30 Ways for Teachers to Recover This Summer


You have made it! Now it is time for us teachers to RECOVER! You reached the end of a long year with everything intact (hopefully!). But if you are anything like me, regrouping and recovering from the 2021-2022 school year is a MUST! All teachers have different needs to recover, so I wanted to share some options that may fit your style and desire. So, without further intro, here are 30 Ways for Teachers to Recover from the Longest School Year…EVER! I am all about #15!

The First Steps for Teachers to Recover

1–Friendly Shoulder–sometimes we just need to let it all out. The stress of this year has taken its toll! Everyone needs a friend that offers a shoulder and a listening ear!

2–One with Nature–We have extensive trails, a lake, and several gorgeous parks in my town. I am looking forward to some time outside with nature, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells. Bringing your kiddos along? Give them a Nature Scavenger Hunt to complete along the way.

3–Comforting Drinks of Choice–I look forward to porch sitting, patio sitting, and lounge chair sitting, all with a nice beverage and a few friends. Whether by a roasting fire or poolside, I am all about relaxing with a cool drink!

4–Just Breathe–Telling teachers to take a breath might seem too much these days, but when is the last time you had some minutes with yourself just to be. Just enjoy the moments!

5–Reconnect–COVID restrictions for two years have created this significant disconnect among family, friends, neighbors, and the community. This summer will be an excellent time for all of us to reconnect.

6–Focus Elsewhere–If you have been steadfastly focused on your students, classroom, co-workers, and lesson plans, STOP! Focus on anything that is not school-related.

Teachers Need Time to Recover

7–Be Imperfect–Messy bun? I don’t care! No make-up? No big deal. Tuna sandwiches for breakfast? OK, that’s a big deal, but you get the point. Just do you. Be goofy, loud, obnoxious, or quiet! Be anything, but be imperfect!

8–Time for Faith–Faith is a huge concept that everyone can apply in their own way! If you are private with your faith, embrace your serenity. Or you can scream in the pews on Sundays.

9–Journaling–I like to write, and as evidenced by my blogs, I think I am pretty witty. The best part is that it doesn’t matter if others share my joy in my writings. It pleases me. So if writing is your thing, this summer is the perfect time to fill a journal.

10–Silence–Silence is golden at times! These little bitty kids have been loud this year; so much talking all of 2021-2022. Let’s appreciate the silence. If you need your own kids to give you some peace and quiet, Color by Number always does the trick in my house.

11–Meal Planning–Some people love doing all of the shopping and the meal prepping for the week on Sundays. I like to cook whatever without planning. But if you have thought about changing something in your life, maybe this is what you can change!

12–Pamper Yourself–I want this dog’s life! Chill out and pamper yourself in any way that you want. If that means you washed your face today, good job! If instead, you see tub soaking and massages in your future, this dog has the right idea!

It might Take Some Effort to Recover

13–Crafts and Hobbies–I love craft stores. I am not creative. But this summer, I plan on exploring some new ideas for hobbies–camping, hiking, and shopping!

14–Laugh–Towards the end of May, I laughed so I wouldn’t cry! Now, I just want to find laughter everywhere I go and with everything I do.

15–Mindless Activities–Want to sit and watch TikTok for hours or peruse through tons of Pinterest? Maybe instead, you have some shows you wish to watch that require no active thinking on your part. Whatever your choice, find some time to do things without meaning and thought. And without guilt! You can also scroll and save printables on your Education to the Core Premium Membership. 😉

16–Escape–go anywhere and do anything. Go away from people or go towards your people!

17–Avoid Negativity–As Thumper says, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If you are not dancing to my peaceful tune this summer, stay away–no Negative Nellies allowed!

18–Staycation–We are teachers on a teacher’s salary. Many of us can’t afford fancy trips, and gas prices are ridiculous! Find a local zoo or museum and plan your staycation!

19–Vacation–If you can afford it, do it! And please enjoy every minute of the beach, the hills, the campgrounds, and anywhere else you may land!

Teachers Can Repeat Ways to Recover!

20–More Choice Beverages of Course–Eat, drink, REPEAT!

21–Get a Little Lost on the Road–Have you ever just taken the real road less traveled to see where you end up? Go wherever your car takes you! There are so many unique little towns, small shops, diners, etc., that are waiting for some new visitors!

22–Find Yourself in a Book–How many books have you enjoyed this year that had nothing to do with your job? Zero for me. I look forward to reading again this summer!

23–Get a Part-Time Job–Many places are hiring right now! If you like to keep busy and make a little cash, maybe a part-time job is what you need!

24–Family and Friends–As mentioned above, with reconnecting, cleave your family and friends to those you are closest to. Summer is the perfect time for a cousin’s reunion or a workgroup lunch.

Teachers, Do What Makes You Happy to Recover!

25–Pet Shelters–You can pet the puppies and the kittens. Give some love to the older animals in the shelters too! Nothing brings me more calming vibes than sitting with animals.

26–Strike a Cause–So many great choices of causes happen year-round. But unfortunately, we are often too busy to offer our support. If you wish to walk for cancer or bowl for diabetes, DO IT! Nothing is holding you back!

27–Strike a Pose–I live for the photos of my daughter and son-in-law and their growing family. But I never snap pictures of what I do all year. This summer, I am committing to snapping away and sharing those pics with family and friends!

28–Try Something New–If you have always wanted to go climbing, do it. Does anyone out there want to eat crocodiles for the first time or go skydiving? If there are things that you haven’t wanted to try, NOW is the time.

29–Try Something Familiar–Comfort food is my jam! Bring on the plates of mashed potatoes and chicken gravy! If something has brought you joy in the past, try it again!

30–Fly By the Seat of Your Pants–Sometimes the best plan is NO PLAN! Completely wing it and go day by day!


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