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Prepping for a Sub in 15 Minutes or Less


As teachers, we all know that a day off work can mean more planning, stress, anxiety, and worry. It shouldn’t be that way, and now it doesn’t have to be! My Editable Sub Plans are a lifesaver and will have you prepping for a sub in 15 minutes or less. Yes, it’s true. We have put in the work for you, and all you need to do is simply print and go!

Make your own edits if you would like, reduce your stress, and save time with the Yearlong Sub Plans bundle. Ensure that your students are still learning and engaged even when you are absent.

With an ETTC Premium Membership, you have access to 45 lessons for grades Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade! That means your premium membership gives you access to 135 lessons! We want you to save time and worry less, so we have included everything you need to be prepared when you are absent. Check out the reasons why Editable Sub Plans from ETTC make prepping for a sub so easy, and are quickly becoming a teacher favorite!


Prepping for a Sub with Editable Sub Plans

Sometimes when I see editable, I think that means more work for me! It truly doesn’t have to be. Most of the sub plans are just print and go, but we have left a few key parts editable for you to include your own classroom information if you would like. This simply means that before printing, you can type your information such as classroom specifics, location of supplies, class lists, and additional information.

However, this is just there to help you, and you can also print and then write your information if that is easier for you. Use everything, or pick and choose the items that work best for your classroom. You can easily include as little or as much as you would like and it’s all ready to go in just minutes!


Prepping for a Sub to Reduce Teacher & Student Stress

Print these out now and have them ready to go for any time of the year! If you get sick, have an unexpected appointment, your child wakes up sick, or you have car trouble, it can be extremely stressful. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not there are plans for the substitute. Knowing that your sub plans are prepped and sitting on your desk for any last-minute emergencies can take away so much stress!

This is also less stressful for your students because the day will go smoothly for them with plans and activities laid out and ready.  Finally, the substitute will thank you, and that usually means your principal will be happy as well. The substitute will have everything he or she needs to have a successful day in your classroom.


Print Sub Plans in 15 Minutes or Less

As teachers, we know time is something we just don’t have enough of! Does your district require you to have a sub packet ready to go on your desk? This can take hours of planning and preparation that teachers just don’t have! And, you might not even end up using it!

Instead of spending those hours creating required sub plans, just take a few minutes at the beginning of the year, print off your Editable Sub Plans, and check that task off your list! Now, you have more time to spend prepping your classroom, teaching your students, or taking that break you truly deserve.


Easily Organized in a Binder

This resource can easily be added to a binder for quick and simple organization. You can put all 15 days of plans in one binder, or have three binders with 5 days each. One option would be to put your Beginning of the Year (BOY) plans in one binder, Middle of the Year (MOY) in a second binder, and have a third binder for the End of the Year (EOY) lessons. Simply place the current binder on your desk depending on the time of the year, and your plans are ready to go for any last-minute or unexpected absence.


15 Full Days of Sub Plans

This is a lot of content for your students! You can rest assured that no matter what time of the year you end up needing a day off, your students will be working on and learning appropriate skills and content. Whatever grade you need, there are plenty of activities and content to keep your students learning when you can’t be there.


All Subjects Are Included

Every day’s plan has at least five subject areas included. These vary depending on the grade. For Kindergarten, every day includes a Reading, Phonics, Writing, Math, and Theme lesson. First and Second Grade both have a Reading, Phonics, Writing, Grammar, Math, and a Science or Social Studies lesson daily.


The Daily Plans are Detailed and Thorough

Every lesson in these Editable Sub Plans includes a detailed plan with sections such as supplies needed, location of supplies (editable section), warm-ups, mini-lessons, guided practice, independent practice, and even an editable section where you can include ideas for what students can do when finished early.

Along with the detailed plans are the printables needed for each lesson. Everything is included! There are often suggested read-aloud stories to supplement the lessons. However, if you don’t have the mentioned book, we have included links to the story being read online. We truly have included all the details to save you as much time as possible.


Easy to Differentiate as Needed

Depending on your class and their level, with 15 full days of lesson plans,  you can mix and match or switch days around as needed. Even though the lessons are organized in sets as mentioned above, if you want to use the Math lesson from Day 1 with the Reading lesson from Day 3, it’s easy to change the order. You know what’s best for your students!

Each lesson has an editable date, its own individual lesson plan page complete with supplies needed, and group and independent activities. This is all followed by the student practice activity pages.

Many of the printable activities or games also include color or black and white versions so that you can use what is best for you and your students. With so much content and so many activities, you can easily mix and match to follow your lesson plan scope and sequence. Everything is included, so you don’t have to create anything!


Prepping for a Sub with Whole Group and Independent Practice Activities

This is not just busy work. Each daily set includes entire lesson plans complete with whole group mini-lesson instruction, guided practice and independent practice for students. There is plenty of variety, so you don’t have to spend time coming up with new ideas. Depending on the grade level, activities students might complete are:

  • cut, match, and glue
  • word or picture sorts
  • short answer
  • labeling
  • write and illustrate
  • roll and build
  • pocket chart activities

There is even a section for early finishers that you can edit with what works best for your class. Some student and teacher favorites to include for early finishers are:


Teachers are Giving This Resource 5 Stars

The teacher reviews are coming in and we love hearing how this resource is making teachers’ jobs easier, saving them time, and reducing stress and worry.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I had a sub cover me for a day at the last minute. I already had the sub plans put together with all materials needed in what I call my Sub Station. (10 drawer rolling cart) She was so impressed that she went to my principal and bragged about how detailed the lessons were and everything was readily available. You are amazing!!” – Shamekia S.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “When tasked to come up with sub plans, these plans came to my rescue. You saved me so much time! The lessons are simply laid out and the materials list is perfect! I’m so grateful. One of my best TPT purchases. Thank you!!!” – Jamie Louise S.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “This is such a lifesaver, especially with all the sub shortages! I don’t need to worry about going into school late at night or early in the morning to pull all my papers out. The sub can just grab it from my binder.” – Megan P.

Year Long Editable Sub Plans have everything you need to be prepped and ready for a sub in just minutes. With your Premium Membership from Education to the Core, you have access to all of the sub plans at any time. Grab your plans now so they are printed and ready to go for any emergency, any time.

Written By:  Sarah Cason


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