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What type of teacher are you?  Do you plan ahead or “wing it” the day of? I’m not referring to your personality type or your teaching style right now.  We are just talking about how you plan.  Whether you are creating your lesson plans a week or two in advance, or you are making it up the same day as you drive into work…I have a solution for each group to make your life easier.  A Primary Teacher Membership Subscription!  

I always felt there were two camps of teachers.  Those that needed to plan ahead, thinking about what they are going to teach next week, write down those lesson plans, and gather materials in labeled folders.  Then you have those, like me, who are the “wing it” / “fake it till you make it” types of people. We all know the ones I am talking about.  Those that walk into your room see what worksheets or activities are lying there and hear them say: “Oh, I’ll take a copy of this” and off they scatter to the next room to see what goodies they can borrow and use.  

Either way, that is okay.  Whether you are a plan ahead type of teacher or figuring out what you are teaching that day while driving into work.  You show up each and every day ready for your students, building positive relationships, and supporting them.  

That is what Education to the Core does for you, our Teaching Trailblazer.  We show up each and every day ready for you, we build positive relationships with our community and support you every step of the way.  A membership subscription supports each teacher type wholeheartedly.  

Why purchase a Primary Teacher Membership Subscription to ETTC Premium? 

Janessa Fletcher shared an amazing blog on 5 Reasons Why Teachers are Purchasing Membership Subscriptions.  With these “5 Cs” in mind, thousands of teachers are choosing to join teacher printable memberships every day. Premium Membership is so amazing, we can probably think of a reason for each letter of the alphabet! 

  1. Cost of a Teacher Membership Subscription
  2. Convenience
  3. Comprehensive
  4. Credibility
  5. Customer Satisfaction with Teacher Membership Subscriptions

Do you plan ahead? Unlimited Printables can help!

Okay, I have a bit of a confession, I could never be one of these teachers.  I envy this type of teacher.  Those that can plan ahead are magicians in my eyes!  I don’t even know what I am cooking for dinner yet tonight, let alone what I am teaching in ELA next week!  

I have numerous teacher friends that fall into this category.  After I visit their rooms to chat and see them creating plans for next Tuesday’s lesson.  Wow!  Being the friend that they are, they will ask “Hey, do you want a copy of this?”.  My response is, “Of course, however, I will be back on Tuesday morning for it!”.   It would never make it in my room till then, will land in some pile or be eaten by the magic desk fairy that moves my things around on me.  

Guess what?  You can plan ahead with a Membership Subscription!  That’s right if you are searching for your topic and see an amazing resource that you want to use in the future, all you have to do is “favorite it”!  Simply click the heart that is on your tab and it is instantly saved to your “My Library” folder. When you are ready to print and copy, all you have to do is go to your library and instantly find it.  

No more piles of copies, no more additional folders!  Each and every resource I want is in my favorites!  

Do you plan the day of? 

This is SO me!  I am usually thinking about “what am I going to do today with my students?” on my drive to work each morning.  Gosh, even sometimes as I am walking through the door of my classroom, looking around thinking…hmmm.   

Is this a type of laziness?  No, not at all!  I like to see what activities I get through the day or days prior.  Also, if my students are needing another day to reteach, if they are struggling, or need some additional practice of a skill.  I dislike having errors or moving things in my lesson plan book.  So I plan the day of.  Does this cause some additional stress?  Absolutely!  

I attempt to arrive earlier than others so I can rush to the copy machine!  Copy machine broken?  Great… I rush to the other side of the building to try to use that one.  Can’t find the worksheet that went along with this story?  Ugh!  I know I saw that paper here somewhere…is it in this pile? No? That one!?

All these feelings and stress can stop with one click of a button. Every morning, I sit down at my computer, type in the topic I am teaching today and I receive immediate activities and resources that match my lesson – INSTANTLY!  I click download, print, and I am ready for my day.  No more rushing.  No more stress and panic.  I even get to sit and drink a hot cup of coffee at my desk.  I know, jealous much!?!

Did you know there are 5 Types of Teachers with Membership Subscriptions?!?

Here, I just thought there were only 2 types as I discussed earlier.  However, Education to the Core has 5 Types of Teachers to share with you!  Which type best fits your personality and teaching style?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below!  

