. 

17- “No open-toed shoes that showed more than 3 toes!” – Jennifer H. 

18- “Playground doors locked when kids are outside.” – Mary H. 

19- “Having to throw away packaged food upon exit of the lunchroom.” – Emily G. 

Craziest School Rules: 

20- “Not my school but an education professor at the college I attended told us she does not give a 4.0 because there’s always room for improvement.” – Cathy L. 

21- “I had a photography teacher who didn’t do 100% unless you had perfect attendance. So if you were sick no 100.” – Chelli M. 

As we said before, some of these rules are silly, but some school rules are important! Respond in the comments section if you have any other school rules that are just beyond crazy (or even some that just really make a lot of sense!) We want to hear it all!

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Written by – Korryna Sanchez 


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