Literacy Centers for the Entire School Year 


As I am lying by the pool with my drink in hand, I’m loving life.  The birds are chirping, there is a slight warm breeze brushing along my face.  I shiver as the cool condensation from my beverage drips onto my skin.  However, a dark cloud is looming in the distance heading straight towards me.  It is the realization that school is starting in a month and I am NOT prepared!  What am I going to do?!?  What activities should I prep? Why am I lying here not doing anything? Where do I start?!? Wait…the clouds just parted and there is a bright light shining through.  That bright light is Education to the Core!  They are here to save the rest of my summer and plan my Literacy Centers for the entire school year and so much more!  

When I say that Education to the Core was my shining light, I wasn’t kidding.  ETTC continues to do the work for me.  With these Literacy Centers for the Entire School Year, I can plan and prep from my pool, my hammock, or outside playing with my two dogs!  

That’s right, you can print directly from your phone or laptop while still enjoying your summer.  Next, cut out the pieces while lounging in the sun by the pool.  Finally, run them through the laminator while enjoying your morning cup of coffee on the patio. The remainder of the summer is still yours to have and as always let Education to the Core do the work and planning for you! 

Education to the Core’s Premium Membership offers an easy navigable option of finding the exact center topic and activity to fit your students’ and your needs.  These Literacy Centers are also available on Teachers Pay Teachers too: 

Why Literacy Centers? 

I love center work for my students!  It is an opportunity for students to participate in hands-on activities to review the lessons you just taught and offer additional practice and repetition!  There are so many reasons to use literacy centers in your classroom.  Here are a few good ones that come to mind.

Engagement and Motivation

Literacy centers offer students the opportunity for exploration.  I am all about a hands-on activity or lesson, so Literacy Centers fit my classroom so well!  Literacy Centers keep students engaged and motivated with FUN activities that naturally have connections to all areas of ELA! “Would You Rather” create a hodgepodge of resources and activities into centers OR have ALL your center needs met with a Premium Membership?!?

Reinforce Skills

As I stated before, literacy centers reinforce skills/concepts.  After an educator introduces a new skill or concept, students can apply that knowledge at a level that is appropriate for them.  Reinforce the Writing Process with additional activities of topic and sentence starters. 

Social Emotional Learning 

Wait…SEL during literacy?  Absolutely!  I bet educators don’t even think about this one, but I love to find SEL moments throughout my entire day!  Another component I love about center work is that it offers opportunities for students to work together cooperatively.  Collaboration, cooperation, and self-discipline occur simultaneously while students are actively engaged with these literacy centers and a “Time to Calm Down” activity.  Whether students are working independently, in pairs, or in small groups – SEL is happening! 

Confidence Building

Once I share this one with you it will hopefully be an “ah-ha” moment!  Students are provided multiple opportunities to practice and apply the concept or skill during literacy centers.  Students can take risks that they normally may not within a large group situation.  It is this practice and individual/small group scenario that students can try without the fear of failure.  Thus building their self-confidence!  

However, aren’t all these components difficult to manage?  It really sounds like A LOT of work, especially a ton of frontloaded prep work! Is it worth it? 

What are Literacy Centers for the Entire School Year? 

There is no “Guessing” involved like a Guess the Character Memory Game. The short answer is: No, Yes, Yes!  ETTC’s Literacy Centers for the Year are not difficult to manage because these non-seasonal centers are organized into manageable pieces organized by month.  It is front-loaded prep-wise, but once you get them done, they can be stored and used for years to come.  All of these reasons and student outcome is TOTALLY worth it! 

One of my personal favorite features of ETTC’s Literacy Centers for the Year is that they come with accountability/recording sheets for every center.  Perhaps you cannot walk around and informally access your groups every single day because you are working with a small group yourself!  Here is the chance to check for understanding, on-task behavior, and reteaching if necessary!


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Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Education to the Core’s Kindergarten Literacy Centers includes 24 downloadable Reading Stations!  These centers include a variety of practice and exposure to beginning, middle, and ending sounds, CVC activities, rhyming words, sight words and so much more! 

This resource is easy to use and engaging.  The prep is not too time-consuming but worth the time I spend preparing.  This resource is worth the investment.” ~ Sonya F.

