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10 Mental Health Tips for You and Your Co-Workers

July 14, 2022 by Korryna Sanchez

We all know that teaching is not for the faint of heart. It is a tough job to put it lightly. It comes with such a rollercoaster of emotions and an unending list of things that need to be done; done yesterday. Some days just getting ready in the mornings, I already feel overwhelmed thinking about the school day ahead. But I remember there are some great mental health tips out there that not only work for me but my co-workers as well. Every day I show up to not only teach kiddos that I love BUT I get to see my teacher besties; my support system to share these 10 Mental Health Tips with!

However, even though we all need a support system it doesn’t mean that everyone we work with needs to be our teacher bestie. We can have good, positive working relationships with our co-workers while maintaining boundaries and focusing on our own mental health. While sharing some tips with our co-workers and teacher besties!

So, without further ado here is a list of 10 Mental Health Tips for You and Your Co-Workers! Check out #5 it is my mental health go-to!

Co-Teachers Tip 1. Share

Share your favorite teacher supplies. I know it is hard to think about loaning out those sharpies and sticky notes but when other co-workers come in and ask to borrow, share. When the staff realizes that you have items and you will share them with others, they will be knocking on your door often.

Mental Health Tip:

While being kind and sharing is an important part of being a good co-worker and having a good working relationship with your co-workers you are also allowed to say no.

You might not want to share your favorite pen but you can share your things like Freebies and ideas. Sharing the ETTC I Spy: Early Literacy Freebie can be a great way to show your co-teachers that you are willing to share, just maybe not willing to give up your favorite highlighter.

2. Keep Your Door Open

Keep your door open and leave it open before and after the kiddos are there. An open door signals a welcoming attitude and soon enough, others will be popping their heads in to say hello and maybe strike up a conversation.

Mental Health Tip:

While maintaining an open door and always being kind and welcoming is an important part of having a relationship with any co-worker it is also important to know that when you need to close your door, it is okay.

3. Volunteer

Volunteer for small tasks and big projects. Working alongside others who are also giving of their time and knowledge gives plenty of opportunities to bond over planning open houses or decorating halls.

Mental Health Tip:

This tip comes with limits. Be involved, be willing to help, and definitely be willing to receive/give new ideas. However, if you are overwhelmed, know that you can stick to your contracted hours and responsibilities.

If you are feeling guilty about not being able to volunteer time, you can always volunteer ideas. Tell your team to sign up for something like the Teaching Tiny Humans course where you can get ideas, classroom management techniques, and freebies straight to your email.

4. Speak Up

At meetings and in teacher workrooms and in the halls speak up. Not enough to gather the eye roll of being ‘that teacher’ but enough to get noticed. Say hello. Introduce yourself. Give compliments. And ask questions.

Mental Health Tip:

Remember, that even though it is important to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while it is also important to do this in a way that you feel comfortable. Things like online communities are a fun way to get your voice heard in a way that doesn’t push you too far out of your comfort zone. Joining an online community like the Fearless Facebook Communities can do just that. Join Facebook Kindergarten Fearless Group, First Grade Fearless Group, or Second Grade Fearless Teacher Group.

Co-Teachers Tip 5. Be Nice

to everyone! You and I both know that the school wouldn’t run the same without the secretarial staff, support staff, kitchen staff, and cleaning staff. Be welcoming and warm to all of them. These are the people that interact with everyone and can take you under their wing to introduce you to all sorts of teacher circles.

Mental Health Tip:

I am a big believer in treating everyone with kindness. My mental health tip on this one is based on personal experience. Being nice to others is a great way to keep your conscience clear and therefore keep your mind at ease. I don’t know about you but, I think it is really nice to save money and I am sure your co-teachers feel the same way. If you give them the idea of saving tons of money on Unlimited Printables with an ETTC Premium Membership. 

6. Show Up!

I am an introvert and this one is hard for me but oh so important. If there are scheduled social events for teachers, make plans to be there. It is refreshing to see colleagues in other surroundings than school buildings and who knows, you may turn co-workers into some teacher besties over a bowl of chips and salsa!

Mental Health Tip:

This tip is similar to the mental health tip on Tip #4. Definitely step out of your comfort zone when the situation calls for it, but remember to listen to yourself and be kind to yourself.

Co-Teachers Tip 7. KNOCK

Knock on other open doors! Take the time to go to other classrooms and take notice. This is a golden opportunity to comment on lessons they’ve displayed on their walls, talk a little about resources they’ve used to do the lessons, and maybe even begin to share some of your knowledge on resources as well.

Mental Health Tip:

This, in itself, is a tip that keeps your mental health in mind. You are the leader in this scenario and you can decide when you are in a good headspace to do this and when you feel most comfortable taking this approach with your co-workers.


Sometimes we have it in our minds that our besties would teach just like us or have the same interests. But your bestie could be the crazy teacher down the hall that is anything but conventional. Don’t shut yourself off from any opportunity.

Mental Health Tip:

Remember that this goes both ways. Just because the teachers down the hall do things in a more traditional fashion doesn’t mean you have to. Do what works for you and your students. Be open to trying new things and use freebies like the ETTC Social Studies Unit Freebie, which has two weeks of social studies units packed into one freebie.

Tip 9. — PASSION

Show your passion to others. If you have a specialty, don’t be afraid to share. If you love to bake, for instance, bring in some brownies for the workroom. Have a particular PD that is coming up? Invite a co-worker to attend with you. If teaching math is your favorite, then ask a co-worker to come to watch you teach and give you some additional pointers.

Mental Health Tip:

Being modest and humble is respectable. But you should also be proud of who you are and what you are good at. Remember how important and worthy you are and don’t be afraid to share your sparkle with others. But, if you don’t want to share your sparkle all the time, you can snag the sparkle and passion of other teachers via social media. Follow the ETTC TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook by clicking the links or searching @educationtothecore

Co-Teachers  Tip 10.  FIND A MENTOR TEACHER

Find a Mentor Teacher, you know, the one with all the answers! Questions come up on the regular about all sorts of things related to materials, curriculum, supplies, etc. These know-it-all teachers can help you by guiding you to the right people to find the right things. If the mentor isn’t your person for a bestie, this teacher can introduce you to others who may be!  Always remember that you will always have Education to the Core as your Mentor Teacher as well!

Mental Health Tip:

For the sake of your mental health and for your mentors, remember that they are a teacher too and you may have questions that they cannot answer right away. Be sure to communicate if something you have a question that is urgent or if it can be answered in a few days. This line of open communication will make it easier on them and on you.

My teacher squad of besties is amazing for my mental health. I can’t imagine working without them. Hopefully, if you haven’t quite found your people at school yet, these suggestions set you on your way. And if you already found that one teacher bestie, maybe this list can help you expand to a squad or maybe it inspires you to mentor someone else into finding their besties. Whatever it takes, teachers and school staff need to be a part of your support system today too! Mental health is so important for us to not only function as adults but as educators too! What are some tips you can share with us and your fellow co-workers?  Please share them in the comments below.

If you want to be a part of an amazing team of teacher besties consider joining our Fearless Facebook Groups, like our;  Facebook in the Kindergarten Fearless Group, First Grade Fearless Group, or Second Grade Fearless Teacher Group.

Or, you can also sign up for our free Teaching Tiny Humans Teacher Course, where you will get weekly emails and guidance on how to navigate challenging situations, along with tips, tricks, activity ideas, and freebies to make this school year a success and constantly be honing your skills even if you are not in the classroom.

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Written by – Suzanne Kelley and Korryna Sanchez 


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