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8 Ways to Start Your Mornings

July 28, 2022 by Suzanne Kelley

The start of my mornings used to be super HECTIC! The children’s arrival times were all different. Some students took super long with breakfast. Folders from backpacks found their way to my desk. I often forgot attendance and lunch count until the office called down to the room. UGH!

Is this how you feel about the start of your mornings too? Thankfully, I have learned some tricks that have worked for structuring my students in the morning that don’t require much teacher attention! I am happy to share these 8 Ways to Start Your Mornings; #5 and #6 work best for me!

Morning Meetings to Start Your Mornings

Daily morning meetings are a great way to “check in” with your students. This small moment at the start of the day (5-10 minutes total) focuses on building classroom community. Morning meetings can happen as a slide that students complete when they come in individually, then the class can discuss as a whole group. Or, everyone can do the slide as a group.

This no prep, project, and go resource comes with 45 weeks (225 slides) of questions centered around five topics:

Math Mondays – students will practice a variety of math skills that cover all topics and get more challenging as the weeks go on

 Task Card Tuesdays – students will have the opportunity to practice writing skills by answering various questions.

Word Work Wednesdays – students will practice multiple phonics and word work skills that get harder as the weeks go on.

Three Things Thursdays – students will list three things related to the given question or topic.

Feelings Fridays – students will have the ability to write down and/or discuss with classmates their response to a given question (great for incorporating S.E.L.)

1. Paperless Morning Meeting Slides K/1

Our Paperless Morning Meeting Slides for K/1 is NO PREP. Just project on the screen and go. I recommend giving each student a composition notebook at the beginning of the school year. They can draw or write their responses to the prompt each day. It is a great reference tool to use throughout the year, an easy way for students to have partner or class discussions, and a way for you to see how your students’ writing skills progress from the beginning to the end of the school year.

2. Paperless Morning Meeting Slides 2/3


Similar to the K/1 set, the 2/3 set also has 225 slides but with more complex prompts. Want to try a sample to see if this fits well in your classroom? We have FREEBIES!

Grab the K/1 Set here, or for the older grades, we have a 2/3 set as well.

3. Math Warm-Ups Can Start Your Mornings Too

If you start the day with math, our Math Warm-Ups are the perfect morning meeting idea for you. Our Math Warm-Ups include 45 weeks of engaging and comprehensive math exercises designed to help your kids grasp concepts through daily review. Project the daily slide on the board, have students work them out in their math journals, then bring them to the carpet to start the day and go over the warm-up as a whole. Before starting your lesson, you can also have your students discuss their responses with a partner or table group.


4. Printable Morning Work

If displaying slides every morning isn’t for you, we have printable morning work for K-2! Each of the 180 pages for each grade level builds upon the skills of the previous one and gives your students math, phonics, and writing warm-ups every day.

Kindergarten Morning Work

First Grade Morning Work

Second Grade Morning Work

5. Start Your Mornings with Morning Tubs

Paper Cups (mini). Mini paper cups are a cheap investment. I use the paper ones designed for the bathroom. The kiddos love these. And if they get crushed, no high replacement cost! Kids can build castles and moats, ships, buildings, etc.

Magnatiles. Let’s be honest, Magnatiles are expensive! If you are fortunate to have families purchase things for your room, receive additional budget money, or have a generous PTO, then ask for Magnatiles! Once in a while, you can also find these in market groups online or at garage sales. Magnatiles are worth the work to get for your room!


I have discovered that Morning Tub time is that perfect transition activity between home and learning. My students are engaged in meaningful activities while setting the stage for my exceptional teaching for the day. You will find some more great activities in this 30 Morning Tub Ideas list and a few freebies.

 6. 1:1 No Prep Centers VOL 1 and VOL 2

One of the most popular morning activities we have, these 1:1 centers will help you quickly complete your small group math centers! You have to print out the worksheets, add the necessary manipulative, and hand them off to your students. They can work on these individually, or you can have these at your math centers. Teachers have loved these so much that we created a second set of no-prep centers (Volume 2). Grab a freebie for those here.

7. C.O.R.E. Binder

Not only does the C.O.R.E. Binder help me and my students stay organized, but it is also entirely reusable for students to have repeated practice using a dry erase marker and plastic pouch. It also offers Yoga and Breathing Exercises that are a perfect way to start your morning!


8. Premium Membership

Hopefully, I have shown you some ways for you to start your mornings with some great resources and activities! If you want all of them, I strongly recommend our Premium Membership!

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And if you want some great ideas from teachers, join our Fearless First Grade Teachers Facebook Group, our Fearless Kindergarten Teachers Group, or Fearless Second Grade Teachers!

Written by –  Suzanne Kelley


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