“The variety, fun colors, and graphics make this an awesome resource!  My kids love manipulating things, so puzzles and clips are great tools to keep them on task.  I love the letter matching for my ELLs.  Thank you for a great resource!” ~ Laura H. 

“My students love doing the activities in small groups. The activities are engaging and very beneficial for any early childhood classroom.” ~ Sandra C. 

First Grade Literacy Centers

There are 120 first-grade literacy centers included in this resource! Yes, you read that correctly.  With 10 different non-seasonal centers for each month of the year, you are covered for the entire year.  Numerous ELA skills are covered: phonics skills, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, word building, sight words, fluency, comprehension, and even grammar and writing!

I love these centers!  There are many different levels built into these activities so I can differentiate the different abilities in my classroom this year!  Thank you for all your hard work and for creating a great price for the growing bundle!” ~ Catherine R. 

“I love that this isn’t themed and I can use them all year long and switch them around at my convenience.” ~ Jelysse G. 

“I can’t even begin to express what a lifesaver these centers are! They are so easy to prep, and the kids LOVE them!!!! You have done a fabulous job of covering so many vital literacy skills in such a fun way. I am laminating everything and using these resources for years to come. Thank you so much!” ~ Terrin S. 

2nd Grade Literacy Centers for the Year

Believe it or not, once again there are 120 2nd Grade Literacy Centers for the entire year!  Similar to the first-grade option, each month includes 10 Common Core Aligned Literacy Centers that can be rearranged and reused throughout the year! Just like this Color Coding Sentences center for example.  I also enjoy and appreciate that these center bundles come with a Scope and Sequence to offer an appropriate direction for you. 

“There is SO much in this bundle. I couldn’t believe it. I made enough that I used them multiple times for groups. This is amazing. I won’t have to worry about running out of reading centers. I haven’t even been able to make all of the months, but I feel like the skills and games are engaging and simple enough that other adults can lead the group as well.” ~ Jane E. 

“Wow! This is by far the best product I have purchased on TPT (and I buy a lot of different things).  I was extremely impressed to find MANY of these activities that I may pick from.  I didn’t think it could get any better and then I looked in the additional resources files and found not only a very well-organized scope and sequence, but neat labels that match each center to the CCSS standard it matches.  This will make it so easy for me to organize these centers once I have them printed and prepped.  I CAN’T wait to see what else is included in this center bundle! Thank you so much for taking the time to create this fantastic resource for such a reasonable price!!!” ~ Courtney S. 

I was looking for engaging, fun, and low prep centers to use during my rotation time. This is perfect! ALL of the activities are engaging and I know my students will enjoy them! I love that the activities are not seasonal so I can use them any time. I love how the groundwork is done for me. All I have to do is print and store. I love that labels are included for organizational purposes. Thank you SO much!” ~ LaToyia D. 

 3rd Grade Literacy Centers

Here is the perfect comprehensive resource for 3rd Grade Literacy Centers with 40 downloadable reading centers to help you through the year and to “Figure It Out“!  Allow your students the opportunity to dive into more character-based analyses. With a focus on skills like metaphors, similes, idioms, poetry and more has everything 3rd Grade educators are looking for!  I love that this resource has exposure to text features, syllables, root words, suffixes, writing, and more!  

“I was looking for a centers resource that would review many of the concepts I’ve already taught this year in order to allow students to continue practicing mastery during Daily 5. This resource was perfect! My students have begun to tackle concepts that they weren’t feeling confident with, at first, because of how approachable these tasks/activities are.” ~ Nicole E. 

My goal is to get some hands-on activities into my classroom this year! This is the perfect resource to fill some learning gaps! Activities are simple, engaging, and low prep.” ~ Shannon B.

“I love this product! Such good resources and easy to use. Makes centers much easier to manage!” ~ Shannon H.

Still Have Questions? 

You may still have some lingering questions and that’s okay! We are here for you!  Perhaps you are wondering how to implement literacy centers in the primary classroom?  We have answers for that too along with how to set up the centers, how to group students, procedures, and more. Whether you are searching for these topics or more, we are just an email away at or comment your questions below!  We look forward to hearing from you!


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