Your NO PREP Interactive Phonics Booklets have arrived and here’s the deal…

You will have immediate access to: digraphs, double consonants, l blends, long vowels, r-controlled vowels, short vowels, word families, r blends, s blends, diphthongs, silent letters, hard/soft c and g, vowel teams, and trigraphs!

Everything you need fits on ONE PAGE! We have a clearly labeled page for each student to put his/her name.

Each of our phonics booklets starts off with something fun and engaging…Rainbow Write! On the back of the foldable, you can see a…sentence writing and parent connection activity!

No space is wasted! We wanted this to be intentional and fun!

Inside the Booklet, you will find:

  • A Phonics Based Passage
  • Smileys to Color Each Time a Passage is Read
  • 2 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 2 Fill in the Blank Questions
  • 1 Short Answer Question
  • Find, Write, and Color Practice

This is by far our greatest Phonics-Based Product we’ve made! Yet, no prep for you! WIN-WIN! ?

*soooooo…. What are you still doing here?*

At Education to the Core, we provide done-for-you curriculum that is simple, fun, and effective! We want you to be the very best teacher you can be, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. In order to be an effective educator, you have to take care of you first!

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