Kindergarten Monthly NO PREP Packet Printables | Year-Long Bundle


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Do you find yourself looking for no-prep printables each month that will keep your students engaged and learning? 
Look no further! With over 450 pages of activities, themed to fit each month, your students are set for the year!
What’s Included:
September Packet
  • Rhyming
  • Syllables
  • I Spy
  • Spin a Word
  • Letter Sorts
  • Alphabet: What is Missing?
  • Beginning Sounds (A-Z)
  • Listen and Color
  • Read and Match
  • Color Word Activities
  • Make a Sentence
  • Sequencing
  • Opinion Writin
  • Labeling
  • Nouns
  • Characters and Setting
  • Mini Booklets
  • Patterns
  • Missing Numbers
  • Ten Frames
  • Counting Objects
  • Counting Ten Frames
  • Fill the Ten Frame
  • More or Less
  • Comparing Numbers
  • Adding One More
  • Dice Counting
  • Count and Match
  • Roll and Trace
  • Spin a Number
  • Trace and Color
  • Number Maze
  • Shapes
  • Graphing
  • Letter Tracing
  • Name Writing
  • Alphabet Writing
  • Cutting Practice
October Packet
  • Beginning Sounds (Vowels)
  • Colorful Fall Leaves
  • Pumpkin Letters Upper Case
  • Pumpkin Letters Lower Case
  • Pumpkin Color by Sight Word
  • Fall Color by Sight Word
  • Fall Color by Letter
  • Spin a Word – at Words
  • Word Family Sort (-at and –ap words)
  • Word Family Sort (-am and –ad words)
  • Word Family Picture Sort (-at, -ap, -ag)
  • CVC Words (short a)
  • Real or Nonsense Words
  • Fall Read and Match
  • Nouns and Verbs
  • Match the Rhyme
  • Compound Words
  • Ending Sounds
  • Ending Sounds Cut and Glue
  • Fall Leaves Read and Color
  • Fall Opinion Writing
  • Pumpkin Life Cycle
  • Pumpkin Life Cycle Mini Book
  • Fall Leaves Mini Book
  • Make a Sentence: Fall
  • Make a Sentence: Pumpkins
  • Pumpkin Life Cycle Sequencing
  • Label the Pumpkin
  • Label the Spider
  • Roll and Write (4 versions)
  • Count and Match Pumpkins
  • Numbers 1 – 20
  • Fall Leaf Graph
  • Color a Leaf Pattern
  • Make a Pumpkin Pattern
  • What is Missing?( 11 – 20)
  • Pumpkin Ten Frames
  • Counting Candy Corn 1 – 20
  • Roll and Cover
  • Addition to 10
  • Comparing Numbers to 10
  • Fall Leaves Count and Match
  • Count and Color Leaves
  • Counting by 10’s Cut and Glue
  • Pumpkin Color by Number
  • Fall Picture Sort
  • Fall Listen and Color
  • Name Practice
November Packet
  • Find the Rhymes
  • Real or Nonsense
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Syllable Count
  • Ending Sound Match
  • CVC Words (Short E)
  • Word Family Picture Sort
  • November Read and Match
  • Scarecrow Colors
  • Colorful Turkey Feathers
  • Make a Turkey Sentence
  • Make a Scarecrow Sentence
  • Making a Pumpkin Pie Sequencing
  • I Am Thankful
  • Label the Food
  • Family Dinner Writing
  • Label the Turkey
  • I Am Thankful Mini Book
  • Family Gathering Mini Book
  • Turkey Color by Sight Word
  • Family Meal Color by Sight Word
  • Scarecrow Color by Letter
  • Spin a Word (Short E Words)
  • Spin a Rhyme
  • Word Family Sort
  • Make a November Pattern
  • Fall Find and Count
  • Fall Counting
  • Counting Fall Treats
  • Count by 5’s Cut and Glue
  • Turkey Color by Number
  • Turkey Roll and Cover
  • Sunflowers 1 – 20
  • Ten Frames Picnic Baskets
  • What’s for Dinner?
