27 Prime Day Deals for Teachers


Here we go again, Amazon Prime Day. The day where teachers get to save money on things that will make their lives just a little bit easier. And all this from the comfort of your couch, your bed, and or even your phone!!!  Check out these Prime Day Deals for Teachers that we found just for you! I already have #16 in my cart! 

What is Prime Day?

Amazon Prime day is a two-day event, July 12th, and 13th, where the online retailer gives Prime subscribers a chance to shop some of the best deals of the year. We are talking Black Friday level savings but in July! 

How Do I Become an Amazon Prime Subscriber?

A Prime subscription is an annual or monthly subscription ($14.99 a month or $139 a year) that gives you access to fast delivery, free shipping, movies, music, and shows. Prime also makes it easier to program Amazon Alexa products and, in this case, it will give you the chance to save big money on some pretty good stuff.

What Other Options Do I Have?

If a year-long commitment really isn’t the thing for you there is also a 30-day free trial option that you can get by downloading the Amazon app or going to amazon.com, click sign up and follow the prompt for the 30-day free trial, this will give you access to all the Prime Day deals without the commitment. (Just remember to mark your calendar 30 days out so you don’t get charged the subscription fee).

While an Amazon Prime Membership can set you up with your supplies for the school year, an ETTC Premium Membership can set you up with resources for the school year. With unlimited access to any of the thousands of no-prep printables and activities available on the Premium Website, ETTC Premium is the perfect thing to pair with your Prime Membership. And, just like Prime, ETTC Premium has options — you can sign up for just $99 for the year, $9.99 a month, or try it out for a week for just $1.

What Prime Day Teacher Deals Are Out There?

The coolest thing about Prime Day is that there isn’t just one category of stuff on sale. Looking to spruce up your classroom, you’ll find something. If you want something for your home, you’ll find something. If you want to simply just treat yourself, you’ll find something. 

Prime Day is a two-day event, but there are always deals you can find leading up to Prime Day, the days that follow, and throughout the year. 

Here’s a list of some of the Prime Day Deals for Teachers you can get now through July 13th: (please note that all of these links are Amazon Affiliate links) 

The “Big Stuff” 

Pro Tip: 

Use your utility cart to organize all of your I Spy activities. Log into your ETTC Premium Membership account and go to the “Resources by Series” tab and search for I Spy: Phonics. Print out any of the different skills onto different colored paper, organize them into separate drawers and use it as an early finisher activity. For even more options try I Spy: Math, I Spy: Hidden Sight Words or I Spy: Early Literacy.

For The Teacher 

In the Classroom 

Pro Tip: 

With your new set of glue sticks, get your students engaged, work on fine motor skills, and give them the opportunity to create something with Interactive Grammar Notebooks. There are skills on everything from commas to capitalization, and it is all included in your ETTC Premium Membership.

Pro Tip: 

Getting a new set of crayons is my favorite excuse to start randomly coloring or writing in notebooks. Using Fall Color by Number is a great way to get your students to break in those new crayon boxes and can be a really fun way to practice routines. The curriculum and thematic nature of this activity keep students engaged, but use this as a way to practice what it means to use community crayons, collaborate with their new classmates and learn what transitioning from task to task will look like in their new classrooms.

Pro Tip: 

I also use the fact that pencils have erasers as a metaphor for making mistakes. Mistakes happen and that is why we have erasers on our pencils. Put this idea into practice with Transformation Stations. Not everyone sees the same thing, and not everyone will get it right the first time but it is okay because we have erasers on our pencils and mistakes are a part of life and learning!

Pro Tip: 

This fall, when you are putting together your CORE Binder, make sure to use sheet protectors. It is faster than laminating and will help keep the binders nice and neat throughout the entire school year.


How Do I Organize All of These Prime Day Teacher Deals?

Amazon can be kind of overwhelming. There is such a big selection in such a wide variety of categories that it is hard to know where to start. So here are a few tips and tricks for organizing your Amazon Prime account. 

The easiest and most comprehensive way to navigate Amazon is by downloading the app on your phone. The app will follow the formatting of your phone so it will be set up just the way you like it. No Android vs. iPhone confusion is necessary. 

Once you are on the home screen of your Amazon app you will have four options at the bottom of your screen. Home (a picture of a house), profile (the outline of a person), your cart (a shopping cart), and menu (three lines stacked on top of each other). 

Touch Menu, click Lists, and press + create a list. From here you can name and categorize your lists in any way you choose. After that every time you ‘heart’ an item on Amazon it will add it to a shopping list, where you can disperse them into your separate categories.

Treat your Amazon search bar like Google, you can be as specific as you want or as vague as you need to be. 

For example, if you’re looking for a brown backpack that also can be a crossbody bag with a lot of pockets, search ‘convertible backpack’ and something like this will come up. 

I Snoozed But I Don’t Want to Lose

Sometimes it takes time to search all of your options and things on Prime Day go fast. If you miss the product you set your heart on you can join the waitlist by pressing ‘Join Waitlist’ on the product page, if the item gets restocked Amazon will send you a notification on your app. 

Remember, this option will not be available for all products, only the ones that Amazon knows will be restocked and are part of the ‘lightning deals’ of Prime Day.

On Prime Day

On Prime Day there are a couple of ways to find the deals you are looking for. 

First, you can simply search Amazon and look for the tabs that say ‘Prime Day Deals’ or ‘Limited Time Deal’. 

If you want to find specific Prime Day deals you can by clicking this link: amazon.com/primeday. From that page, you can also turn on Prime Day notifications and find out the specific timing of when the best deals are going to go live. 

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Written by – Korryna Sanchez  

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