5 of the Best Editable Resources for Primary Teachers


Easy. Easy is what I want in my classroom. With all the duties and paperwork we teachers must do, don’t you want things easy, peasy, lemon, squeezy, as well? I have grown tired of having to differentiate all of my classwork! Why are there not more Editable Resources for Primary Teachers? HOLD UP…

Your students have different words they are working on, other skills they are practicing, and different names (sometimes a few of the same each year, ?). ETTC has got you covered! I am thrilled to share how I use all the Editable Resources created by Education to the Core. Editable Resources have you type information on one page. Everything you type is then generated to ALL of the other pages. I am not kidding on this one! Easy to create and print! Let me tell you about 5 of the Best Editable Resources for Primary Teachers!

Editable Sub Plans Resources

Emergency Substitute Plans for K-2

ETTC has created No Prep, Editable Sub Plans for Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade! You have the option to type in your information for dates, supply locations, and what students can do when they finish their independent work early. Also, whatever you have typed auto-populates in each 5-day set, so you only have to type it once!

Save yourself hours and hours of prepping for a sub with these editable print-and-go lesson plans. You can store the general substitute information in your sub binder. And, you can save the sets of scripted lesson plans on your computer, ready to go when you need them.

K Sub Plans

All three grades contain:

  • 15 days of plans – 5 days for the beginning of the year, 5 days for the middle of the year, and 5 days for the end of the year
  • Daily Overview
  • Individual Lesson Plans for Each Content Area (including a warm-up, mini-lesson, guided practice, individual practice for math, reading, writing, fine motor/other, and science/social studies/theme)

1st Grade Sub Plans

All three grades also have:

  • Color and Black and White Lesson Materials
  • Student Activity Pages or Games
  • Editable Boxes for the Date, Location, Early Finisher Directions that Auto Populate Across Each Set

2nd Grade Sub Plans

“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I had a sub cover me for a day at the last minute. I already had the sub plans put together with all materials needed in what I call my Sub Station. (10 drawer rolling cart) She was so impressed that she went to my principal and bragged about how detailed the lessons were and everything was readily available. You are amazing!!” – Shamekia S.

Editable Names Resource for Primary Teachers

No Prep Editable Names Activities

You will have immediate access to 25 printables within this resource: Provide engaging name activities for your students with our Editable Names Activities for Kinder and 1st Grade! Just type, print, and GO! You type in the name and let the computer do the rest as it will generate to all of the pages!

Some of my students’ favorite activities include:

  1. Emoji Names
  2. Add Numbers (Scrabble)
  3. Name Crown
  4. Magic Name
  5. Rainbow Name
  6. Roll and Write
  7. Spiral Name
  8. Pyramid Name and more!

“I LOVE the editable name bundle, and more importantly, my students LOVE them!! Thank you for making this so easy to do!”–Lorrie H.

A Favorite Editable Resource of Primary Teachers

Editable Spelling Activities for Any Word List

We know you work hard to provide engaging activities that align with your spelling list each week!

But who has time to create that many word work activities and (more importantly), develop a culture of eager learners when it comes to teaching spelling?

We got you on this one… Because we created a resource that you can use with ANY spelling list!

This resource works BEST for lists of TEN (10), TWELVE (12), or FIFTEEN (15) words! These were mainly created to be used as Print and Go, but you could also upload them into Google Classroom. Once you add your spelling words in Adobe Reader, you can upload the pages to your Google Classroom. However, the students still need to print out the pages to complete them.

AND this resource has 60+ activities created when you type in your word list! 60+ activities mean you could give a different spelling practice activity each school day for three months! 

Editable Holiday and Seasonal Spelling Activities for Any Word List

Holiday and Seasonal Editable Spelling is BRAND SPANKING NEW and available exclusively to our paid PREMIUM members! Every month, a seasonal and a holiday set of spelling activities will be at your fingertips! Do you like using themes in the classroom? This resource covers all the seasonal and holiday themes you will want! And, just like our Editable Spelling, type your word list in, and the list generates to all pages. Then, print and go!

Introducing Our New Editable Resource for Primary Teachers

Editable Color by Code

SIT DOWN for this one:

  • 30 Editable Pages
  • An Across-Curricular Resource
  • YOU choose the skill–that’s right, YOU!

With our new Editable Color by Code, you will have unlimited skill practice options. So many, in fact, we cannot wait to hear how teachers are using this new resource. We provide the picture and the code with very specific, clear directions on how YOU can do either math, social studies, science, ELA, SEL, etc. with these pages. Type. Print. Go.

So you have had an intro to our amazing Editable Resources–the BEST for primary teachers. If you want all of them now, including the two that have not been released for sale on TPT, may I recommend our Premium Membership!

For one low monthly price, or only a $99.00 annual price, you will have access first to everything ETTC. Immediately be able to download over 10,000 high-quality teaching printables to get your planning done faster so you can focus on what’s most important – your personal life. What are you waiting for? Go join now!

And if you want some great ideas from teachers, join our Fearless First Grade Teachers Facebook Group, our Fearless Kindergarten Teachers Group, or Fearless Second Grade Teachers!

Written by –  Suzanne Kelley


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