  • Roll and Graph
  • Leaf Piles: More or Less
  • Dice Addition
  • Same or Different
  • Leaf Sort
  • Sunflower Missing Numbers
  • Rainbow Numbers 1 – 30
  • Turkey Ten Frames
  • Nature Hunt
  • Giving Thanks
  • Scarecrow Listen and Color
  • I Can Write My Name (2)
  • Thanksgiving Feast
December Packet
  • Sledding Sentence
  • Gingerbread Sentence
  • Gingerbread House
  • Cold Weather Clothes
  • Gingerbread Color Match
  • CVC Words (Short I)
  • Word Family Picture Sort (-ig and –ip words)
  • December Read and Match
  • Label the Gingerbread
  • Label the Reindeer
  • Gingerbread Colors
  • Gingerbread Cookies Mini Book
  • Gingerbread Color by Sight Word
  • Mittens Color by Letter
  • Gifts Color by Sight Word
  • Ending Sounds
  • Word Family Sort (-it and –ip words)
  • Colorful Mittens
  • Spin a Word Short i Words
  • Ending Sounds Cut and Glue
  • Middle Sounds
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Gingerbread Cookie Sequencing
  • Real or Nonsense
  • Gingerbread Numbers
  • Mitten Counting
  • Rainbow Numbers to 100
  • Addition to 10
  • Snowflakes 1 – 20
  • Sledding Ten Frames
  • Make a December Pattern
  • December Counting
  • Mitten Sort
  • Penguin Color by Number
  • Moose Color by Number
  • Roll and Add 1 – 12
  • December Find and Count
  • Mitten Graphing
  • December Treats
  • More or Less
  • Snowperson Ten Frames
  • December Counting
  • December Count and Match
  • December Listen and Color
  • Snowy Tree
  • Gingerbread Painting
  • I Can Write My Name (2)
January Packet
  • Penguin Sentence
  • Snowperson Sentence
  • Roll, Read, & Write Sight Words
  • Roll, Read, & Write CVC Words
  • CVC Words (Short o)
  • Word Family Picture Sort
  • January Read and Match
  • Making a Snowperson Sequencing
  • Word Family Sort Fun in the Snow Mini Book
  • All About Penguins Mini Book
  • All About Penguin Writing
  • Building a Snowperson Writing
  • Polar Bear Color by Sight Word
  • Winter Color by Letter
  • Ending Sound Match
  • Spin a Word (Short o Words)
  • Middle Sounds
  • Ending Sounds
  • Real or Nonsense
  • Label the Snowperson
  • Label the Penguin
  • CVC Words (Short o)
  • Word Building –op words
  • Word Building –ot words
  • Color a Mitten Pattern
  • Count and Match Winter Hats
  • Mitten Missing Numbers
  • Penguin Numbers 1 – 20
  • Rainbow Numbers 1 – 100
  • Make a January Pattern
  • Winter Counting by 5s
  • Count by 2s Cut & Glue
  • Snowflake Sort
  • January Find and Color
  • Snowflake Graphing
  • January Counting
  • Mitten Ten Frames
  • Snowflake Counting
  • Penguin Ten Frames
  • Winter Color by Number
  • Bunny Color by Number
  • Mitten Addition to 10
  • January Listen and Color
  • Mitten Painting
  • Snowflake Painting
  • Winter Picture Sort
  • I Can Write My First Name
  • I Can Write My Last Name
February Packet
  • Build a Sentence
  • Build a Sentence 2
  • Roll, Read, & Write Sight Words
  • Roll, Read, & Write CVC Words
  • CVC Words (Short u)
  • Word Family Picture Sort (-un, -ug)
  • Word Family Sort (-ub, -ut)
  • Spin a Word (Short u Words)
  • Word Building -ug Words
  • Word Building -ub Words
  • Word Families
  • Digraph Words: th, ph, wh
  • Building a Snowman Mini Book
  • Colorful Hearst Mini Book
  • All About Polar Bears (Writing)
  • Spin a Word: Beginning Sounds
  • February Read & Match
  • Making a Card Sequencing
  • Ending Sound Cut and Glue
  • February Color by Sight Word
  • February Color by Letter
  • Real or Nonsense
  • Middle Sounds
  • Color a Heart Pattern
  • Make a February Pattern
  • Numbers 1-100
  • Let’s Count by 2s
  • February Find and Count
  • Counting by 5s
  • February Color by Number
  • Heart Color by Number
  • Heart Addition to 10
  • Spin and Add
  • Heart Subtraction
  • Spin and Subtract
  • Heart Ten Frames
  • Snowperson Graphing
  • Non-Standard Measurement
  • Standard Measurement (inch and cm versions)
  • February Word Problems
  • Ruby Bridges Read Aloud
  • Opinion: Ruby Bridges
  • February Listen and Color
  • Heart Punch and Lace
  • Listen and Label: Arctic Fox
  • All About Polar Bears (Mini Book)
  • Polar Bear Craftivity
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • I Can Write My Name (2)
March Packet
  • Spring Read and Match
  • Rainbow Sentence
  • Spring Sentence
  • Spring: What Do You See?