I am here to not only share what each Teaching Style is about but how a Premium Membership fits into each style!  I am going to be talking about you and even your teacher besties in this section!  

Teacher Type 1. Mama Bear

Traits ~ We all love the Mama Bears in the group.  They are the teachers who hug their students, comforting them when times are hard.  We go to them when we are feeling down because they are “bucket fillers” with lots of positive praise.  We want to sit with them during lunch and staff meetings, as they are super friendly.

Why a Primary Teacher Membership Subscription? ~ Mama Bears crave human interaction and friendship. Membership offers these Mama Bears time.  Time to make a phone call, time to visit their neighbor or teacher bestie down the hallway.  These Mama Bears (and even Papa Bears) don’t have to spend their entire prep and planning searching through files, papers, and books to find that perfect activity.  These Bears can simply type in the search box of what they are looking for and go be social!

Teacher Type 2. Silent Wizard

Traits ~ Students are super successful in the Silent Wizard’s classroom.  They know how to “work their magic”, but do so behind closed doors.  These teachers are true experts in their field, and will definitely share their tricks when asked, but do not willingly like to toot their own horn.  The Silent Wizard is the one you want to sit by during staff meetings and training, as their insights are very valuable.

Why a Primary Teacher Membership Subscription? ~ Knowing these “silent wizards”, they probably already have a Premium Membership! Or at least a $1.00 Trial!  They found the trial to use and were able to download 10 activities for that one dollar!  Their insights were on point because, after their 10 downloads, they saw the value in a Premium Membership and chose a subscription that best fits their need (monthly or annual).  

Teacher Type 3. Alpha

Traits ~ The Alphas are our “go-to” teachers to chair committees, help out with PTO events, and lead staff trainings.  They thrive on taking charge and making difficult decisions.  Classroom management is their strength.  They almost always have students that are well-behaved.

Why a Primary Teacher Membership Subscription? ~ The Alpha Teacher thrives on their own choices and decisions and knows a good deal when they see one.  The Alpha Teacher examined each option of Premium Membership for the best value!   Whether you are looking for a monthly subscription or an annual subscription membership, ETTC has the option for you and your lifestyle!  Personally speaking, I know I spend more on coffee than I do on the price of a subscription! 

Teacher Type 4. Techie Teacher

Traits ~ These teachers are SUPER organized.  They have everything on lists, color-coded, and put into files either in cabinets and/or on computers.  We run to them when we can’t find the masters for that awesome science experiment, or when we desperately need a literacy center for the week.  Just sitting by them makes us feel a little more organized (and they always have sticky notes and extra pens at meetings). LOL

Why a Primary Teacher Membership Subscription? ~ Techie Teachers are definitely in their element teaching virtually.  These teachers already knew about the favorites button to save all of the activities they love. The Techie Teacher loves to be organized virtually and Education to the Core has tons of digital options and downloads for those looking.  Resources such as Digital – Phonics Booklets, Digital – Phonics Poems, Digital – Morning Meeting Slides K-1, Digital – Practically First Fluency Passages, Digital – No Prep Centers with Dice, and more!

*** Must be an annual member to access digital resources.***

Teacher Type 5. Free Spirit

Traits ~ Free Spirits are really fun to be around.  They make everyone laugh during staff meetings and at lunch.  They tend to be a little impulsive but come up with large-scale ideas, and when executed properly (usually with the help of the Techie) are the lessons and activities we remember as adults.  Free Spirits create those awesome science experiments, integrates art into math, reading, and writing, and thinks outside of the box when teaching.

Why a Primary Teacher Membership Subscription? ~ The Free Spirit’s favorite part of a Premium Membership is clicking on the “Resources by Series” tab!  Here they will find every single ETTC resource!  Whether they are looking for Science in a Snap, STEM challenges, Write the Room, or Decodable Booklets.  Each of these and so much more are separated by resource in this tab.  You will have free rein to explore! 


Personally, I am a Free Spirit who plans the day of (with a little sprinkle of alpha)!  What about you?  Be sure to reach out and let us know.  Regardless of which of the 5 types of teacher you are, the most important thing we ALL need is support. Education to the Core and a Premium Membership is for every teacher type and personality!  We are giving teachers back their time, decreasing their stress levels, and ensuring you have a better work/life balance. 

Written By: Christopher Olson and Janessa Fletcher


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