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One thing that I find myself searching for the most is age-appropriate, yet engaging, phonics resources and activities.  My students can only take the rote verbal practice… “/a/, apple, /a/, /b/, bat, /b/, /c/, cat, etc…”.  I am a huge supporter of getting my students up and moving during instruction.  So we started doing movements to incorporate this verbal practice.  Standing up straight for /a/, bend down for “apple” and crouch down to the floor for the final /a/.  However, I’m looking for something to apply this phonics skill now, differentiate, and offer an extension of the skill…

Let me introduce to you the resource of ALL resources that check all of my boxes!  No-Prep Phonics Booklets!   Yes, I did say No-Prep.  Yes, I did say PHONICS booklets, as in plural!  These No-Prep Phonics Booklets cover over 100 skills and have over 200 booklets within this bundle.  No, I am NOT exaggerating on those numbers.  This resource is a BEAST and soooooo worth it!

After I taught my students how to complete each section, which I will get to in a little bit, they are able to complete these booklets independently, within pairs, small groups, and even for homework!   One suggestion that I have that made my life so much easier is to have an Education to the Core Premium Membership!  This way all I have to do is type in the phonics skill I am planning and every phonics worksheet and resource pops up.  Click, download, print, I’m done!


Education to the Core’s No Prep Phonics Booklets

No Prep Phonics Booklets are simply that, no prep! These print-and-go foldable booklets cover over 100 phonics skills. With 2 different booklets per skill, your students can practice the target phonics sound in six engaging activities. This bundle is truly a game-changer when it comes to supplementing your phonics instruction. These 200+ booklets can be used in so many ways to help increase your students’ phonics knowledge.


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Rainbow Writing Words

Combine color with fine motor skills, spelling words, and practicing phonics skills in this booklet activity. Students write each word using the six colors of the rainbow. First, trace each letter in red, then orange, yellow, and so on until all colors have been used.

Reading a Short Passage

Your students will get to practice fluency and reading the target phonics skill within words embedded in the text. These simple passages are a great way to help your emergent readers gain valuable fluency skills while practicing their phonics words.

Answering Comprehension Questions

After reading the short passage, practice those comprehension skills by answering a couple of multiple choice and short answer questions directly related to the text. As an extension, ask your students to highlight where in the passage they found the answer.

Sound out and Spelling Words

Students will practice their phonics spelling knowledge in this booklet activity. Look at the picture, write the word below it, and then color the picture.

Writing Sentences

Practice writing complete sentences with the given words that contain the target phonics skill from the booklet. It is a great way for your students to combine spelling, sight words, and phonics knowledge.

Family / Home Component 

These Phonics Booklets are unique because there is a family involvement activity for your students and families to complete. Each booklet has a Home Connection activity or game your students can play with their families to reinforce the phonics instruction you are doing at school. 


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Whole Group Learning

Follow-up your whole group lesson on a certain phonics skill with the corresponding booklet. You can start them off with reading the short fluency passage together and then completing the comprehension questions. As an extension, your students can highlight or underline the text evidence that supports their response. The remaining activities in the booklet can be done independently or in small groups before sending it home to complete the Home Connection section.

Using Phonics Booklets Within a Small Group

With over 200 booklets to choose from, differentiation for your small groups is no problem! Print out the booklet(s) needed for each group and your students can practice phonics, fluency, comprehension, and writing. Add some sight word flashcards and your entire small group lesson is prepped! 

Phonics booklets are also a simple small group independent literacy center to put together. Choose the booklet(s) you want to use for the week, print front to back, and copy. Either you can fold, or a student helper can fold the booklets for you. Add them along with crayons or colored markers and pencils. If you want your students to justify their answers to the comprehension questions within the text, make sure to include highlighters as well. Your phonics or word work center is all set for the week.

If you are like me and always try to include a hands-on component, you can add in plastic letters so your students have the opportunity to build the picture words before writing them in the booklet or rainbow writing them on the cover. 


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Independent Practice

Use Phonics Booklets as independent practice after your whole group lesson. With two booklets per skill, you have your lessons planned for two days each week. Or put them in your small group baskets and your students can work at their own pace during the week. 

As stated earlier, with over 100 different skills to choose from, independent differentiation for your students is super easy. And all of the booklets have the same format, so you can assign certain parts to everyone and they can work at their skill level.

Phonics Booklets and Videos

Before handing out the phonics booklets to your students, give them a quick brain break with the target phonics skill attached. We have lists that include over 50 different phonics skill videos for kids. With catchy tunes, groovy dance moves, and fun characters, your students will look forward to phonics instruction every day!

19 Phonics Videos Your Students Will Love

YouTube Videos That Teach Phonics


Other ETTC Resources to Pair with Phonics Booklets

Do you already own these No-Prep Phonics Booklets?!?  How do you use them in the classroom? If you do not own these Phonics Booklets, YET, and want to check out a free sample – be sure to click the FREEBIE here!

One of my personal favorite things to do with these amazing Phonics Booklets is to have them as their own center during my literacy block.  My students really enjoy using these booklets and I enjoy that they know how to use them appropriately!  If you have any other activities or ways to incorporate these No Prep Phonics Booklets into your lessons please make sure you comment below and share with the rest of the class!

Written By – Janessa Fletcher & Christopher Olson

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