Summer Activity Packets for Primary Students


“Summertime and the living is easy…” as Ella Fitzgerald once sang.  Not bragging, but I am lounging by the pool with my beverage in hand.  So, it’s kinda easy right now. However, me being me… I’m “lightly” brainstorming what can I do to prep now to make my life easier come August?!   More importantly what is our Teaching Trailblazers needing right now?!  I know… Summer Activity Packets!

Summer Activity Packets are the key to making your summertime and living easy as well!  Whether you are looking for an academic review for summer school or the perfect beginning of the school year review…these packets are the answer!  

Alright, please do not take this personally, however, have you ever had families ask you for a summer review packet?  Knowing FULL WELL, that they are probably not going to work on it?!?  I know that they mean well for asking, yet I don’t want to stress myself out trying to throw some things together. However, I am so torn because I want to make sure that I am offering work that is meaningful and engaging for the child.  Summer Activity Packets are definitely the answer for this too because they are so flexible!  Wow…this summertime IS going to be easy!   

What Are Education to the Core’s Summer Activity Packets?

Sure, I spoke a lot about all the reasons that Summer Review Packets are the answer for everything for a calm, cool, easy summer.  Yet, what are they?  

Summer Activity Packets are well… summer review packets!  The name is exactly what you are thinking it is.  Here are amazing comprehensive review packets with options for Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade options. You will find review activities on topics for ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and even Gross and Fine Motor Skills!  

Help prevent the summer slide by providing just a little bit of review each week.  Your students will have less summer learning loss, setting them up for more success in their next school year.  For some of the activities within these summer packets, you will find multiple variations for easy differentiation to meet all skill levels in your classroom.  

How do these look in the Classroom?

Remember the word flexible that I used before?  Here is where that flexibility comes into play!  You can bring Summer Activity Review Packets into your classroom however you deem appropriate that will meet the needs of you and your students.  

Use these packets as quiet work activities for your students at the end of the school year.  Students are staying engaged while you are finalizing all of the end-of-the-year to-dos!  If you are in need of some sunshine and see your students getting restless, grab some clipboards and take them outside with some pages from these packets to work on under the sun!   

These packets are also a great resource to have if you are teaching summer school this year. Use them as the main part of your curriculum, or as added supplemental practice. Let us take some of your summer school prepping off of your plate. 

If you already have your end-of-the-year activities all planned out, no problem. These packets can also be used to jumpstart the beginning of the school year. Purchase the packet from the grade level below and use the activities to help curb the summer slide and get your students set for a great school year. 


Summer Review packets are no prep. Print, make copies, and use these activities during those times when the regular daily routine isn’t possible. Such as before or after assemblies, field days, or any of the other end-of-year activities that are happening. See?  Told you they were flexible!  

Family Components

Have you already had parents asking you about summer review work that they can do with their child? Instead of spending hours searching through your files to put together a packet for those parents, just print and copy one of ours. Parents can use these activities to keep their children learning through the summer, and you save loads of time creating those packets.

Other ETTC Resources That Pair Well with Summer Activity Packets

Here are some more great resources that not only pair well with our Summer Review Packets but also lend themselves as stand-alone too!   Fill your end of the school year and summer school sessions with engaging and FUN activities with these resources!

What are other Teaching Trailblazers saying about Summer Review Activity Packets?

Don’t just take my word for how amazing these packets are!  Here are some testimonials direct from classroom teachers and educators like you!

? “This resource is so amazing. My intention was to send it home as a summer packet, but our school gave us summer materials instead. I didn’t want this purchase to go to waste so I used it during the last few days of school as morning and more so busy work. My students enjoyed it, and it was great for me to be nearby to ever so lovingly remind them that they have learned all this stuff.” ~ Emily B. 

? “This is the perfect packet to send home with kids in the summer. I am all for giving families the option to practice skills in the summer to stay ready for the next grade!” ~ Erin M. 

? “I used this resource as personalized summer packets for my students as well as tutoring work for them. They really enjoyed the science portion!” ~ Dorothy M. 

?”This is a wonderful end-of-year review! I plan on printing packets to send to parents who ask for work to do over summer.” ~ Shannon W. 

? “I used this over the summer with my own child to keep him ready for school to start back up in August.  It was a great resource and he didn’t fight me on doing the activities.” ~ Jenna Z. 

? I used this resource with my lower-leveled students as a review in June. They love the activities. They were also excited that they could do it by themselves. It gave them a strong self-esteem boost.” ~ Beth E.

We want your end of the year to be smooth and stress-free.  Consider treating yourself to an Education to the Core Premium Membership for a job well done this year!  You deserve it!  Start this next year with access to thousands of resources.  Easy, print, and go activities and worksheets.  Download and print those you want, favorite and save those you want to keep for later.  Perfect to grab a review for your students and to mix and match summer review activity packets from Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade for differentiation! 

Written By – Christopher Olson & Janessa Fletcher

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