  • Spring Weather
  • Label the Spring Picture
  • Spring Weather Mini Book
  • Women in History Mini Book
  • Women In History Match-Up
  • CVC Word Match
  • Ending Sound Picture Sort (M, N)
  • Spring Color by Sight Word
  • Rainbow Color by Sight Word
  • Spring Color by Sound
  • Ending Sounds
  • CVC Word Writing
  • Sort the Digraphs
  • Cut and Match Digraphs
  • Digraph Match Up
  • Read and Write Digraphs (th)
  • Digraph Coloring (sh)
  • Digraph Word Search (ch)
  • Find the Path (-at word family)
  • Find the Path (-ug word family)
  • Word Search (-ig word family)
  • Rainbow Sounds
  • Spring Story Writing
  • Rainy Day Story Writing
  • Make a Spring Pattern
  • Spring Roll and Add
  • Spring Counting to 100
  • Flower Counting to 100
  • Spring Addition to 10
  • Addition to 5
  • 2D Shape Match Up
  • 3D Shape Match Up
  • 2D and 3D Shape Sort
  • What is Heavier?
  • Measuring Length
  • Measure and Compare
  • Flower Addition: Read It, Draw It, Solve It!
  • Rain Addition: Read It, Draw It, Solve It!
  • Spring Graph
  • March Listen and Color
  • Spring Picture Sort
  • Spring Spin and Draw
  • Frog Life Cycle
  • Butterfly Life Cycle
  • I Can Write My First Name
  • I Can Write My Last Name
April Packet
  • April Read and Match
  • Earth Day Sentences
  • Rainy Day Sentences
  • Butterflies: What Do You Know?
  • Taking Care of the Earth
  • Label The Spring Picture
  • Earth Day Mini Book
  • Fun in The Spring Mini Book
  • CVC Word Match
  • Blends Picture Sort
  • Rainy Day Color by Sight Word
  • Earth Day Color by Sight Word
  • April Color by Sound
  • Coloring Blends
  • Digraph Coloring (ph)
  • Writing Digraphs
  • Word Search (blends)
  • Word Search (CVCe)
  • Cut and Match Blends
  • Sort the Blends
  • Writing CVCe Words
  • CVCe Word Matches
  • Roll, Read and Write CVCe Words
  • Real or Nonsense Words
  • Word Building CVCe Words
  • The Vowel ”Aa”
  • Find the Path (long “Ee”)
  • Find the Path (long Aa”)
  • Plant Care Story Writing
  • Earth Day Story Writing
  • Addition to 10
  • Count and Color to 20
  • Tree Addition: Read It, Draw It, Solve It
  • Recycle Addition: Read It, Draw It, Solve It
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Subtraction
  • Domino Addition
  • Spring Subtraction
  • Non-Standard Measurement
  • Spring Standard Measurement (in.)
  • Spring Standard Measurement (cm.)
  • Spring Ten Frames
  • Raining Ten Frames
  • Earth Day Graphing
  • I Can Write from 1 to 100
  • April Listen and Color
  • Plant Life Cycle
  • Plant Needs
  • April Name Writing (2)
May Packet
  • Ocean Read and Match
  • Beach Sentence
  • Picnic Sentence
  • A Trip to the Ocean
  • Going on a Picnic
  • A Trip to the Ocean Mini Book
  • Going on a Picnic Mini Book
  • CVC Word Match
  • Blends Picture Sort
  • Ocean Animals Color by Sight Word
  • Ocean Trip Color by Sight Word
  • Picnic Color by Sound
  • Coloring Blends
  • Digraph Coloring (ch)
  • Writing Blends
  • Word Search (blends)
  • Word Search (CVCe)
  • Roll, Read, & Write CVCe Words
  • Writing CVCe Words
  • Sandcastle Story Writing
  • Picnic Story Writing
  • Short Story: Pet Fish
  • Short Story: The Beach
  • CVCe Word Match
  • The Vowel “Ii”
  • Find the Path (short “o” words)
  • Find the Path (“U” words)
  • Word Building: Blends
  • Ocean Graphing
  • Ocean Addition: Read It, Draw It, Solve It
  • Ocean Subtraction: Read It, Draw It, Solve It
  • Count and Color to 20
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Subtraction
  • Addition to 10
  • Subtracting with a Number Line
  • Beach Graph
  • Non-Standard Measurement
  • Weight: More or Less
  • Missing Numbers to 30
  • Capacity: More or Less
  • Number to 20 (One Less)
  • Spin a Number: One More
  • Make an Ocean Pattern
  • May Listen and Color
  • Label the Ocean Picture
  • Ocean Animals
  • Label the Flower
  • I Can Write My Name (2)
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Education to the Core products are such a great investment.  They can be used in a variety of ways. From small groups to whole, these are worth the money.
If you don’t have these monthly packets you are truly missing out.  My students LOVE these worksheets, the concepts they cover are awesome and they’re super cute!
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